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How to use the best smartphones in the best way?

With the digital revolutions at its peak everyone wants to possess the best smartphone. But most of the times the best smartphones ends up possessing you.  The best smartphones these days has more technology than devices used to put man on the moon. It has so much potential but most of it is wasted by how it is being used.

Here are some honest questions which will help you rate yourself with respect to how you use your smartphone:

Do the best smartphones control you or you control  them?

If your push notifications for social media are switched on you are a slave to your smartphone as the lights on your phone control your attention.

Are you digital contributor or a digital spectator?

Do you merely go around from post to post of the social networking mediums hunting for gossip and news(its hard to tell the difference these days)  or do you use your best smartphones to contribute  your specific magic/talent to the people around you.  The basic ingredient to be a contributor is to be self aware and understand your specific niche. You can easily be famous these days, but not just for gossiping or posting selfies.

How impulsive are you with your best smartphone?

There is no doubt that your best smartphones are like a new organ in your body.  But how dependent are you on it? Do you pick it up without any reason just to avoid the awkwardness of reality? Or does picking it up hold any special significance like answering a call, having relevant chats or motivating or inspiring someone.

Are your relationships being dictated by your smartphone?

Most modern relationships are a direct consequence of social networking sites. People who cant stand each other for 15 mins face to face can spend hours and hours chatting about an ideal world which is virtual. Yes your best smartphones foster connectivity but when it comes to real relationships, the smartphone is a tertiary resource rather than a primary one.

How much time can you spend without your smartphone? How much time  do you spend without your best smartphones before sleeping or after getting up ?

This will help show you how conditioned and dependent you have become.  If a device which was not even existing 15 years from now is controlling your life, then its high time that you start introspecting.

If you reflect on these questions with honesty you will come to a good understanding as to why better connections are made where the network is low.

best smartphones

The best way to use your Best Smartphones 

So what is the best way of utilizing your smartphone?

Just like being overdependent on your smartphone is not ideal, similarly it is not right to give it all up and live in a technological vacuum.  Finding the right balance is the key to maximizing the potential of your best smartphones.

Start using the wonderful cameras of your smartphones to document your life.  For that you will first need to have a lifestyle worth documenting.  That doesn’t mean  you try to create a fake one. only authenticity sells in the digital domain. So, live your passions and document them. It will firstly help you to understand what your passion is and secondly be more productive with it.

Research and Learn- Your smartphone makes it so easy to learn a new skill and educate yourself but most overlook these benefits. I had no knowledge of website development when I built this blog on WordPress, as of now I am learning 7 different software pertaining to video editing, music production and graphic designing.

Get inspired – The internet has millions of gigabytes of audios and videos on motivation and inspiration. Its so easy to get inspired for the ones who have the will to. You might be wanting to start a new business, get healthier or improve your relationships. inspiration is what will get you started.

Here are some youtube channels you can follow for inspiration:

best smartphone

Gary Vaynerchuk 

Tom Bilyeu

Tai Lopez 

Tony Robbins

Eric Thomas 

Mateus M

In the modern era everyone has been gifted with so many opportunities. Yet only the few who recognize these and can control their mindset are able to take them.  Do let me know on how you utilize your best smartphones.

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Weekend Box Office Tips – Coping with Handicaps

The Weekend Box Office Tip is a new segment which will include some real life tips to better the quality of your lives. In this section I will collect one single tip from significant health and lifestyle influencers and entrepreneurs around us and cover their story behind it.

In this super fast life it is difficult to find time to reflect on the quality of your life. As the weekend gives you some time to unwind, it also presents an opportunity to introspect. Making it the perfect time for the weekend box office tip.

My Wweekend box office eekend Box Office Tip – Coping with Handicaps

Life startles you at times, and it startles you more when you are awakened to the magic sprinkled around you. Common situations carry invaluable lessons. Learning these is the secret to an abundant and fulfilling life. One of these lessons which I learnt  as a result of two different, difficult situations  is the weekend box office tip I would want to give you all. Coping with handicaps.

The story behind the tip

I had a terrible injury 2 weeks back, when my left ankle twisted. The ankle was swollen like a ball and I feared the worst. Considering my health and fitness centric lifestyle it was a body blow and a big blast before Diwali. With so many caring people around me, it was impossible to even think about restarting my fitness schedule(which, as some of you might know, is like oxygen to me).

After two days I couldn’t control the urge of heading to the gym, and overlooking medical advise, did just that. But understanding the responsibilities on my head, of selling luxury properties in Navi Mumbai and being a long term health influencer, I adapted my workout so as to negate the journey altogether. (I will share how later on in this article.)

(Check my foot in the pic below)

weekend box office

Selling luxury properties in Navi Mumbai gets my attention to the second handicap. With so many rules and laws, demonetization, RERA, GST, applied in such a short time, the dimensions of doing business in India have changed drastically. Real Estate is one of the worst hit, because of ticket sizes and the omnipresent trust issues in the field.

Demonetization  sucked out the money from the system, which was essential for businesses like real estate, at it was second nature for the business. RERA and GST added more confusion than removing it because of the complicated procedures and added tax burden to end users.

These major handicaps to the industry definitely increased the scope of excuses for people failing to sell properties, but I, just like with my sprained ankle, am learning how to adapt and cope with this handicap.

What Coping with the sprained Ankle taught me about Selling Luxury Properties?

The weekend box office tip, coping with handicap, was learnt with the sprained ankle and is coming to my assistance while selling properties.

What I understood with my sprained ankle and applied to selling properties is:

  1. Limited but effective movement– Choosing a few effective movements was the need of the hour with my sprained ankle. Similarly choosing a few good methods for marketing property and being absolutely involved in them  was what I carried to my work
  2. More mindful movement– Attention to detail was magnified during my movements with the sprained ankle. The handicap in the business, has given me an opportunity to micro manage processes which were considered tertiary earlier.
  3. Some time off only leads to self discovery– The cycle of pursuing passions puts you in an infinite loop of doing. Spending some time out of it not only helps you discover more about yourself but also cater to the aspects of life you haven’t been giving importance. Lesser time at the gym courtesy the sprained ankle made me rediscover my passion for reading. Similarly the handicapped nature of the market made me take more time out for family and friends.
  4. The power of persistence– With the power of persistence all handicaps can be handled. My ankle is doing better and so is how I deal with my sales. By trying out newer exercises and methods of training I coped with my limited movement. Similarly redefining strategies and innovations have helped me come to terms with the real estate market.

Utilizing these I was able to recreate a new self image, which is both strong and resourceful.  The signs of progress are noticeable in the videos below which is made to assist lazy people in working out, which I just created a few days back.

As for selling luxury properties the renewed optimism is bearing good results. Attention to details and innovations is bringing in a revolution which is leading to a more professional and organised approach to insure proper functioning and elevated sales.

You might not have a sprained ankle or selling luxury properties in a bearish market. But the above Weekend Box office Tips can be applied in every walk of life where you feel handicapped.

Have a great weekend.




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Weekend Wellness- Witnessing Wonderful Vibes

Life exists between the past and the future. Yet you often overlook the presents of present. Either lost in memories or chasing dreams you forget to relish the nectar of the moments that pass you by. In your struggles you become ignorant to the wonderful vibes around you. But when you allow yourself to be a witness to the magical moments, the wonderful vibes reveal themselves to you and put you in a flux of happiness.

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to partake in another soul enriching experience. My good friend and international DJ, Prerna Singh, created the perfect environment for people to witness the mesmeric meditative powers of music at Blue Frog in Pune. Just like it takes a full cup to overflow similarly only a spirit full of wonderful vibes and share it with the rest. Prerna being one such spirit effortlessly made even the most reticent of us, dance to her tunes.

Wonderul Vibes of Music

They say music has the unique ability to make you feel connected with existence, to lose yourself to the present, transcend the boundaries of time and space and relate to the moment at hand. But only those who are aware and make themselves a witness to the enriching powers of sound actually feel its magic.

Though most of you listen to music but you never manage to harness its true powers and decode the wonderful vibes it camouflages. You use music to sedate the pain of the past or motivate you to a better tomorrow. At times you enjoy it just to be a part of the crowd. Very few get to the point where music, rather than being a separate entity, envelopes you in its cloud of magnificence, and rather than flowing to it, you flow with it.

Defying world order so that you can find your own

It is a task to relieve yourself from worldly mandates and instill self awareness to erase the boundaries between your own vibration and the wonderful vibrations of music. It is impossible for those who are consciously seeking  to find this harmonic resonance with music. The ones chasing fun never discover it in its absolute form.

The charm of any activity you participate in goes when you have to make an effort. By just being a witness to music, you enjoy it effortlessly, you feel a sense of oneness with it, you let your body move unperturbed, your mind becomes unclogged and aligned, and your soul emits a brilliance which illuminates the surroundings, you find yourself in complete FLOW.

wonderful vibes
Calm your sense, meditate, flow with vibe, levitate.

People are too busy exiting existence to value the power of the wonderful vibes that music creates. The energy produced by the ones who can relate to the vibes is palpable. Imagine how it must  feel like to be a part of the united energy of so many happy souls vibrating in unison.

Yes every person witnessing and aligning himself with these wonderful vibes add to the cloud of energy, every participant gets to feel the collective energy of everyone connected to this alignment and add to it at the same time.

So next time when you are at a gathering with music around, just make yourself witness these wonderful vibes rather than changing your identity because of social pressures and the need to have fun You will see how fun will come to you. And once you are in perfect harmony you will share this vibe with the entire room who are witnessing this happy feeling with you.

Again it takes a philanthropist with a big heart to create such a happy event. The purpose of such events is much more than merely making money, this I realised by personally getting a chance to see how the entire process works.  So big thumbs up to the ones investing their invaluable time and energy in creating these wonderful vibes for all of us to relish.

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Music- Vibes from the Valley

Music is the glue that binds the multitude of pieces humanity has divided itself into. It connects your mind, body and spirit to the soul of the universe. And when both vibe in unison the result is pure and perfect harmony. This harmony creates a bubble of freedom,happiness and celebratory bliss around all who participate in its inception.  Uniting all as one perfect singularity.


Everyone who feeds of this common pool of auditory energy is on the same elevated plane of thought and existence. This alignment is beyond the limits of social and geographical  distinctions.

Most lives are spent chasing stability, the enlightened ones are spent chasing a metaphysical connection, a deeper meaning, a bigger purpose. When the frequency of your spirit resonates with the frequency of the universe the resulting sound of blissful brilliance contains all answers. Though your connection with the brilliance of this sound is ephemeral, the melody echoes across eternity.

Music therapy


The therapeutic value of sound cant be over emphasized. The reverberations of the perfect note can help you transcend the monotony of every day struggles and elevate your spirit to the zenith of existential relevance.

The wide spectrum of sound enables the provision of a melody for every situation. Whatever you feel is accentuated  when you supplement it with a suitable tune.

This therapeutic value of music ranges from enhancing exultation to subsiding sorrow, from fostering friendships to healing hearts, form pruning pain to diminishing diseases.

“Dehradun Drum Circle” – Vibes from the Valley


I was lucky enough to find myself at one such event celebrating music and life in Dehradun. Called the Dehradun Drum Circle, the most beautiful aspect of this amazing celebration of sound, which mirrored the most beautiful aspect of the valley,  was its simplicity and spontaneity.

In a world where theoretic complexity, strategies, power struggles dictate most actions, it was pleasantly surprising to find something contrary to the current cash oriented culture.

With music at its core this little event was a big step towards the liberation of the beautiful valley which has been succumbing to the paper chasing mentality.  The little valley has been famous for its warm hearts and cold winters. But slowly greed has crept in and lead to a change in generic attitude.

Amidst all this, these spontaneous celebrations of life have almost perished. The first event of the “Dehradun Drum circle” symbolized what the town has been deprived of over the last decade. A free for all event with more fun and less strategical planning.

The variety of percussion instruments which individually sounded  ordinary but together created magic indicated what can be done if we work together.

These instrument sounded similar irrespective of who played it. They didn’t change the sound they produced depending on the color, the status, the age, the religion or caste of the person playing it.

It was great fun seeing people come out of their shells and get involved with the rhythm of life. At most times people care too much about whose watching, what they will say and how society will react to their actions. Music helps create that euphoric setting where people let go of their acquired inhibitions and give in to their more natural self, one which wants to have fun irrespective of whose watching.

I hope my beautiful city in enamored with many more such events where people focus less on who and how many people are watching and more on  the real purpose of music, CELEBRATION OF LIFE.

Discover some more ways in which music helps you find flow in life by reading this beautiful article by the team at Unify Cosmos and discover how good vibrations are food for your soul.






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The victory in losing the world cup

A daunting target, a ruthless opponent, alien conditions, a certain loss, yet our warriors, lead by their charismatic leader, tried to live up to the limitless demands of a fanatic nation in the world cup.

For a change they were able to satisfy the over expecting crowd even with a defeat. This performance in a losing cause commanded respect, partly because of the fight shown in the losing cause and partly because of the overall performance over the course of the world cup.

Although it would have been amazing to win the cup again, yet I believe that the performance of the team and the graceful acceptance of defeat by the fans is commendable and as good as a victory in itself.

The way the fans connected with the players, understanding that they gave it their all but came second best, indicates an improvement in the thinking standards of the Indian mindset. This augurs well for the country, not only in sport but also in its widespread development as a united and connected nation.

O Captain, My captain

World cup captain

While Sir Ravindra Jadeja was bowling to Michael Clark in the 42nd over, Dhoni was heard saying on the stump mike””Aage nikal ke marega (he will charge you)” a subtle observation, but enough to help the bowler vary his bowling enough to save some valuable runs. The next bowl Jadeja slowed it down and Clarke, as predicted by Dhoni, came out of his crease but just to defend.

The smartest cricketer in the World who has done and seen it all. Observing his leadership style is better than reading a million books on  the subject. The calmness, sacrifice and hope he brings to the team is unparalleled. Like an alchemist he has turned many base men into match winners. So adept in his art that he actually predicted what the batsmen would do the next ball.

Dhoni brings to mind King Leonidas, who fought valiantly knowing he will eventually be defeated. With his level of respect and achievements, he sacrificed meeting his loved ones and was ready to be humbled in defeat, just to put on a show for his fellow countrymen to be inspired.

The way he scampered for every extra run, the way he hit those sixes at the end, conveyed that he wanted to contribute to the entertainment of the millions watching and justify their hope, even though the match was lost.

The cause was lost but like many a mighty warriors, Dhoni etched his mark on this world cup with his grit and astuteness. The team flourished under the inspiration of a great leader, who gave it his all and lead by example, keeping all his star players together as a unit.

A proud Indian

world cup

As I reflect back to the days when effigies of demi gods(cricketers) used to be burnt, their families harassed and houses pelted with stones after just one bad result, I am filled with  a sense of ultimate elation looking at our progress as a nation.

Back in the day we used to let our passion turn into violent anger which made us curse the ones we worshiped in a matter of ours. This not only crippled the working of a cricket crazy nation but also lead to a generic negative vibe among the people.

The educated and graceful response to this defeat, comes as an indication of how far we have come as a nation. Yes sports are meant to unite countries and the people within them, but not only in times of victory, for the first time I see the nation backing its players and supporting them in defeat in this world cup.

It was an absolute pleasure to experience the joys of Shikar’s dominant demeanor, Shami’s swing, Umesh’s pace, Mohits run out and slower deliveries, Dhoni’s comments on the stump mike, Ashwin’s revolutionary marvels, Jadeja’s athleticism, the brute force of Raina, the class of Rahane and Rohit and of course the lack of reaction of Virat Kohli.  It was great to see the biggest stadium in the world filled with more Indians than fans of the host country. This world cup might not have got us a trophy, but it got us memories which considering our cricket craziness, will last us a lifetime.




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