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Sustaining the Six Pack

Sustaining the six pack is an attempt to bring you closer to realizing your goals and sustaining them successfully. It is for people who believe in themselves and are willing to take the first tstep towards change, its also meant for those who have achieved limited success and have gotten caught in the web of contentment.

The book talks about what one should do after achieving their goals. Sustaining the six pack is all about hard work and perseverance, but what keeps you going once you attain it. What makes you put in all the effort without seeing any visible change.

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Propelling you from Goodness To Greatness

There is only one thing that separates common men from champions and champions from legends. Having an understanding of it will help propel you from mediocrity to goodness and from goodness to greatness.
Dive into the book to discover this blueprint to greatness. If you align yourself with it you would be well placed to not only be successful but sustain it for long enough to leave a legacy.
Some men are content in letting life slide, others are content with a one-off success like having a six pack, but true legends believe in sustaining the six pack and success for as long as they can.
If you have the mindset of greatness, you will never be satisfied. If you are never satisfied, there is no limit to your growth. Read and empower yourself with mindset tools which assist you in sustaining the six pack and find out how this help you sustain success in all spheres of your life.

Inspiration behind Sustaining the Six Pack 

My main aim behind writing Sustaining the Six Pack is to help people who are stuck at different levels of the success ladder, both in fitness and in life. With specific gym notes in each chapter I have tried to highlight how the information is relevant for the fitness enthusiasts.

The scope of this book is beyond the gym and percolates into all endeavors a person undertakes throughout his life. By reading through you will understand how sustaining the six pack and sustaining success are inter related and essential for an inspiring life.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Great!!!!

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Did Healthy Hanuman need a Health Club?

The unilateral dimension in which health is propagated leads to many quitting even before giving themselves a chance of getting healthy. The gym has become synonymous to fitness, it is professed that to ensure a healthy life it is mandatory for you to visit the gym. Although getting to the gym adds wheels to your journey towards fitness, but it is not the end game of fitness.

Even before gyms existed, Hanuman and Hercules were both specimens of extremely healthy individuals. They never did a barbell curl, or used a hack squat to sculpt their aesthetic physiques. Even our ancestors had long and healthy lives without going to the gym.

Yes lifestyles have changed and the gym is a good option to mute the stresses of work and focus uninterruptedly on being healthy. But opposed to conventional wisdom the gym is not the only way of getting healthy.

The inertia of laziness

Inertia of Laziness is defined as the force preventing you from getting out of your comfort zone and progressing towards a healthy life.  The very first step towards progression is the most important as it requires for you to overcome all these forces preventing you to move.  At most times the complexity of the solution adds to this inertial of laziness and prevents you from taking the first step.

If you force a lazy person to directly climb a hill, 90% of the time his will will crumble at the magnitude of the task. To overcome the inertia of laziness one has to indulge in micro efforts and then turn them into major ones.

How the health industry promotes pain as a precursor to being healthy scares many even before entering the gym. The heavy dumb bells, complex machines and exercises and sacrificial diet plans  are enough for people to stick to their comfort zones and drop all plans of initiating healthy change.

Healthy hercules and hanuman

Herd thinking will want you to go to the gym, but you have to take some time off and ask yourself if you really need to. Fitness is not to be interpreted as going to the gym. When you make that relation you are inclined to forego your plans of healthy change all together.

Envisioning yourself lifting heavy weights and doing complex training will make you lose interest and quit your plans even before starting. You will feel that the pain and sacrifice you have to invest is not worth the returns.

Rather than accepting what everyone says you should look at variable ways of staying healthy. Healthy doesn’t always mean big bulky biceps, six pacs and shirt tearing physique. Not everyone can be a bodybuilder. Healthy means to be able to undertake all your daily activities efficiently for a long period of time.

Baby steps to a healthy life

Rather than chasing generic health goals, set realistic and achievable short term goals. Invest your healthy time in activities which you enjoy, the gym can be a part of it and not the whole. Devise a strategy which allows you to sustain your plan rather than something complex which you wont be able to follow for long enough.

Again the answer lies in being realistic with yourself and customizing strategies based upon your specific preferences. As mentioned above, the initial bit is most important. Once you start seeing the mental and physical results of investing time on your health, you are bound to increase your activities through free will.

Rather than taking a giant leap which cant be repeated you are better off taking baby steps which you enjoy. Start now and you will see yourself gradually falling in love with the healthy lifestyle.



Vada Pavs and Fitness Trainers

Fitness Trainers in India come in all shapes and sizes. At times the roundness of their belly is rounder than the client they train for weight loss,  some have biceps and triceps bigger than the rest of the gym combined, some earn more from selling protein than personal training, and almost all are willing to work with you without the knowledge of the gym.

This desperation leads to their downfall, yet given the circumstances it is unavoidable. Given the plight of the fitness training profession, it is imperative for a fitness trainer to use all tricks in his book to keep the bank account rolling.

 The Plight of Fitness Trainers

Fitness trainers should be treated in the same line as preventive or rehabilitative doctors,  but when you pay them lesser than a security guard, you’re surely not going to get much out of them. With salaries that would put a vada pav vendor to shame, fitness training brings with it shame that repels most educated and skillful people from entering into this profession.

With such a low sense of respect and negligible basic pay rates, a fitness trainer is forced to burden himself with clients in order to earn in volume the salary he doesn’t get. And as the competition increases the salary and consequently the quality of service further reduces. This leads to the fat belly, as trainers barely get time or money for their own health. And as the old saying goes “You cant give what you dont have”.

When you start losing your own fitness, is the first sign of when the job turns from passion to a more mechanical way of earning money. As the urge to earn a living overtakes the urge to spread good health, trainers offer generic plans to both teenagers and those addressing postnatal issues. This is the reason we see trainers tending to several clients at the same time without doing justice to any.

Vada Pavs and Fitness Training

It is futile to expect a trainer who is on a staple diet of vada pavs (due to his economic condition) to help you with your lifestyle. As a result most fitness trainers are nothing more than ears for you to vent out your daily frustration. The money you pay them is more for being patient listeners than training.

On the other extreme the lack of knowledge creates a big divide, lack of knowledge creates lots of ego. Some fitness trainers are intoxicated by ancient methods of fitness and training. These fitness trainers get you results by putting you through overtly excruciating rituals and deficiency causing diets, but the price you pay for it in the long run is too high for the short term barter.

This is the reason most people who lose weight fast gain it back faster, and those who train extra heavy weights get joint troubles after a certain age. Fitness training is more about ensuring permanent wellness for your client, sabotaging this for short term gains and an extra buck is way too much bad karma.

Some Top Trainer Traits 

Most fitness trainers aren’t qualified enough to take up the task of realigning your lifestyle and telling you the bitter truth. The ones who are want to stay ahead of the curb and not empower you so much so that you become independent.

A genuine fitness trainer has many qualities but here are some essential ones.

Talks the talk and walks the walk– Always be humble and notice the positives in the people around you. Faults are easier to find, but eliciting them hardly makes any difference. Working on the strengths increases your level of understanding and then you can focus on gradually diminishing the faults. Along with this the body language and the physical conditioning of the fitness trainer should be enough to inspire trainees.

Different strokes for different folks– No two workout or diet charts can be similar. You have to customize as per the specific habit of your client.

Its not all about the Money, Money, Money– Desperation is the downfall. When the fitness trainers are too desperate for money it robs them of their creativity and prevents them from doing justice to their clients. Be worthy of your role in someones life and you will get all the money you deserve.

Find your why– If you know why you are into your profession you will manage to progress any how. Yes the financial rewards for taking short cuts appear more beneficial but greed is detrimental to sustaining your efforts.

Prescribe exercise plans and design meal plans– Instead of merely using a generic plan, test your client and prescribe a specific fitness plan, similarly gauge your clients likes and dislikes before designing their food plan. Clients is more likely to stick to his regime and diet when  they enjoy it. So make entertaining exercises and workouts and a nutritional plan which becomes a part of the lifestyle rather than a short term diet.

Educate and empower– As a fitness trainer your mission should be educate and empower your client rather than making them dependent on you. Once you focus on making them independent your ingenuity shines through, clients usually respect that and are ore likely to renew their plan with you.

No end to learning– You will need less strategies and schemes if you have more knowledge. Keep updating your knowledge through quality learning. Everything available on the Internet is knowledge and you should understand how to filter the good from the bad.

Forces of Good Courses– Courses from ACSM ( Aerican College of Sports Medicine) give you the necessary arsenal of knowledge and good connections to help you further your fitness careers.

I will further use this section to assist fitness trainers all around and people seeking fitness trainers to gauge and choose the best ones. I will make the information like the vada pav, easily available and cheap, but with added health benefits.








Beyond Biceps and Triceps

Men are moved by the aesthetic. This is the main reason most gym hours are spent honing biceps and triceps. Sadly these muscles keep you so engrossed that they alter your perception of fitness. Add to the mix some abs, and that’s here the workout ends.

The motivation to look good is not bad at all but in its intoxication you seem to forget other vital aspects of your fitness regime.

Yes the world promotes the aesthetic, ripped torsos and bulging biceps and triceps are always appealing and imitable. But men often fail to see beyond this masquerade, your body possesses more than 650 muscles and most of you are just stuck on three.    

Here is a look beyond the obvious for the people who actually want to be fitter:

The fascination for the visual is beyond human control, that’s why biceps and triceps are the only muscles people want to behold. 

The others spend sleepless nights and have heart attacks, in admiration or envy of another persons six packs.

But does fitness end at only these things, or do we need to look beyond these anatomical blings. 

People put their body through so much trouble, just to build up these three muscles. 

If only they could realize the importance all other muscles possess, they would come over their urge to impress. 

Fitness involves training so as to provide efficiency to your daily activities, rather than swelling your arms and creating stomach cavities. 

If you think only three muscle groups are important, you are telling yourself a lie, the entire body needs to support you till the day that you die. 

So engrossed with the apparent makes we wonder why, Do they even know the bicep is made of brachialis, brachioradialis and the bicep brachi. 

Most misconceive that the bicep muscle only comprises the balloon on your anterior arm, but these muscles also cover the shoulder and the forearm. 

The tricep muscle has three points of origin at the posterior part of your humerus bone,  Most people train them till they are over grown.

The pectoralis major is shaped like a fan, it covers part of our shoulder and chest, essential on Mondays of most workout plans. 

The anterior, middle and posterior deltoids surround the shoulder, along with the four muscles of the rotator cuff they make it look like a boulder. 

The latissimus dorsi is the biggest muscle of the back, the trapezius muscles is where your shrugs attack. 

The Rhomboid  muscle on your back is diamond shaped, teres minor muscle of the shoulder wraps around the humerus like a snake. 

The rectus and transverse abdominus along with the internal and external obliques form the core, try as hard you can only have 8 pacs and not more. 

In awe of your abs you seldom workout on their supportive muscle group, the Erector spinae on the back often gets you in a hunched soup. 

The iliopsoas, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and adductor magnus are the muscles of your hip, often ignored these along with the core are the anchors to your body’s ship. 

The legs comprise the quadriceps and the hamstrings, chicken legs blame weak genes cause these aren’t visible through your loose jeans.  

The gastrocnemius and soleus work on your calves, its about time you start spending time building your lower halves. 

Your muscle development should be a consequence of your effort and not the sole aim for it. Society wont allow you to look beyond biceps and triceps but you have to ask yourself question, do you want to be fit for the soceity or yourself?