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Healthy eating : Keema, Kakdi and Ketones

Ancient man used to live on Fruits and vegetable, Animal fats and Meat. There was no multi grain chappati or low fat products at the beginning of time and we still survived. Healthy eating came to man naturally, but with time came dietary modifications introduced by the agriculture revolution. Although we happily adapted to them but the implications of these additions to our diet were not necessarily beneficial.

The agricultural revolution, when you think of it, was an attempt to provide nutrition through newer ways, but it gradually molded our diet in such a way that its main ingredients were turned into enemies.The more economically viable variations like carbohydrates, sugars, salts etc. were promoted extensively and as a result  became the core of most diets in the world.

In the modern world these economically relevant commercial variations have overtaken our natural diet so much, that people are naturally inclined towards them. Everyone in a country like India  grows up in an environment which propagates carbs, sugars, and salt as the core of the diet. So they do the same when they grow up, without understanding that these were alternates and not the core.

Fat Free Facade

This transition from the actual natural form of healthy eating to acquired natural form got a further push by the entire fat free movement initiated in the 1980’s.

Two parallel schools of thought, one promoting a low carb diet, the other promoting a low fat diet were competing to gain prominence in the world. Seeing the financial relevance of carbohydrates and the opportunity by creating a fat free facade, the low carb diet was totally ignored and saturated fats were made enemy number 1. This created a larger market for fat free and unsaturated oils.

Slowly the age old diet has undergone a complete transition as a result of financial benefits. This has lead to change in your perspective towards healthy eating and made you psychologically resist what is actually good for u.

Is healthy eating really healthy?

A close relative of mine whom I could monitor 24/7 had a heart attack and consequently was advised by doctors to eat healthy. What healthy eating meant was to leave meat and fats and stick to carbohydrates, along with vegetables ad fruit.

But even after eating healthy, carbs and proteins with minimal oil, for two years post this heart attack he had a second one. So if fat and meat was responsible was his first attack what was responsible for the second?

What is healthy eating then?

healthy eating

Contrary to what is propagated a balanced diet consists of what we used to eat as cavemen i.e. before money ever mattered. This included animal fats and meat along with fruits and vegetables, a fat, fiber and protein based diet.

Simple logic is hard to believe in a chaotic world where people chase complexity.  But it is high time that you become mindful of what you eat because only someone who takes care of the self is credible enough to take care of anything else.

You are better off sticking to Keema(mince meat), kakdi ( cucumber) and Ketones( mostly saturated fats like ghee, coconut oil, animal fat etc).  Some carbohydrates are better than others, but the ones manufactured commercially like simple sugars, syrups, cold drinks are slow poisons.

The world has gotten used to a pattern of living which makes commercial products relevant. In actuality you can easily survive on what the cavemen used to eat. Variations do give you a sensory kick, but never make them the basis of what you eat.

I will further elaborate on the issues of healthy eating in the weeks to come.




These came much later with agriculture revolution which started much later.

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