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6 ways to rally back

Life is one of those treasures you cant be too selfish with. You are born with an abundance of talents and time. These gifts are given to you by destiny, without putting any effort for them, so its most suitable that you spend them selflessly. If you intend to safeguard your share of resources till the end of time, you will still die in destitution. Choose to share your gifts with the world and you will find others who are willing to do the same with you.


Yes you will lose, you will feel dispirited and cheated. This will fill your mind with doubts and alter your perception of life and sharing. But if you let such situations take control of your mind you are more inclined to live a self centered life which will steal you from the mystic joy of benefiting others life. So, it becomes really important to rally back when the chips are down, to muster your mental troupes when you are being invaded with negativism so as to maintain the spirit of contribution.

Taking the blows and fighting back

Life might baffle you when you  least expect it, you might be at the top of your game at the pinnacle of peace but randomness will catch you off guard. The psychological implications of being pushed off the perch are very damaging. It feeds of your desire to succeed and relegates you to the pits of depression. This significantly affects your will to contribute as well.



Maintaining ones sanity in times of distress and learning to rally back from defeats is more important now than ever. It is not the ones who punch the hardest, but the ones who can get punched hardest and still keep fighting who ultimately win the fight.

Our generation is a successful one, but success comes from taking risks and risks wont work in your favor all the time. At times the rub of the green wont go your way and your habit of success will be dented. You can choose to accept defeat and retreat, living an introverted lifestyle, or rally back every time you fail. Here are 6 things which will help you rally back:

1. Stop living as a consequence– Most people don’t look beyond the failure. They are so consumed by a loss that they spend their lives as a consequence. The first thing you have to do when you intend to rally back is to mute the noises telling you to rue your ill fate and missed opportunities.  With every passing moment you miss a chance to finally turn it around.

2. Don’t over glamorize a loss/failure–  Instincts might command you to have your plate full of sympathy when you lose or fail but instead of wasting time over glamorizing your loss you should utilize it trying to get yourself out of the whole. Yes it hurts to fall but don’t over dramatize this hurt as if the world has ended, seeking sympathy would impair your ability to rally back.

3. Don’t run with a broken ankle– Some of you want to get out of trouble too fast. You might sprain get your ankle sprained but you would want to immediately get back to sprinting and consequently injure yourself further . Your defeated mind craves immediate vindication this ends up with you inflicting further damage on yourself. Failure hinders with your capacity to think normally, you cant expect yourself to make important decisions under this trauma. You are better off recuperating your thought process using mental crutches before the next assault.


4. Steady steps instead of strides– To claw yourself out of the ditch of sorrow, you need steady steps rather than strides. Accept your mistakes, analyse your errors and enhance your skill set before you rally back. A stabilized strategy scores over a haphazard attack. Accommodate more variables than you previously did so that you don’t repeat mistakes. Approach every step with respect but without fear.

5. Rebound with unstoppable enthusiasm– Once you rid yourself from the hangover of the fall, its time to channelize all your energies and unleash all your energy in the pursuit of recapturing the lost glory. Strike your dreams with a force so powerful that the end products of such a blast, echo across eternity as tales and legends.


6. You can fulfill your dreams but never fulfill your potential– At times when you lose you might think of it as a signal that you have accomplished enough. Never be fooled by this as you can fulfill your own dreams but there are a lot of other dreams you can help fulfill. Your potential is infinite, when you think you have surpassed your own dreams think about how you can contribute to the lives of others.

Your spirit is not meant to be caged and deprived of fulfilling its true potential. You might not win all the wars but if you are willing to rally back every time you fall you might just win this battle of life.

Have a good day!




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6 ways to suppress lethargy

Lethargy is the predecessor of unfulfilled potential and unrealized dreams. You are capable of the extraordinary but your inability to outwit your own laziness obstructs your rise to greatness. You might have all the ingredients catapulting you to the verge of glory, but your inertia of rest would make this glory elusive.

lethargyYou cant spend your lives sleeping on special talents. Just like it will be odd seeing a super hero spend his life cleaning toilets or washing dishes. With all dues respect to these tasks, the superhero will be severely undermine his true potential if he undertakes such ordinary pursuits. Your ability of overcoming lethargy is fundamental to the fruition of your latent potential.

Warriors in a never ending battle

Yes we are all warriors fighting an unseen enemy every moment of our lives. This invisible enemy camouflages behind vices and comforts,  ready to take advantage of any slip ups. Being a warrior is a full time assignment, the enemy waits at your door, waiting for the slightest opportunity to destroy your palace of dreams and subjecting you to an inferior life. At times this enemy comes in the form of an incapacitating resistance which paralyzes your progress called Lethargy.

You can either succumb to this enemy or you change this resistance which resists you from changing.


Lethargy is like an intangible virus capable of taking over you if you allow it. It is like Medusa’s gaze, impairig all action and turning you into an immovable stone. Here are some ways to paralyze this resistance before this resistance paralyzes you:

  1. Use a dynamite to stimulate dynamism– Shock yourself into action. The slide of comforts is very appealing but if you can muster the courage and thrust into initial action, you are well on your way to perpetual dynamism. The initial burst of inspiration should be such that it serves as a benchmark for every endeavor you undertake later..
  2. Waking up by putting your anxieties to sleep– The fear of action assists lethargy as it involves indulging in the unknown. The anxiety of doing something new is enough to prevent you from acting at all. Rather than running away from these anxieties wake up to them. You can only do away with the anxiety related to a task by going ahead and doing it. This will not only help you in the current task but put you in good stead for all future endeavors
  3. Surprising the comfortable routine- You should consciously make the effort of breaking your routine periodically. Flowing with the same routine for too long puts you in a comfort zone which over a period of time builds a bubble around you. You become limited by this bubble and end up believing that anything out of it is beyond you. Don’t let the bubble build by purposefully going out of your comfort zone once in a while.lethargy
  4. Inspiring yourself beyond indolence- You are dead lying when you face deadlines. Lethargy feeds on your energy paralyzing you comletely. Unless you make a conscious effort to cancel this paralysis, you will submerge deeper into it. Realize that this indolence curbs you from serving your purpose, pursuing your aspirations and actualizing your dreams. Keep yourself energized by an eye on the prize. Appreciate the opportunity that you have, by being born without any handicap. Make the most of your existence. Have so much strength of purpose that you never give in to lethargy.Never wait for someone or something to come and show you the way, be inspired as it will keep you on your toes.
  5. Lethargy is just a hurdle in a race against time– You are already in a race against time. On your pursuit of significance in this ephemeral life, lethargy is one of the hurdles. You can either learn to jump over these hurdles or freeze before them. Your choice will determine whether you lived a life worth living or wasted the most greatest gift of all.
  6. Setting up accountability– Only when you are truly accountable will you find out the difference between lethargy and exhaustion. Lethargy precedes action, while exhaustion follows it. Set up accountability among a few friends or even certain successful personalities, who become your benchmark for hard work. These people will keep you in check by reminding you when you are being lethargic.

The world will keep spinning, time waits for none, you can either spend your time pursuing your dreams or waste it being lazy. :Lethargy will delay your success and deprive you from fulfilling your true potential. Gain control of lethargy before it makes you lose control of your life. You are here to participate and add flavor to a super reality don’t waste your life with insipid lethargy.


Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
Fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

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6 ways to handle the super charged brain

Evolution has benefited us with millions of progressive adaptations since the beginning of time. Earlier we were only molded by nature but gradually humans created and adapted to changes for their own betterment. The printing press lead to a thought Rennaissance in the 15th century, the industrial revolution was another thought upgrade in the 19th century. Now, we find ourselves in the midst of another upgrade, a digital revolution, where perspectives are being molded, behaviors are being altered, and new ways of thinking developed and acquired.

Although the human mind has always adapted for its betterment, but in this latest phase of evolution, there are a few factors which indicate that all changes might not be productive. The advantages of the digital revolution and its impact on us has been immense but more and more cases of stress, exhaustion, lethargy along with physical disabilities surface as this evolutionary phase matures.

The Juggle trouble

The modern world demands the brain to be in a state of super charge all throughout. It has a constant supply of data for every waking moment. From the moment you wake up you are flooded with emails, messages, social media updates etc. The sheer volume and variance of this data leaves the brain no choice but to multitask.



The day starts with receiving, analyzing and reasoning information from every sphere of life. These include emails about the next project, news and everyone’s opinions about these news, the smartest meme of whats trending, updates about an old friends engagement and his sudden celebrity status, the online monks posting pictures of positivism,  the deceiving pictures from a distant friends party, scores from the late night sports, these along with the remnants of the unnecessary conversation you had before sleeping and some candy crush requests.

By the time you get out of bed an hour later, you are decoding the mysteries of some of these stories while discovering newer ones. The breakfast seems to be a distraction to the above but you somehow manage to rush your way through it. Just like you somehow manage to rush your way through the rest of the day.

The brain tends to juggle many jobs at any point, the endless feed of information ensures that there is something more exciting lined up. This has resulted in a shortening of attention spans, where people seem to be bored too easily and want something new every moment. It has also lead to focuslessness, where the mind seems to wander for something better when you try to focus on an important task.


Managing the Super charge

A state of perpetual super charge leads to exhaustion and illnesses, The need to control oneself is more now than ever. Only then will you be able to reap the benefits of the digital evolution and not be led astray by it.

Here are 6 ways to control your super charged brain and your lives in the modern digital setting:

1. Slow it down– The super charged brain will never rest until you make it, your environment encourages its super chargedness and if you let it slide, it will stay super charged and then burn you out. Take control of your brain and slow things down. When you slow it down, you tend to observe more, be more efficient and less distracted.


2. Realigning focus– Distractions are more always testing your focus. They come in the form of the most alluring news that will change your life or the most anticipated message when you are doing the most important task. When you come across such a distraction, notice it and then let it pass. It will be excruciatingly difficult at the start like any other habit, but once you master it you will realign your focus automatically. It is impossible to not be distracted but realigning your focus is your most potent tool to combat distractions.

3. Choose and commit–  Controlling your urge to know everything and delaying it to a later time is very significant. You have to be able to consciously choose and commit to a task for long enough for it to accomplished. Sacrifice everything else which is less significant, when you commit to the task you choose.The energy of a super charged brain is being wasted if the effort is not sustained.

4. Be patient, anything substantial takes time– If you wait all your life for lucky breaks you will keep waiting. Anything substantial takes time and sustained effort. Your super charged brain will keep running helter skelter from one task to another without really completing anything and preventing you from doing justice to any. This will be detrimental to your chances of succeeding in the longer run. Go against the flow of the universe and re-inculcate patience. You will be better prepared to handle your super charge brain.

5. Indulge in more traditional hobbies- Your work, your play and most of your life is spent online, Traditional hobbies like hiking, cycling, playing outdoor games and swimming are too inconvenient when more entertaining and engaging things are a few clicks away. As compared to the more traditional hobbies the internet keeps your mind working at full throttle even when you take a break. Hobbies serve as an escape from usual activities, if you spend this time doing what you usually do they serve no purpose.

6. Digital Exile- Exile yourself from all technology for a specific time frame. This will enable you to re align your mind to whats necessary and refresh your super charged brain. This may be beyond the realms of possibility for some of you, and you might have all sorts of reasons to justify yourself, that signifies the extent of your technodependence.

The mind is forced to acclimatize to the vastness of data it receives every moment. Hence a super charged nature has to be maintained. Although it might enlarge the receptive paradigm temporarily but it causes multiple problems in the long run. Hence it has become a necessity to tame your minds so that they can function efficiently in the long run and focus on what is really important.



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6 ways to help you build a charismatic aura

Imagine possessing an aura so palpable that your mere presence would inspire people to discover their perfection. Imagine holding the power to absorb all the negativism around you and recycle it into something progressive. Imagine having the midas’s touch to galvanize ordinary people into golden avatars, who shine to illuminate the lives of others.


Here are 6 ways to help you build a charismatic aura:

1. Find harmony within yourself and then with the world around– “But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he lead?” Albert Camus emphasizes the importance of harmony in order to enhance happiness. Happiness being one of the prime constituents of a charismatic identity conveys that you have fewer complaints about your own life and hence more to contribute to the betterment of others.  This altruistic feeling subconsciously extends to your surroundings, attracting people wherever you go.

2. Be calm and contended to the bone– There should be an evidence of soulful elation in your visage which should trickle down through your body up to the tip of your toe. Only then will you be able to grab and hold the attention of people around you. Your voice and mannerisms vary involuntarily depending on how you feel. Till the time you aren’t both calm and contented to your bones, the spark wont show in your demeanor.

3. Chase every aspiration with a relentless obsession – Be the benchmark for hard work and perseverance, people believe their eyes more than their ears. If you pay attention to every detail and focus on every trivial task, you will not only go closer to your ambitions but inspire others to do the same.  Don’t be too charmed by ephemeral ecstasy or too harmed by momentary misery, be relentlessly obsessed in your pursuit. This obsessive energy will transcend your body and diffuse all around you.

4. Find Dharma in your Karma– Treat every task that you undertake as a discipline. Be grateful for having the chance to do what you do, respect every trivial aspect of the job at hand and find dharma in your karma. This will enrich you with a dedication so powerful that you will overwhelm everyone who sees you pursue your dreams. The contagious nature of this overwhelming dedication will automatically influence people without you having to say a word. Displaying the power of a charismatic aura.

5. See the satisfied cat when you spill milk– To radiate awesome you need boundless optimism. You will have to find ways, even indulge in the art of deception to take people’s mind off their temporary struggles, and show them the bright lights of the future. For this you will need to practice optimism yourself. Look at the brighter side of every situation, don’t cry over spilt milk, but be happy that the cat got an extra treat. When you yourself  discover hope you will be able to make others find hope too. The luminescence from your aura will serve as the guiding lights for people trying to escape the dark prisons of despair.

6. Don’t crave attention, but embrace affection– Let attention be a by product and not the basis of your actions. If your sole aim is to gain attention, your desperation will initiate anti charisma mode. You might get the momentary hi(high) but your aura will never project charisma. While attention is what you demand affection is what you receive without making a focused effort. Embrace good wishes as it adds to the satisfaction of your soul, which as you know  propels your aura to the charismatic zone.


Charisma is the the fragrance of your soul which enables you to mesmerize everyone around you just like flowers, who alter moods and attract the wickedest of souls with their redolence. The flowers are naturally gifted but you need to maximize your natural gifts so as to establish your charismatic aura. Be grateful for your gifts and smile from the soul, you will trigger providence to mold you into your best form, confident, caring and charismatic.

These lines regarding Napolean Bonaparte, spoken by one of his generals, throw light on the power that a charismatic personality possesses:

That devil of a man exercises a fascination on me that I cannot explain even to myself, and in such a degree that,though I fear neither God nor devil, when I am in his presence I am ready to tremble like a child, and he could make me go through the eye of a needle to throw myself into the fire.

Have a Charismatic day.



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6 ways to persist beyond resistance

All you have to do is outlast your own resistance, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Resistance may make its presence felt in enumerable ways and forms, all you have to do is to take your focus from the obstacles to the solutions, bear with the temporary pain and persist when the going gets tough.

If you manage to persist, at times avoiding and at others digesting the hazardous impact of fear,failure,criticism and complaint, which comes your way, there is nothing in this world to stop you from surpassing your achievements and establishing a legacy.



You don’t need super human talent to achieve your objectives, may it be starting a new business, changing an old habit, trying to shed some extra fat or gain some muscle, all you need is a vision and the tenacity to never accept defeat.

You will see how you get better with every failed attempt. You will develop mental and physical skills to dodge obstacles when you face them for the second time. You will expand beyond your own means making tasks which appeared herculean turn effortless. All of this will only be possible only if you can persist for long enough.

The initial pursuit of an earnest objective is always rosy, your vision of a better future fuels your initial surge. Your confidence grows for the first few days but soon you discover how far you actually are from what you pursue. At this point your faith dwindles, motivation crumbles, and energy enervates.You find yourself in the grasp of resistance.

Although this resistance lasts forever but it is typically ferocious in the initial part, making you more likely to quit. Here are 6 ways to get out of the grasp of this initial lethargy and persist till you achieve your objectives and even further:

1. Don’t give resistance the upper hand, overcome the inertia of lethargy–  Don’t fill your plate with too much initially, the more difficult you make your routine the more chances you have of finding an excuse of not following it. I have seen people at the gym with extensive workout patterns lasting for hours, which appears exciting initially but then I see these people complaining, being irregular and finally giving up.

Overcome the inertia of lethargy gently, complexity might add to it. If you want to achieve too much too soon, you give resistance the upper hand, it will feed off the complexity of your routine and never allow you to get into a habit

2. Build self credibility by making it a ritual– It is essential to build credibility in your own eyes. This can be done by making a small daily commitment in accordance with your goal and following it until it becomes a habit. You can then proceed to gradually adding to this small commitment. Look at it as a small daily ritual which you have to accomplish at all costs. Do it till you cant do without it.

Don’t give your any excuses to miss out on the daily ritual for a week and you will reduce your chances of quitting remarkable.

3. Set a time and place – Set a particular time and place for the daily ritual in pursuit of your dream. If it is about fitness you should be at the same gym at the same time everyday. You might not even work out but get into the habit of showing up at the same time everyday. If it is about work, show up at your desk at the same time at the same place everyday. There shouldn’t be any distraction big enough to prevent you from showing up at the specific place at the specific time.

When you set yourself a time and place you build the pillars of persistence. When you show up on your desk or at the gym at the allotted time beating the inertia of rest, comforts and lethargy, you make a statement of intent towards your goal, this sends shivers down resistance’s spine.

4. Get inspired– Instead of wasting your time snapping and chatting or indulging in worthless banter, (which indicates that you are entrapped by resistance) utilize your time and resources to read and view other success stories. Most of them will have a similar pattern, one where the person became successful because he persevered when other more gifted, talented and educated people wasted their time. He persevered even when he failed, he persevered through hail, thunder, lightning and storm. He persevered till he outlasted resistance and time glazed him with the coating of a champion.


Watch videos, read stories, find the time to appreciate and chat with persevering people around you, find out what keeps them going, what they believe in and use this to nourish your mentality.

5. Compete with the mirror– Resistance cannot be exterminated, it can only be controlled by your ability to persist. Resistance will knock at your door perpetually, waiting for that little gap when you let things slide, so that it can poison you with comforts, lethargy and empty satisfactions. Persistence then becomes a full time job, which can only be accomplished if you compete with the mirror, yourself.

Never rest on your laurels or bask in your accomplishments, don’t stop bettering your records even if you thwart outside competition, be motivated to do better instead of quitting when you lose, this will put you in an endless loop of improvement. If you look to improve yourself each day, you will easily persist beyond your resistance.


6. Make it an obsession– If you are not obsessed about your dream, you will never be able to generate the emotional energy to persist beyond resistance. Resistance is like an unstoppable force, which can only be kept at bay through an unshakable will. This would require a super human effort, thus the conscious mind, with all its logic will not be much of an aid. You will have to dig deep down inside and take your dream to the core of your heart, activate your subconscious so that it can empower you with all the tools to persist and stand strong against resistance.

Make it an obsession so wild that your eyes communicate the fire which burns inside you, only then will you manage to go the full distance and beat resistance to it.

If you take your dreams seriously you need to make a habit of persisting beyond obvious discomforts, overcome the inertia of lethargy and redefining your limits on a daily basis. Resistance might try to sabotage your dreams, but its your duty to fight for them, persist with your efforts and you will be blessed with the heavenly fruits of your hard work.

Have a good day.




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