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6 ways to live with fear

Blessed are those who can see their fear pass the ones who protect their dreams and outlast,

Who bare with the chill in their spine, who take control rather than run away or whine.

Who act despite of the cold sweat on their brow, who believe that life is only right here and right now,

Blessed are those who don’t forsake their dreams when the going gets tough, when you conquer fear you never give up cause you catch your weak minds bluff.

Fear is an unavoidable by-product of the process of living. Fear strangely is an ingredient in the recipe of success. Those who achieve anything in life were fearful once, they managed to live with this fear without letting it control their destinies This was the difference between them and the others who gave in to fear and were molded by it.

Fear divides your identity into two parts, the ordinary and the extra ordinary. Everyone acquires certain fears as they grow up, the more logical they become the more they seem to find out what all to avoid. Thereby subconsciously conditioning themselves to avoid making mistakes, to the extent of being afraid of making them,

What this leads to is an ordinary lifeless life, with little fulfillment and a lot of excuses. The earlier you discover and face your fear, the more likely you are of overcoming it. But when you let it grow this fear feeds off on your ambitions and makes you settle for stable instead of success.

As time passes you start avoiding things you fear, not knowing that these are the very things you actually want. Fear paralyses your mind and punctures your spirit, relegating you to accept what life gives you rather than realizing your true purpose.

Here are 6 ways that have helped me live with fear, acknowledge it but let dictate my life:

  • Participate in life fear Being a mere spectator will make you knowledgeable but what is knowledge without experience. Experience the abundance that comprises are cosmos and  you will empower yourself to face everything spontaneously, rather than just procrastinating and leaving the door open for fear to enter. Rather than straining your brain on devising strategies and plans, take the leap of faith and respond to what life brings your way.
  • Cultivate courage– Fear cant be eradicated, but can be crippled with courage. Courage has to be cultivated by persisting beyond the pain, surviving beyond the strain, surrounding yourself with people who are stronger than you rather than those who only add to your fear.  Once you learn to live with fear you wont let it dictate the course of your life. Make yourself stronger in the face of fear by never giving in to it, with time you would have cultivated enough courage to look forward to your next battle with fear.
  • Don’t beware, be aware– Time and society teach you to be more careful, as a result with age you develop limiting beliefs and phobias. You become less open to change and so cautious that life comes to a stand still.  Sad are those lifeless lives which spend themselves way before their time is done. Learn to be more aware with every breathing moment. Awareness will give you the confidence to act spontaneously. Meditate, silence your brain for certain times daily, let your instincts take over, replenish your will to combat the unrelenting fear which cripples your spontaneity.
  • Believe in the beauty of the cosmos  fearWhen you sit and think about it , you will understand that we inhabit a mere spec of dust in the universal storm, which has the perfect conditions to support life. We are lucky to find ourselves here, and the energy that is responsible for getting us here is powerful enough to guide us through life, teaching us the lessons we need to learn and making us fulfill our purposes. It is when you lose belief in yourself, and the energy which comes from the soul of the universe, that you start taking stupid decisions based on fearful logic.  Believe in the abundant energy around you and let it fill you up with so much belief that you are willing to go beyond accepted norms while chasing your passions. Be guided by the universe not by fear.
  • Never fail to try new things– The most vital tool one can develop to fight fear is the ability to always try something new without thinking too much about the consequences. When you try new activity you see yourself evolve in the particular task. You see how you grow as you adapt to the changes involved in pursuing the particular activity. You see how you get the hang of tasks which appeared unthinkable till not so long ago. This gives you the confidence to face life fearlessly as you are in tune with accommodating for variable change. You don’t need to plan and give life a chance to surprise you.
  • If you can’t find an angel, be one fear Most people look for an external source, a motivator, an angel to help them face,fight and overcome their fears. But why cant you cultivate enough courage to not only help yourselves but others who are looking for angels. People are inspired to chase their dreams when they see other people around them do the same. So remember by fighting your fears you are not only helping yourself but also assisting others who struggle with fear.  Inspiring others is reason enough to keep working at your art despite of repetitive failure, it also helps you keep going further even when you have achieved your objectives.

The ones who speculate, trying to forecast which way life will go never get rid of the fear of the unknown. It is impossible to avoid the situations which life can create, the list of variables is infinitely long for a human to account for. So, rather than further fueling your fear by planning to avoid fear all your life, immerse yourself into things you don’t like doing, this will surely make you grow into the fearless soul you were born to be. Fear never dies, you just need to keep it on a leash.




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6 ways how nature helps you hack life

An awakened mind learns more from the smallest things in nature, enlightenment then is not a destination but a means of understanding life better. The enlightened one is empowered with a superior receptivity, an understanding which sets him apart from common perception.

Most of us have similar patterns of living, yet some of us notice things that others don’t. This is a result of an inner awakening which doesn’t alter the surroundings but finds newer meanings from similar things.

Nature for me is the best teacher. If you find time to observe it, you learn many lessons that books and institutes don’t teach. The unlimited scope of knowledge at your disposal is easily ignored because of fast paced lives and the struggle for survival. But the ones who rid themselves from this daily rat race will acknowledge the scope of therapeutic natural secrets and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Here are six ways how nature helps you hack life :

1. The exuberance of birds and bees instills joy into reality- The chirpy birds and buzzing bees can only be heard in the backdrop of horns, shouts and noise these days. Usually they are perceived as disturbances on a lazy morning, but when one comes to think of it, they not only provide a relief from mechanical noise but also indicate the excitement present in these little souls and how they celebrate each moment of their limited lives.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives– You don’t need too much to be excited, you can be happy with whatever is around you.


2.  The stillness of plants and trees renders calmness to your sense of being- At time life demands you to run and at others you just need to be still. The latter part has almost become impossible due to the enumerable distractions of the modern world. Plants and trees carry on with their daily responsibilities, of sustaining life, without expecting much in return.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives-When you feel restless , craving attention, excitement, doing whatever it is that you do, just observe the simplicity with which a tree operates all its daily responsibilities. Its selfless stillness will help you keep calm and simplify life.


3. The well orchestrated natural systems which supports life, show us the unconditional love which nature provides– Many small things systems align in the most perfect order to make life possible. The night and day cycle, the water cycle, the weather, wind system, solar system, all contribute towards making this life possible for humans who don’t have to do anything to deserve this gift. Its natures unconditional love which makes life possible and you being
a part of nature should strive to radiate as much unconditional love as possible.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives- You don’t always need a reason or motive to do something good to someone, just like nature doesn’t need a reason to make this life possible for you. Go one make a day, make someone happy beyond measure without expecting anything in return.

4. There is a new day after every calamity, there is no permanent pathos, makes you realize that there is always clarity after the chaos- Nature has a way of bouncing back from calamities, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and asteroids, have always obstructed life but never terminated it. Most calamities are man made but nature does its best to help humans recover from these and for itself and the human race to progress.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives– In life you will come across many problems, you will suffer from the consequences of someone else’s mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you give up. Beyond the chaos in your life, will live clarity, don’t give up on yourself just like nature gives up on you.

hack life3

5. The abundant joys at offer regardless of the pollution humans cause, teaches us a thing about love and accepting people with all their flaws- Yes you play a pivotal role in polluting the world(collective responsibility as a race) . Air, water, wind and though pollution all stem from us humans. But irrespective of all our attempts to sabotage natural life, we wake to a bright sun every new day.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives- When nature offers you all its gifts without partiality why do you judge and fail to accept people as they are. Love unconditionally, spread the magic which is inside your soul.


6. The mesmeric aesthetic  surprises we get when we least expect inspires us to do good to others without regret– Nature never seizes to amaze you with its magnificence. When you least expect it, nature uncovers one of its enumerable aesthetic surprises like a sunset when you are travelling, a gentle breeze when you are sweating, unexpected rain when its hot. nature has the knack of perfectly placing one of its beautiful surprises in front of you when you need some cheering up, or need to be inspired.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives-Be a source for such magnificence for others. Shine and illuminate the lives around you, surprise people with your goodness, make the sad ones smile, the angry laugh, add to the happiness of the lives around you without wanting a medal for it .

Although these things are pretty obvious but the rat race doesn’t allow us to take our attention to notice and act on the subliminal lessons of nature.

Hope you can unearth some of your own life lessons that nature brings to you in varied ways. If you are keen on listening nature will speak to you, so try to listen carefully. If you are keen on seeing nature will show you ways of improving your lives, so see carefully. Charge yours senses and you will discover enumerable lessons around you, which will help you lead a fruitful life.

If you can harness your energies and re-calibrate your view, you will be able to notice that nature has embedded within it many hidden clues, You can either spend your life ignoring these like a fool or awaken yourself and utilize these to create a better you. 

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6 ways of burning out the burn out

Everyone is tested, the strongest go through phases of weakness, the fittest fall ill, the optimists fall victims of doubt, lovers become haters and the helpful become helpless. Burn outs are an unavoidable part of the modern lifestyle, it is then imperative to prepare oneself for the impending burn out rather than be dumbfounded when it hits you.

Life has the unique ability of testing your resolve, irrespective of how big, strong, happy and rich you are. Even the most contended hearts, stable minds, fit bodies and effervescent souls aren’t immune to the tests of time. No matter who you are you will have that one miserable day, how you respond to it will define the rest of your life.

I have been keeping myself fit for more than 7 years now, and rarely have I missed my training schedule at the gym or spared myself from a no nonsense diet over this phase. Yet last Wednesday, I was lying in bed neither fully asleep nor fully awake, my body in perpetual pain and mind in unrest. I was developing a new symptom of illness every other hour. It started from the throat, went to the muscles and skin to swelling on my fingers and finally to my head and spirit.

I usually consider myself quite inspired but I couldn’t find the inspiration to leave my room or look for remedies. This BURN OUT had burnt me out, and I was too dispirited to get out of it. So I kept sliding, my health went from bad to worse and my thoughts followed suit. After 5 days of suffering, I realized the only way of surviving the burn out is to burn it out.

I thought it would be great to use my experience as a springboard to help others who face burn outs in different aspects of their lives.

Here are 6 ways of dealing with any kind of burn out, it could be stress, illness, depression or anything that pulls you back from enveloping yourself in joy and happiness:

1. Understand that Burnouts are a part of our lives

Life is a trick so at times you might stumble, you got to go through some pain in order to become you.

It is OK to feel a little off color at times. You cant work at a 100% efficient 24/7. Take the burn out in your stride and try to stick to your routine as much as possible. No one is excused from pain and suffering because thats what makes you appreciate normal life. .

2. Filter and moderate what comes your way

Yes you are gifted with wings, but you cant perpetually flutter,

When you just let things slide, you are headed for the gutter.

The modern world throws endless bits of information your way. Your mind processes at least 10000 more information than your grand father’s used to and even he had problems. With all this bombardment on your sub conscious,you are bound to feel perplexed even if you don’t recognize it consciously. Your responses to all the information overdose balls up till it divulges itself as a burnout. Be sure to filter the information you expose yourself to.

Burn out

3. Survive to fight another day

You wont be immortalized as a warrior when you fight a battle you are set to lose,

Sometimes surrendering in order to live to fight another day is your best move.

Yes we keep struggling till we have nothing left, we reach a stage when the burn out cripples are soul and every thing we see appears negative, it is better to recognize the signs of the storm and prepare rather than wait for it to hit you. Survive by assessing your state of being on a constant basis, don’t let yourself get carried away by the burn out because it is better prevented than cured.

4. Swallow the bitterness as you savor the sweetness

Good wont be good if it weren’t for the bad,

You got the gift of life, you enjoy when the ride is smooth, try to withstand when it drags.

You are lucky to be alive and be granted the opportunity to experience all the wonders of being alive. Keeping that in mind you should stand tall when the bad weather comes and don’t curse fate and time, because the same fate and time is responsible for making you experience this blissful life.

5. Build a repertoire of goodness for the bad times

The Love and care which roots from you comes back to you when you most need it.

By selflessly helping others in their time of need you can be rest assured that you wont be facing your burnout alone. There will be someone to take care of you if you have managed to be there for someone at sometime. Spread goodness and joy and you will be surprised at how the universe will come to your aid when you most need it, in the form of a friend, a message or a subtle change around you, enough for you to burn out the burn out.

6. Fighting fire with fire

At times when you think all is lost you got to fight fire with fire, its all about assimilating the spark of your soul, with the strong will of your brain and your hopeful heart full of desire.

Burn out

You wont get out of the rut until you want to. Burn outs compel you to submit to life’s miseries till you are completely destroyed. They are capable of altering your perception and damaging common thought process turning you against yourself, so the most useful trick for me while facing a burn out is to burn it out before it burns you out.

Be stubborn and strong when it seems all wrong, see the opportunity to add to your persona in the time of stress and depression, don’t let the burnout bog you down and make you miss out on the things you like to do.

Burn out the burn out before it burns you out.







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6 healthy changes to improve your life

Chasing stability you destabilize different facets of your life. You don’t even realize your ignorance till you are jolted with an impending consequence. Strokes, cancer, obesity, undernourishment, weakness, stress, depression  don’t just happen overnight. They are the result of years and years of ignorance.

Though the medical domain is well equipped to provide immediate solutions but these short term remedies are mere eye and pocket washes. The problem lies in your mindset, and if you are not willing to alter it you are bound to have a relapse.

Man chooses to forsake his most important responsibilities, taking care of himself, partly because the society promotes a blind chase for security and partly because he thinks these things will take care of themselves.

The viscous circle ends when all of his collected wealth and resources amount to nothing in front of the medical bill and even when he has the wealth he is not left with the health of body and mind to enjoy it.

I was introduced to this cycle very early in life, the hospital became a second home because of the deteriorating health of my parents. Years of genuine hard work, wasted on medicines, travel, fees and most of all the stress which cant be valued in money. Even after insurance covers the amounts you give away to chronic illnesses in cash and kind are more than the biggest fortunes.

So instead of living a stressful life to earn superfluous money which you will eventually spend to remove this piled up stress, and take more stress in the process, why not be a little mindful in undertaking everyday tasks. Why not live each day to the fullest, spend time maintaining a balanced lifestyle, taking care of the little things along with the larger ones, giving time to your health and happiness?

In lieu with this here are 6 healthy things you can do each day to ensure a balanced life:

1. Treat a bottle of water like your smart phone

water healthy
Water is the potion

What do you look at when you get up or just before sleeping? What is the one thing you never want to lose sight of? Well your smart phone offers you temporary distraction from reality but water offers your permanent solutions to ailments. You don’t have to use google to find out the benefits of water, for the ones with trust issues, you can go ahead, what you will see is that water is utilized in almost all of the bodies functions.

Water forms 60% of your body, if you take a sip of water every other minute you will be able to increase your water intake to up to 4.5 litres, which is much more than the requirement for the entire day.

20 ml sip * 15 times in an hour * 15 waking hours in day= 4.5 litres of water

Add this to the water you drink in the morning and night and that makes it much more than the required amount.

2. Lemons-aids


When life gives you lemons squeeze one into your glass of water in the morning and the other 2 into your bottle of water

Other than helping in digestion and developing immunityby providing vitamin C lemons help maintain your body pH. This means that they help control the damage that eating food does to your body. Lemons have a very mild citric acid which balances the Hcl in the body, reducing the acidity. There are many Benefits of a balanced body pH.

3. Sameness is lameness

Enjoy nuts and oats as much as you enjoy eating fish and goats, Your kitchen is much more than just mutton and chicken.

Variety is the spice of life. Most working people seldom have a choice of eating what they like, the ones who do are too hurried to care about what they eat. Modern day food is usually outsourced, but in all cases it has little to no variation to the previous day.

healthy food
sameness is lameness

Do yourself a favor and try to include a variety in your meals, meat eaters understand the relevance of roughage and carbohydrates, give fruits, oats and green veggies a chance. Vegetarians try to find sources of proteins like, sprouts, tofu, cheese. Ensure that you eat a well rounded diet comprising of fats, carbs and proteins throughout so that you don’t have to make reservations later.

4. Timing is everything

Everyone has a unique schedule in their lives, most of which is controlled by how and where they work. The 3 meal a day pattern offers no flexibility and leads to starvation and over eating at different times of the day. You should be more flexible with your eating schedule. Try to eat as many small meals during the day. This will not only lead to better digestion, but prevent you from over eating in the later half of the day.

Breakfast is served

Your breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, divide the rest of your day as per your schedule to take around 4-5 more meals. Ensure that your dinner is the lightest so that you don’t sleep feeling heavy.

Following heavily marketed dieting plans and eating super foods is a waste of time. They are too expensive to sustain for too long and people tend to think that they can temporary quit their fast paced lifestyle to detox. False, detoxification wont be require if you watch you eat from the start and time it properly.

5. Angels and demons

Here is a list of things you can avoid, the demons, they wont kill you immediately but regular and uncontrolled intake of these things will lead to ailments in the future. The demons you need to control include sugar, salt, simple carbohydrates, most saturated and unsaturated oils, spirits, smokes among others. The angels will keep you healthy and add to your health, honey, mono saturated oils( olive oil, canola oil), nuts ( Walnut, almonds), oats, complex carbohydrates(Oat meal), lean meat, lemon, fruits and green vegetables. This along with reading and researching to find out things by yourself so as to make your exclusive health plan form the angels.


6. Meditate, condition yourself to care

Mankind has reached a stage of evolution where he needs to re-learn the art of caring for himself. Your brains are so consumed with thinking that you seldom get a break to reassess your lives. So rather than waiting for the bomb to drop, spend at least 5 minutes every morning to shut your eyes and empty your mind. Once your mind is free from worldly worries you would find that you will start caring about the finer things in life like loving yourself and spreading happiness by adding to the lives of others.

Although it is very easy to make a list of things and very hard to follow it, these simple things can be easily followed. Prevention for sure as hell is better than cure. So please give yourself a chance to make a pit stop in this rar race to understand that even if you win the race you will remain a rat.

Stay happy, stay healthy, have a good day.



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6 ways to demagnetize your smartphone


It took me 27 minutes to actually start writing this article from the time I had made my mind to write it. How I spent the 27 minutes is the exact reason why I am writing the article. I, like most of you, posses the most magnetic device in this universe, a smartphone. A device which keeps you perpetually tantalized, diverting your attention from what is essential to what is comforting. Its high time that you demagnetize your smart phones and start governing your own thoughts and actions.

The smartphones are your entry into the virtual world. A world which offers distractions, distant comforts and an endless extravaganza of events and information which serves as an easy and pleasurable escape from the pressures of the real world. Your desire of being significant and your inquisitiveness to be the first to know, combine in a deadly manner to keep you glued on your smartphones forever because something interesting is always happening.

Although I myself struggle at times to cope with the hypnotic pull of the smart phone, but I discovered some tricks which might help you in diminishing if not eliminating this enchantment.

  1. Realizing your haplessness– Realization is the first step towards improvement. People fail to recognize their addiction till its too late. You can do this through a simple experiment. Switch off your phone over the weekend, your mood at the end of the day will make you realize your haplessness. You can only detach yourself from the magnetic flux once you are consciously aware of it.
  2. Dispelling the fear of the dark– Everyone fears the dark when you are alone but this fear fades when you are with someone. Life is similar. The journey seems joyful if you have company. Yet, you should understand that your fear of being alone shouldn’t compel you to make desperate digital decisions. Understand that all your fears are nothing more than mind tricks. Dont base significant decisions with an ever lasting effect on such mind tricks.
  3. Its too late to renounce– The digital world has closely entwined personal and professional life. The same phone you use to crack big deals and make presentations can be used to idle away time endlessly, the same phone which is responsible for your progress can lead you to wasting away your life, the same phones which connect you to family and friends also connect you to the entire world. As a result initiating a complete digital detox becomes a precarious objective, not one for the weak at heart and will. Completely renouncing your phone is not conducive in the long run,what you need to do is rid yourself of the dependence on these devices, so that you can get to decide when you use them rather than the other way round.                                                                                                                              smartphone
  4. Initiating the customized digital detox-  Asses your priorities without a comfort-ability bias. This will help you create a digital detox plan where you are both connected with the absolutely essential parts of your life and at the same time testing yourself to resist the temptations of the digital disco. You have to prioritize connectivity with family and work, and attempt to absolutely ignore everything else.
  5. Refrain from answering the night calls– The urge to know more and feel connected is at its peak before a person goes to sleep. The brain seems to resent your attempts of resting it by becoming over active. As a result most people involve themselves in aimless social media knowledge gathering or useless conversations just before sleeping. The lure is too enticing and before you know it, you welcome the rising sun before sleeping. Your smartphone is at its most majestic magnetic at night, don’t answer these nightcalls, switch it off and rest your brain.
  6. Revisit yester years to resurrect realer hobbies– Yes the web of virtual hobbies is severe obstacle in your attempts of gaining control over your smartphones. A smart choice now is to go back to your younger years and bring back realer hobbies like a sport, stamp collection, star gazing or maybe actually meeting friends and relatives.

The modern meditation


Gone are the times when people were independent enough to spend hours controlling and conditions their thoughts. The modern methods of meditations involve resisting the magnetic pull of the mobile for as long as you can. You might think you are ahead of the pack in your battle with this addiction but try this modern method of mediation to find out for yourself. Ridding yourself of the pull of the magnetic mobile is not as easy at appears, try to meditate in the modern way and you might empower yourself to indulge in the more traditional ways.

Men made machine as a companion but finds himself enslaved by it. It doesn’t make sense to slay your companion but you can learn to live with it. At the end of the day, its the frailties in your character and not the magnetism of the machine which pulls you towards it.

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