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6 steps to reach the zenith of productivity

Productivity is a relative term. For some getting though their day without getting abused by their boss is productive for others it is about maximizing the potential of each breathable moment and sacredly pursuing all endeavors. Yes the task is herculean, yes we have the biggest enemy between our own ears, telling us to do something more comfortable all the time, but the ones who mute this voice are the ones capable of achieving the zenith of productivity.

Here are 6 simple to read but difficult to apply steps which can help you galvanize ourselves into more efficacious forms and pursue your ambitions with an iron will and a monk like dedication,

1. Gain Self credibility, it fuels self confidence– Self credibility is a vital ingredient in molding you into the best form of yourself. It enhances self confidence which forms the core of your personality. If you have a strong core you don’t need much more. Only you can improve your self credibility (no number of Facebook likès or retweets will do it for you)Here is how to proceed. Don’t fail yourself, fulfill all promises you make to yourself, big or small. There might be infinite extrinsic and intrinsic factors preventing you from undertaking a new activity, following your routine or just getting out of bed. But if you fail yourself once you get into the habit of failing yourself again and again. This becomes a chronic disease impairing self credibility. But you can always start afresh, and promise yourself to fulfill all your promises from today.

2. Devote yourself unconditionally– You will have to eradicate the urges wanting you to divert your attention to a more comfortable task. Then and only then would you be able to devote yourself unconditionally. Devotions to an objective implies unrestricted attention to the task at hand with no scope for distraction. Even if satan himself comes in front of you and nominates you for ice bucket challenge, you cant let your mind wander. If you make a habit of treating trivial tasks sacredly, then this acquired trait of yours will assist you in bigger battles automatically.

3. Learn like life is an endless lecture– Even if you become the master of an art there is always scope for improvement. Successful completions should not be the solitary function of pursuing any goal. The path is as important as the destination. The lessons learned through the struggle not only help you optimize your approach but more importantly nurture you for future endeavors.

4. Share what you learn like you have too much on your plate– The brilliance our race doesn’t lie in co-existence, but its beauty is reflected in how it can evolve together. There is something you can learn from everyone, by sharing what you know, you are opening the door to what the other person can share with you. You have to be the bigger person and be selfless enough to not expect anything in return. But this is a risk worth taking because you can end up learning the one thing mixing from your jigsaw of success.

5. Don’t run from problems, you aren’t Usain Bolt and even he had a problematic year– Invite your problems over for tea instead of running from them. An when they are busy feasting on the delicious cookies of your fear, you split them in two like a ninja. Many a times you delay solving a minor problem till it swells into a storm and then you are incapable of handling this storm. It is vital to act early and stop the storm from brewing. Problems are common its how fast you discover, assess and  terminate that saves your time and energy.

6. Don’t look at the fruits before you start the climb– Every activity has some mesmeric magic attached to it, you shouldn’t undertake it for what you would get out of it, you should just do it for the magic. If you workout only for results, you will need some satisfying. But if you enjoy working out, you will sooner or later achieve everything what you want out from your body. Your enthusiasm shouldn’t only be limited to that elusive moment of achievement, otherwise you wont enjoy the little moment that lead you there. Take the activity as a reward and see your productivity sore.

7. Reload– The chaotic nature of existence wont always allow things to go as per plans. Hence when things don’t work out, don’t develop a relationship with gravity, being down for too long will only waste time. Time which could be more productively utilized. Keeping this in mind, the faster you reload from you emptiness

These, at first, would be like following any new activity out of your comfort zone. The sooner you learn to adapt to discomforts, the more productive you will be. Once you overcome the difficulty of initiation, you will be able to reap the benefits of approaching any task, work projects, fitness regime, health plan, educations, optimally.

Being mindful of these tips would not only help you be more productive but also augment your resolve and turbo charge your conviction. Have a Good Day.

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Another day in paradise

At times we overlook, at times we over-expect, at times we are so consumed by our conceptions that we don’t think straight, and when we are not too busy wasting our times lamenting, we appreciate.

Seek the best in everyone you meet,the lesson in every mistake you make and you will be in a perpetual subliminal paradise. Make this a habit and see the world manifest into a better form.

Expecting others to change is ordinary and wont get you far. Showing them the way, by first changing yourself is what you’ll do, if you have an ounce full of functional neurons and expect any returns for the energy you expend.

Our paradise should be defined by our perception and not by how the world acts. Though social conundrums are unavoidable but your response, or the lack of it, to them is within your control. Easier said than done but that’s what growing up teaches you.

Mondays seem to suck most from a working individuals energy levels, the initiation of another weeks grind seems to impair perception and renders the paradise lost.


Monday blues? its just another way for fools, who use days as an excuse, to live a life out of clue. The very few, who are on passionate pursuits, realize its less about the work you do, and more about enjoying each day and all of its hues.

Alacrity is so scarce in this apathy stricken world, that every earnest attempt at diffusing hope into the hopelessness is questioned and resented. But I hope this electronic diffusion helps people take a break from stress induced mundane dispositions, and be more grateful for the gift of life.

Dont be a prisoner to quotidian struggles, its called life, take a deep breath and Savour another day in paradise.

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