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Top 5 tips for a beginners calisthenic workout program

Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances. Your body is no different. It has its own graceful way of flowing across the visual spectrum, in perfect sync with its surroundings. Calisthenics utilizes this grace of movement to achieve bodily fitness. I thought it would be helpful for sharing 5 tips for a beginners calisthenic workout program, so that it would be easier for people to practice this connatural way of staying healthy.

What is Calisthenics?

This beautiful form of exercise, in which you use nothing other than your own body weight, originated in ancient Greece. Its rhythmic nature and aesthetic grace make it more of an art form than exercise.  The creative possibilities of this form of training is endless.

How to practice it?

A beginners calisthenic workout comprises basic body weight exercises like planks, push ups and pull ups. As your body gets more accustomed to the basic movements, you use your creativity to generate more resistance by rearranging your center of gravity and  finding variations.

beginners calisthenics workout program

Top 5 tips for a beginners calisthenic workout program

After practicing it for over 3 years now, I still believe I am far from being a calisthenic expert. Just like life, the learning process with this unconventional exercise  form is endless.  Nonetheless the experience over these years has helped me gather a few insights which will be helpful to anyone wanting to partake in a beginners calisthenic workout.

Here are 5 tips for a beginners calisthenic workout program:

  1. Its all about the CORE – Core stability forms the basis of most body weight workouts. So one must ensure a strong set of abdominal and gluteal muscles.  This can only be accomplished by using many static hold exercises like the plank, v-ups, plie holds etc.
    beginners calisthenics workout program
  2. Static to Dynamic– To ensure proper muscle development, beginners must always move from static exercises to dyanmic ones. Before you get into variations which involve a lot of movement you must always engage in static exercises (as mentioned above). This will help you identify and engage all the muscles associated with that specific movement.
  3. Push and Pull – If you really want to pursue calisthenics be ready to do push ups and pull ups without counting. These are the most common body weight exercises. If these are mastered then they form the basis of more creative movements. Try to reach a level of natural ease with push ups and pulls up before going in for something more complicated.
  4. The Medrano Effect– Out of the thousands of things you watch online everyday, spend 15 mins noticing the movements of experts in the field of calisthencis. Not with intention of aping them blindly(it wouldn’t be possible, they have been practicing this discipline for too long), but understand the harmony and rhythm of movement. Frank Medrano is to calisthenics was Muhammad Ali was to Boxing or Sachin Tendulkar was to Cricket, Do check him out.
  5. Power lies in Patience– Don’t be afraid to fall a hundred times over, don’t be disheartened if the movements that you envisioned yourself doing, don’t happen too soon. The most important tip for a beginners calisthenic workout plan is patience. Your resolve will surely be tested, but your patience will not go unrewarded. PicsArt_01-09-03.10.32With the game plan set its time you take the plunge into this beautiful discipline wholeheartedly. The benefits of calisthenics are plentiful. These include:
  • No equipment required
  • Can be performed anywhere at anytime(even at home)
  • Full body workout
  • More scope for creativity and fun than dumbbells
  • Its functional nature helps develop relevant muscles in perfect proportion
  • Its rhythmic nature brings harmony to the mind

With so many benefits I think everyone must make calisthenics a part of their workout routines. Hope you can use and share these 5 tips for a beginners calisthenic workout program in your circle of healthy friends.

Do have a look at this article to know what you have to do before hitting the gym. So that you are well prepared to practice calisthenics or whatever you like at the gym.









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Fastest Tricep and Bicep Workout

This is the fastest tricep and back workout. When you are really troubled for time yet ou need to get a good workout in, you have to focus on pyramid and supersets.

Fastest Tricep and Bicep workout 

This workout is high on intensity and gives your muscles the adequate pump in the minimum amount of time. The fastest tricep and bicep workout guarantees better results than you would get from a hour long session.

Try it for yourself and see how much more you can achieve in 30 minutes of a simple tricep and bicep workout.

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Fitness Mantra: Train, Eat, Sleep Amazing

Whatever we do after a while we tend to be a little rusty at the onset. So I thought writing after a while it would be ideal to keep it simple and write about a Fitness mantra which has helped me stay fit. This fitness mantra is not as complex as some of my initial posts on the website, yet(or that’s why) it will help people struggling to achieve better fitness.

You might be at different levels of fitness, some of you might have just started off with a fitness activity being sick of your friends talk about sprouts, eggs, chicken and tofu all day. While others must be struggling to repeat the extraordinary results of the first few months of training. Still others might be stuck at further refining a well toned physique. The fitness mantra remains same for all.

Everyone wants that amazing health change, but very few are able to back this want with necessary amazing action. To achieve anything extraordinary you have to let go of everything ordinary. Improving your health requires you to be a little extraordinary, because your ordinary habits are the ones which made you unhealthy.

The fitness mantra for an amazing health change involves training, eating and sleeping in an amazing way. Yes you might be doing it almost right, but almost right is not amazing.

So depending upon your level of fitness, find your amazing levels, you will need to sacrifice a little, indulge a little less, but the rewards you will get will surely be fulfilling.

Fitness Mantra 1: Training Amazing 

The amazing-ness doesn’t lie in the complexity of your workout plan or the size of the dumb bell you bench press with. It is more to do with your intensity. Even if it is as simple as walking in the evening, the intensity with which you approach this has to be amazing. If you can take care of your intensity while approaching your workout, your workout will take care of you.

Fitness Mantra 2: Eating Amazing

Everybody knows eating sweets, doughnuts, cakes, is not amazing yet you do it. Everybody knows eating spinach, broccoli, sprouts, eggs, chicken will lead to amazing results but these don’t give your tongue the zing that other food does. Eating amazing is less about realizing what is good for you, everybody knows, and more about giving up on taste bud based eating without spoiling your mood. Your celebrity Nutritionists might conjure up the best diet plan, but it will be of no use if you don’t follow it for long, and you can yourself make the simplest of diet changes and sustain it to see spectacular results.

Fitness Mantra 3: Sleeping Amazing

This actually is the simplest and most ignored part of your quest for better health. Yes you all have a million friends, yes your smartphone develops magnetic properties just as you are planning to sleep,  yes you all have strange working hours, yes you need to network at odd hours, yes you have to stand in long ques to withdraw money, but to be amazing you need to prioritize sleep. Amazing sleeping implies 7-8 hours of daily sleep. How you manage to do it will make you amazing.

So long story short there is no fitness mantra at all. Its about executing what you all know. If you want amazing results be ready to put in amazing efforts.

Have an amazing day.

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Sustaining the Six Pack

Sustaining the six pack is an attempt to bring you closer to realizing your goals and sustaining them successfully. It is for people who believe in themselves and are willing to take the first tstep towards change, its also meant for those who have achieved limited success and have gotten caught in the web of contentment.

The book talks about what one should do after achieving their goals. Sustaining the six pack is all about hard work and perseverance, but what keeps you going once you attain it. What makes you put in all the effort without seeing any visible change.

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Propelling you from Goodness To Greatness

There is only one thing that separates common men from champions and champions from legends. Having an understanding of it will help propel you from mediocrity to goodness and from goodness to greatness.
Dive into the book to discover this blueprint to greatness. If you align yourself with it you would be well placed to not only be successful but sustain it for long enough to leave a legacy.
Some men are content in letting life slide, others are content with a one-off success like having a six pack, but true legends believe in sustaining the six pack and success for as long as they can.
If you have the mindset of greatness, you will never be satisfied. If you are never satisfied, there is no limit to your growth. Read and empower yourself with mindset tools which assist you in sustaining the six pack and find out how this help you sustain success in all spheres of your life.

Inspiration behind Sustaining the Six Pack 

My main aim behind writing Sustaining the Six Pack is to help people who are stuck at different levels of the success ladder, both in fitness and in life. With specific gym notes in each chapter I have tried to highlight how the information is relevant for the fitness enthusiasts.

The scope of this book is beyond the gym and percolates into all endeavors a person undertakes throughout his life. By reading through you will understand how sustaining the six pack and sustaining success are inter related and essential for an inspiring life.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Great!!!!

Dont forget to get your copy.



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Did Healthy Hanuman need a Health Club?

The unilateral dimension in which health is propagated leads to many quitting even before giving themselves a chance of getting healthy. The gym has become synonymous to fitness, it is professed that to ensure a healthy life it is mandatory for you to visit the gym. Although getting to the gym adds wheels to your journey towards fitness, but it is not the end game of fitness.

Even before gyms existed, Hanuman and Hercules were both specimens of extremely healthy individuals. They never did a barbell curl, or used a hack squat to sculpt their aesthetic physiques. Even our ancestors had long and healthy lives without going to the gym.

Yes lifestyles have changed and the gym is a good option to mute the stresses of work and focus uninterruptedly on being healthy. But opposed to conventional wisdom the gym is not the only way of getting healthy.

The inertia of laziness

Inertia of Laziness is defined as the force preventing you from getting out of your comfort zone and progressing towards a healthy life.  The very first step towards progression is the most important as it requires for you to overcome all these forces preventing you to move.  At most times the complexity of the solution adds to this inertial of laziness and prevents you from taking the first step.

If you force a lazy person to directly climb a hill, 90% of the time his will will crumble at the magnitude of the task. To overcome the inertia of laziness one has to indulge in micro efforts and then turn them into major ones.

How the health industry promotes pain as a precursor to being healthy scares many even before entering the gym. The heavy dumb bells, complex machines and exercises and sacrificial diet plans  are enough for people to stick to their comfort zones and drop all plans of initiating healthy change.

Healthy hercules and hanuman

Herd thinking will want you to go to the gym, but you have to take some time off and ask yourself if you really need to. Fitness is not to be interpreted as going to the gym. When you make that relation you are inclined to forego your plans of healthy change all together.

Envisioning yourself lifting heavy weights and doing complex training will make you lose interest and quit your plans even before starting. You will feel that the pain and sacrifice you have to invest is not worth the returns.

Rather than accepting what everyone says you should look at variable ways of staying healthy. Healthy doesn’t always mean big bulky biceps, six pacs and shirt tearing physique. Not everyone can be a bodybuilder. Healthy means to be able to undertake all your daily activities efficiently for a long period of time.

Baby steps to a healthy life

Rather than chasing generic health goals, set realistic and achievable short term goals. Invest your healthy time in activities which you enjoy, the gym can be a part of it and not the whole. Devise a strategy which allows you to sustain your plan rather than something complex which you wont be able to follow for long enough.

Again the answer lies in being realistic with yourself and customizing strategies based upon your specific preferences. As mentioned above, the initial bit is most important. Once you start seeing the mental and physical results of investing time on your health, you are bound to increase your activities through free will.

Rather than taking a giant leap which cant be repeated you are better off taking baby steps which you enjoy. Start now and you will see yourself gradually falling in love with the healthy lifestyle.



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