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Money Mindset – The Valueless Rupee

Its not the the Rupee that is suffering it is you. If you believe only money makes you significant you are valueless. At some stage, sooner or later, everyone who is driven will make enough money, whatever be the currency.

Everyone  who is passionate and focused will achieve financial success, but solely measuring success based on money is not justified. There is no currency for how someone makes you feel and also impacts the world through compassion and selflessness.


In the process of making oneself rich, one loses their true identity and integrity,  letting go of their real self to put up a mask of greed to earn more, but if one  digs deep down inside to recognize their true passion and works on it, eventually they will be wealthier than everyone around them ,  Its all a matter of patience,  but even when you forego greed and are patient, people around you wont be.


The problem with the people around you is that they look at you  with a vision of how the society looks at you. The society only looks at tangible aspects, they are happy seeing someone as rich who owns a 50,00,000 worth car without noticing the 50,00,00,000 debt they have to pay and easily ignore the people working on causes which can impact 50,00,00,000 lives just because they have no financed car to show for it. A really high stress burden to bear just for showing off to a society which will always find a loophole.


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It is to be noted that if everyone goes the way, of the crowd especially in India, where humans are conditioned to slavery, no  man/woman can stand out,chase his dream and be successful without being the odd sheep. Social resistance feeds on your dreams indirectly through the people who care for you.  It is the bitter truth but the most detrimental people for your dreams, are your father, mother, brother, sister or partners.

Their fear is draped in care. But it is not even their fear, it is the fear of the society which speaks through them.


In my own experience the ones who are used to expensive borrowed toys wont ever understand the value of high frequency souls who vibrate to uplift energies around them . On the contrary they will try to use  the energy of these people to  harvest resources or shut them down because of their lack of vision, integrity and values.

So if you have hopes out of your bosses at work, recalibrate these hopes upon yourself.  You are your best bet, and till the time you truly internalize this you wont dig deep down and find your purpose on this planet, and design an action plan to fulfill the purpose.  The fulfillment of your purpose will coincide with the universal energies blessing you with  wealth beyond your imagination. Even if it is not  as tangible as an expensive vacation on black money, you will be able to get more fulfillment out of it because of your intangible wealth, your values.


A Case for Money

Imagine making all the money in the world and acquiring all the beautiful things you desire, what next?

The endless pit of your desires cant only be satiated with money. as easy money brings with a lack of value. Though it might be important for sustaining oneself but it is not worth sacrificing your values for.  Yes, money tends to make people forego many traits that make them human. On their paper chase at most times they end up sacrificing traits that make them human. This is the main problem with the majority, otherwise people pursuing purposes will always end up with enough money at the end of the day.

The ones making a case for money and tangible wealth should understand I am not against it but it should not be the end all of life.  What are crores of rupees with bad health ? What are 20 jaguars in the parking lot with constant stress of work? What is a vacation to the moon with a disgruntled partner?

Spend 20% of your energy for sustaining yourself and 80% on realizing and actualizing your true potential. You will see the cumulative contentment in your and the lives of those around you will multiply manifold. Along with your coffers are bound to grow, not immediately but eventually.


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Never serve money, never be owned by the rupee, value yourself, let it serve you.

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The Duty and Reward of Discovering your GIft

If you are wondering if you possess any gift at all to go ahead with discovering your gift, let me first remind you how special you are just to be alive.

There are 1 in 4 trillion chances of you being  born on Earth, a planet in a small corner of the milkyway Galaxy, which in turn is a micro niche in the Universe, with the perfect conditions to support life.

You are even luckier to be born at a relatively peaceful time to have survived thus far, with relatively lesser wars, diseases and natural calamities. You are even luckier if you are able to read this right now, as you are among those few who are away from war torn regions and educated to make sense of these symbols. And if you can afford a phone or a computer, I am sure you lucky enough to have daily food on the plate to sustain the life that you are living.

The numbers of conditions which so seamlessly synchronize to make and sustain your life possible, makes it obvious that you are someone special, who has some special reason for existing.

The energies that govern our cosmos have always had a specific purpose for every human who was and is born. It can be something major like inventing something that changes the way life is perceived, eg. Thomas Edison, Graham bell, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, or merely contributing to the proper oxygen exchange like the microorganisms which were present at the beginning of life on earth.

Even microorganisms living only for 12 hour had a gift

The very first microorganism gave out Co2 which as we know is used by plants to prepare food. As more plants developed the  oxygen levels increased and the organism giving out CO2 gained started developing further through evolution.  Slowly and steady more and more CO2 was given and the plants started developing rapidly and consequently sustaining life.

This took millions of years, but had the little organism not contributed the CO2 in their short span of existence of a few hours life would not have been possible as it is now. They also had a reason for existence.

The DUTY- Discovering your Gift and Contribute 

If you don’t spend time discovering your gift and then nourish it, you not only limit your own potential but also waste this ultimate gift of intelligent life. If you find and work on your gift, you will manage to influence lives and lifestyles around you in one way or the other.  Which is a part of your duty of being a participant of this world.

Even if you have the simplest of gifts, but once you realize and work on it you will do it with an effortless grace which will add to this planets wealth and at the same time , it will provide  you ultimate fulfillment beyond all the riches you can have. Which is your reward for investing in yourself .

Hope that day comes soon for all of you.

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The Reward- Digital World Has made discovering your gift profitable 

As the world has progressed, through people, who used their gifts well to pave the  way for others to pursue their own gifts as well. This is the best era to be alive, as you can not only work on your gift but also sustain yourself through it. You no longer need to be a another man’s slave doing a job you don’t want just to earn your living.

Once you discover your gift you pursue it with such passion and dedication that work becomes play and your scope of progressing in it becomes limitless. You become that artist who discovers his Palette of colors, using which he can paint on the blank Canvas of this planet.

Be smooth in your own shoes

Why do you think some people are so smooth in their own shoes , your favorite sportsperson, actor or modern day social media influencers, because they have discovered their gift.  You don’t have to copy their gifts or their way of being, you have to use them as templates to discover your gift and move forward with it.


Once you do, you will have something big to aim at. You will have a dream to die for. You will have something to give it your all, cause thats what it will take.  And once you work on your gift, you will do it in  a way no one else can. It might be the most ordinary of task, yet you will be poetic while doing it.

This will be visible to everyone around you, it will spark some magic in the cosmos as you will be working in alignment with it. You will find luck , destiny and everything magical working in your favor.

But the only thing you have to do for it is discover your gift.

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Soul Nourishment – Genuine Love Vs Attachment

The video above reflects only a well nourished soul can radiate or attract eternal love. The essence of Love lies in understanding subtleties not gross displays of afffection.  The video throws light on how only a full cup can overflow to spread what it has.

Media  creates projections of love to influence younger generations. to get attached and seek wholeness in another person Yet only the ones who see beyond these lies find themselves, love themselves, and become capable of loving someone else.

The energies of a human soul are too strong  to be controlled, they can only be caressed.  Only those who  are capable of caressing their own souls can do the same to other ones.  This process of self awareness and self love is an individual imperative everyone has to work on by them selves.

Yes these things are easier said and hard to practice. But you will keep learning your lessons and getting attached  to different people to find the perfect connection till you truly internalize the concept of loving oneself first.

So  fill your own void and then nourish your own soul before  aligning with another.  As you are not only getting yourself into something you are dragging another soul into it.

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Is it OK to be strange?

Misfit, rebel, freak, clown are the common nomenclature for people who stand out from the crowd. These people belong to two categories, one, who are clueless about whats going on in their lives, and the others who care less about the mediocre opinion around them while chasing greatness. The latter category justify their strangeness in due time, as to achieve anything significant one has to go beyond the status quo.

The most important factor which legitimizes your success is your conviction in pursuing your dream. The ones who find their purpose and chase it as if their existence depends on it leave no choice to themselves but to appear strange to the masses around them, who dispel anything other than their mediocre and mundane normality.

It is safe to say that if you are not labeled a freak by these normality lovers, your grind and hustle are controlled and will not reap desired results. Being  a little strange is a pre-requisite on your passionate pursuit. All great inventors and entrepreneurs were considered strange till they realized their dreams, from then on they were celebrated and worshiped.

No one wants you to stand out of the crowd

The thing about a crowd is, it always has the majority, it never wants you to separate from it, it will be the first to laugh at you or criticize your first mistake. It is the bitter truth, but human nature goes against the so called strangers who are on passionate pursuits.

The basic instincts of human propagate security and togetherness, so the first attempt of someone wanting to do something more or separating themselves from the status quo is questioned, criticized and suppressed. Everyone close to you, seems to have all the ideas as to why your new idea wont work, this quashes all your attempts and philosophies of breaking the status quo.

But only the ones whose dream is bigger than their reality can make this difficult decision of going against the crowd and bear all the criticism till a time when the crowd mutes, starts noticing the genius in your strangeness and finally starts following the new order that you live by.

Only Freaks achieve freakish goals

First they will ridicule you, then they will notice you, then they will praise you and finally start following you.

The strange people who are on passionate pursuits have desires so intense that it subliminally infiltrates their immediate surroundings. It percolates into the weak souls around them, enlightening them and empowering them to not be afraid to be strange in order to achieve their dreams .

A little insanity is a must in order to make great goals come alive. Those people who take the risk of temporarily appearing strange to a certain group of people, end up achieving much more than that entire group of people. Just like the bird who takes the risk of separating itself from security of the flock, discovers pastures richer in nectar and seeds.

If you’re going to try go all the way

All the way.

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So its OK to be strange if you are chasing passionate pursuits, just remember that if you’re going to try go all the way.  Don’t let a few people with a limited mindset distract you from the greater goals you chase. Don’t let anyone come in between you and your ultimate dreams, your critics will soon turn into your fans if your conviction towards your dreams is sustained.

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Four Fundamentals to a Fabulous Life

A fabulous life has a different definition for everyone.

For the ones measuring life in terms of money a fabulous life is defined by material richness.

For the ones in service of God, a fabulous life is built on complex rituals and penance.

For the ones chasing power, a fabulous life will involve having control and authority.

In modern times we have people wanting to be famous, for them social recognition is the measure of being fabulous.

You define your own fabulous life depending on the depth of your perception. The perception is altered from person to person, and also for the same individual it changes over a period of time. So what might be a fabulous life at 18 years of age would not be the same at 28 and again at 38,48,58.

Though these definitions are different but the process to be followed to realize this sort of life is same. For anyone who is serious about achieving their definition of a fabulous life, these four fundamentals are essential:


The ones who can see beyond the obvious will automatically find the strength to achieve it. The ones who cant envision what they want, are wasting their time on the planet, just like soccer players with no goal posts. They keep existing with no definite targets.

Imagination helps you create an action plan to attack what you are after. The degree of your imaginative powers will help you think beyond the status quo. The further away you get from conformity the closer you get to your fabulous life.


Someone with belief will act even on the one stupid idea he has all throughout his life, while someone lacking belief will take his thousand good ideas with him to the grave.

Belief gives you the strength to take the first step towards your vision, belief helps you when you face obstacles and belief gives you the energy when you think you have nothing left in your tank.

Your abilities and talents are like candles in the rain if you don’t have belief to exhibit them,


Luck might hand you some success, but persistence will ensure that you are successful in the long run. Persistence involves putting in the long hours even when you cant see any substantial result.

If you can work hard on your ideas for long enough there is nothing in the world to stop you from achieving them. Yes you will face disappointments, but if you can persist beyond this pain, you are guaranteed the paradise of a fabulous life.


The process leading us to our definition of a fabulous life is reversible. You cant just sit on success. Once you have hit your goals, you have to keep going forward, you have to set new benchmarks in order to inspire those around you. By doing this you are not only helping the world, but also yourself so that you keep working hard to set inspirational examples.

This exemplary nature of inspiration will ensure that you keep working on newer ideas with belief and persistence. The willingness to inspire is a blessing only those receive whose potential has yet to be fully maximized.

Chase your Fabulous life 

All definitions of a fabulous life can be realized if these four fundamentals are worked on. It doesn’t matter if you are money, fame, power or mental peace, if you follow these basic principles, you are bound to be fabulous.

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