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Soul Nourishment – Genuine Love Vs Attachment

The video above reflects only a well nourished soul can radiate or attract eternal love. The essence of Love lies in understanding subtleties not gross displays of afffection.  The video throws light on how only a full cup can overflow to spread what it has.

Media  creates projections of love to influence younger generations. to get attached and seek wholeness in another person Yet only the ones who see beyond these lies find themselves, love themselves, and become capable of loving someone else.

The energies of a human soul are too strong  to be controlled, they can only be caressed.  Only those who  are capable of caressing their own souls can do the same to other ones.  This process of self awareness and self love is an individual imperative everyone has to work on by them selves.

Yes these things are easier said and hard to practice. But you will keep learning your lessons and getting attached  to different people to find the perfect connection till you truly internalize the concept of loving oneself first.

So  fill your own void and then nourish your own soul before  aligning with another.  As you are not only getting yourself into something you are dragging another soul into it.

Is it OK to be strange?

Misfit, rebel, freak, clown are the common nomenclature for people who stand out from the crowd. These people belong to two categories, one, who are clueless about whats going on in their lives, and the others who care less about the mediocre opinion around them while chasing greatness. The latter category justify their strangeness in due time, as to achieve anything significant one has to go beyond the status quo.

The most important factor which legitimizes your success is your conviction in pursuing your dream. The ones who find their purpose and chase it as if their existence depends on it leave no choice to themselves but to appear strange to the masses around them, who dispel anything other than their mediocre and mundane normality.

It is safe to say that if you are not labeled a freak by these normality lovers, your grind and hustle are controlled and will not reap desired results. Being  a little strange is a pre-requisite on your passionate pursuit. All great inventors and entrepreneurs were considered strange till they realized their dreams, from then on they were celebrated and worshiped.

No one wants you to stand out of the crowd

The thing about a crowd is, it always has the majority, it never wants you to separate from it, it will be the first to laugh at you or criticize your first mistake. It is the bitter truth, but human nature goes against the so called strangers who are on passionate pursuits.

The basic instincts of human propagate security and togetherness, so the first attempt of someone wanting to do something more or separating themselves from the status quo is questioned, criticized and suppressed. Everyone close to you, seems to have all the ideas as to why your new idea wont work, this quashes all your attempts and philosophies of breaking the status quo.

But only the ones whose dream is bigger than their reality can make this difficult decision of going against the crowd and bear all the criticism till a time when the crowd mutes, starts noticing the genius in your strangeness and finally starts following the new order that you live by.

Only Freaks achieve freakish goals

First they will ridicule you, then they will notice you, then they will praise you and finally start following you.

The strange people who are on passionate pursuits have desires so intense that it subliminally infiltrates their immediate surroundings. It percolates into the weak souls around them, enlightening them and empowering them to not be afraid to be strange in order to achieve their dreams .

A little insanity is a must in order to make great goals come alive. Those people who take the risk of temporarily appearing strange to a certain group of people, end up achieving much more than that entire group of people. Just like the bird who takes the risk of separating itself from security of the flock, discovers pastures richer in nectar and seeds.

If you’re going to try go all the way

All the way.

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So its OK to be strange if you are chasing passionate pursuits, just remember that if you’re going to try go all the way.  Don’t let a few people with a limited mindset distract you from the greater goals you chase. Don’t let anyone come in between you and your ultimate dreams, your critics will soon turn into your fans if your conviction towards your dreams is sustained.

Four Fundamentals to a Fabulous Life

A fabulous life has a different definition for everyone.

For the ones measuring life in terms of money a fabulous life is defined by material richness.

For the ones in service of God, a fabulous life is built on complex rituals and penance.

For the ones chasing power, a fabulous life will involve having control and authority.

In modern times we have people wanting to be famous, for them social recognition is the measure of being fabulous.

You define your own fabulous life depending on the depth of your perception. The perception is altered from person to person, and also for the same individual it changes over a period of time. So what might be a fabulous life at 18 years of age would not be the same at 28 and again at 38,48,58.

Though these definitions are different but the process to be followed to realize this sort of life is same. For anyone who is serious about achieving their definition of a fabulous life, these four fundamentals are essential:


The ones who can see beyond the obvious will automatically find the strength to achieve it. The ones who cant envision what they want, are wasting their time on the planet, just like soccer players with no goal posts. They keep existing with no definite targets.

Imagination helps you create an action plan to attack what you are after. The degree of your imaginative powers will help you think beyond the status quo. The further away you get from conformity the closer you get to your fabulous life.


Someone with belief will act even on the one stupid idea he has all throughout his life, while someone lacking belief will take his thousand good ideas with him to the grave.

Belief gives you the strength to take the first step towards your vision, belief helps you when you face obstacles and belief gives you the energy when you think you have nothing left in your tank.

Your abilities and talents are like candles in the rain if you don’t have belief to exhibit them,


Luck might hand you some success, but persistence will ensure that you are successful in the long run. Persistence involves putting in the long hours even when you cant see any substantial result.

If you can work hard on your ideas for long enough there is nothing in the world to stop you from achieving them. Yes you will face disappointments, but if you can persist beyond this pain, you are guaranteed the paradise of a fabulous life.


The process leading us to our definition of a fabulous life is reversible. You cant just sit on success. Once you have hit your goals, you have to keep going forward, you have to set new benchmarks in order to inspire those around you. By doing this you are not only helping the world, but also yourself so that you keep working hard to set inspirational examples.

This exemplary nature of inspiration will ensure that you keep working on newer ideas with belief and persistence. The willingness to inspire is a blessing only those receive whose potential has yet to be fully maximized.

Chase your Fabulous life 

All definitions of a fabulous life can be realized if these four fundamentals are worked on. It doesn’t matter if you are money, fame, power or mental peace, if you follow these basic principles, you are bound to be fabulous.

Manipulating the Mind: From Mediocre to Magnificent

A sky full of stars to the mind are so far,

Logic deceives, your starry eyes only see them shine at a few light years

Shut your eyes, look inside and you will find them so near.

Your mind is the source of magic and malice, the core of brilliance and bullshit and the centerpiece of the puzzle of your life. From it originate tremendous thoughts, successful schemes, productive perceptions, inspirational  ideas, cutting edge concepts  along with destructive designs, notorious notions, cunning conspiracies.

If you express yourself and don’t hesitate  there is no end to the magic your mind can make.


This most valuable tool on earth defines the quality of your life. Health, wealth and success are all  variable consequences directly related to your mindset.  Spending time in optimizing your thoughts is an investment which will  give you everlasting returns.

Some kings ran  empires to the ground as they didn’t nurture their mind, while few beggars built castles and fortunes by optimizing their opinions to create succesful thought patterns and  designs.

Overcoming your own resistance

The degree of your progress depends on the intricacy with which you shape your thoughts. While some are content with mediocrity others are always on the lookout to think better and move forward.

I am writing this part to myself as well, as the next few lines have to be repeated to oneself time and again.

As humans, being at the top of the food chain, with your super smart brains, all of you are naturally conditioned to have this superiority complex. Nature blesses you with this beautiful ego, an identity which makes every individual unique, which empowers you to have full faith in your belief systems. As these belief systems take years and years to develop it  become an inseparable part of you.

But you fail to understand that the pseudo confidence from your belief system is a shackle as it prevents you from thinking with more than one perspective. To enhance your super computer you have to allow your ego to be defeated. Otherwise your current mentality of mediocrity will sustain forever.

Its always good to believe in something, but when you think in the long run, the evolving nature of this universe is the biggest indication that you need at times to let go of your beliefs and have the flexibility to adapt to the changing world.

Fighting with oneself

Situations will arise where you will have to manipulate your mind into believing things that go against your belief systems. You will most certainly have to go against what you think is right, because your current belief systems are incapable of taking you beyond where you already are.

Once you break the shackles of the systems that govern your mind by default,  you  open up a new world to yourself. As your perceptional paradigm expands you start noticing that the key to getting what you desire is in your own hands, yet you waste all the time, doing what you think is right.

Evolving with Flexibility and patience

Flexibility and patience are very important traits to initiate and sustain self mental manipulation. The fight against your mind can only be won over a period of time. When you go against your beliefs you will question your existence, it will be a bitter pill to swallow. But with patience you will understand that to move forward you have to leave some of the past behind.

It appears very simple in text but applying these things practically is the biggest test a human has to go through. Hope you all have fun breaking the barricade that rigid thinking creates and move into a higher way of thinking.

Share the warmth – Make it a Happy New Year

The year wont be happy by itself until each and everyone of us work towards making it a happy new year. The cosmos works on certain basic principles we all ignore. If you align yourselves to them you are destined to add happiness to the world and in the process be happy yourselves.

There is a common source of energy which is always active, it is responsible for the magic in the moment. This intangible energy helps you when you in the moment when things are out of your hands, when you need that stuck of luck, when you want divine intervention, when you have done everything you can but still the result is beyond your control. We all have seen these situations when the cosmos conspires to make things go our way. We might be ignorant but all of us are here living a healthy and happy earth because of this cosmic bucket of energy.

The Cosmic Bucket

The cosmic bucket is a common collection of good vibes, energies and emotions.  We are on a perpetual energy exchange with this bucket. Our state of being adds or takes away the energy from it on an individual basis, but all of us can use the energies of the cosmic buckets. The collective energy can be harnessed and channelized by each individual  when they need it.

This makes each and everyone of you responsible to add to the common bucket of happiness of the world. The fuel for this cosmic bucket is hope, love, care, joy, happiness and a positive mental  state. But fear, greed, hate, sadness, and a negative mental state are like holes in the cosmic bucket which wastes the effort of other positive people. 

The cosmos and its living element sustains on positive energy and humans are the key to it. So the only route to a happy new year is when people add to the happiness for themselves and each other. Indulging in activities which make the self and others happy stands at the core of feeding the cosmic bucket.

At times you are tested and consequently allow a negative mental state to control you. Your perception is blurred by fear and greed and hence instead of adding to the common bucket you waste its energy by being like a small hole in it. You not only spoil your own mood but take away the happy energy which was stored for others.

Its impossible to avoid situations but your mental state while responding to them either helps you utilize the cosmic bucket and get out of it or waste the collective energies of other people too.

Positive and Negative mental state

You are a positive energy source if you are grateful, thankful , helpful, hopeful, optimistic, appreciative, see the good in every situation or person. You look for the lotus in the dirt. Your presence adds to the happiness in every moment, your selfless efforts are directed towards making every one feel better for the goodness in their personality.

You are negative energy source if you are ungrateful, thankless, greedy, hopeless, pessimistic, ignorant, see the bad in every situation or person.  You look for the blemishes on the moon. Your presence takes away the happiness from every moment, your fearful and stressful efforts are directed towards making every one feel bad for the little badness in their personality.

Understand your own personality and if you really want to make it a happy new year stop forwarding messages and switch from a negative to a positive mindset.  Your positivism will be conveyed to the entire world through the common cosmic bucket of happy energy.


Make it a happy new year.


Happy New Year for one and all

All religions are based on similar principles, sharing the warmth, then why should we not share it among different religions as well. The common cosmic bucket of happiness doesn’t hold religious barriers. So if a sikh is adding to it by being happy and hopeful, a hindu can use this energy to add to his happiness. If a Muslim person is being appreciative and loving, a christian can derive his inspiration from the cosmic energy.

Have faith in yourself and each other, remember to share the love and empower those around you instead of criticizing them. A happy new year is guaranteed if you help it a happy new year for enough people around you.

The best way of spreading smiles is by having one on your own face first. Make it a Happy New Year.