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Words – If you utter rubbish you become utter rubbish

Words have the power both to bake and burn

They say actions speak louder than words, but then they have to say it in words. Words are the most exchanged commodities in this world. Words are priceless. Words make the world work. Yet, after millions of years of communicating, some of you still struggle to put them to good use.

The words you utter can be like water, they can be molded as per where you are speaking, they can be like the wind, can offer respite like a gentle breeze or distress like a turbulent gale, they can be like the earth, integral to all human activity, and like the fire, which can help you bake your cakes if used wisely or burn them if ignored.

Utter Rubbish- How you waste words


If you utter rubbish you become utter rubbish. If you constantly speak and listen to rubbish, that’s how you become. Disregarding this gift that we have been bestowed with, can be detrimental for our personalities. If we don’t focus on utilizing it properly then sooner rather than later the words we use wont matter at all.  The ones indulging in one of the following habits need to be more mindful in while dispensing words:

1. Complaining– Yes you have freedom of speech, but if you are enslaved by your miseries then you you don’t deserve to express yourself. Harsh? It is impossible to have a life without obstacles, that’s the beauty of it. There would be no good if there was no bad. But at most times you magnify your woes by complaining,relentlessly. Not only adding to your own misery but adding sorrow to someone else’s life too.

2. Gossiping– Just because you can speak, doesn’t always imply that you have to. Gossiping, once considered an old age disorder, is something that everyone does. Talking about someone behind their back has that guilty pleasure about it which is very exciting. But people speaking behind someone else’s back to you, would be speaking behind your back too. Yes we have too little time to discuss anything worthwhile, but endless hours to gossip. Once the truth is out, gossip mongers run out of business, and are ignored by the community. Running out of words all together.

3. Seeing the tinge of dust on the plate of Gold you find– Some people are gifted by the power of noticing the blotch in beauty. You can put the purest form of beauty in front of them, yet their words would only find the minutest anomaly in it. When you only use words to find out the worst in whatever you notice, you are being ungrateful for the beautiful gift of expression. See the best and say the best. There is a little magic in everything.

4. Excuses– The ones who do nothing, give excuses. The ones who excel in the art of the blame game seldom take responsibility for anything. It is always someone else’s fault, some external factor, some wicked twist of fate, that prevents them from fulfilling their potentials. Sadly excuses come with an expiry date, soon enough your irresponsibility shines through, and your words become dust.

5. Lying– Words wasted in lies, might solve short term struggles, but more often than not lead to further troubles. The false call for wolf is a classic example. Don’t waste words lying, soon people would stop believing you, even when you say the truth. Seldom would you find yourself in situations worse than when your words have no say.

How to make words worthwhile 


I believe that our ephemeral lives grant us a limited numbers of words for each life time. You can either abuse them, through the ways mentioned above, or make them and yourselves worthwhile, for the little time that you spend on this planet.

Words can help us contribute to a situation, while you usually waste them taking away from it. Here are a few ways to add to magnificence of the reality that you dwell in:

1. Appreciate– No hesitation in appreciation. Don’t refrain from noticing the best in people. places and things. Once noticed, don’t hesitate in sounding it out. The art of complimenting has been limited to the insignificant social media likes. Insignificant because, a girl wanting to be someone else gets more like than someone displaying pure art.

2. Share Wisdom– Wisdom is worth nothing if it is kept to oneself. Knowledge needs to be shared. Words expended in sharing wisdom not only assist evolution, but also save you from indulging in the above mentioned utter rubbish.

3. Be Honest– Yes, the world needs to be taught honesty. While lying is more rewarding in the short run, but there is nothing more important than stating facts and being honest whenever you open your lips.

4. Inspire– The most beautiful way of using words is by inspiring people. Usually actions inspire more than words. But the people who take actions can reach out to many more, if they use words to supplement their actions. People fulfill their desires and ambitions and think they have reached the pinnacle of existence. But you have achieved nothing if you haven’t inspired another person to brighter pastures. Living for oneself is existence, even immovable plants live for others.  Do they live worthier lives than uninspiring humans?

5. Entertain– Well putting a smile on someones face is a major task, knowing the amount of stress everyone is in these days. Words, aiming at pure entertainment and fun, without any intended malice, are the need of the hour. Happiness spreads in a progression, words give you a chance to be at the start of one such movement. The power of words cants be over emphasized.

6. Silence– At times it is worthwhile to savor reality in stillness, without expending words. Silence scores over wasting words in utter(ing) rubbish.

Somebody cares- The wonder of words

Somebody cares

Although I have spent around 1000 words in expressing the importance of speaking mindfully, but each one of them is worth the effort. Maybe someone somewhere needs that one sentence to get influenced for the better. My inspirational aspirations have compelled me to value words and saved me from indulging in utter(ing) rubbish.

If you want to be heard, you might want to improve what you say. Not just when everyone is listening, but when some are not. I hope the ones who managed to reach this part depart with a smile on their faces. And that is the wonder of words.