Casper the Alien meets Bumblebee the Spirit : The Beginning

The little Alien had a mother who watched scary movies, the little Spirit had a father who loved the Transformers, and so they were named.

and there they were, originating cosmic dimensions apart,  but meeting  under the small ant hill in  the foothills of the Himalayas.  While Aliens and Spirits could sense each other they seldom communicated. This was the rare occasion that a rendezvous was made possible.

Casper had landed at an ancient space portal because of a dysfunctional spaceship,  aliens had lost hope with Earthlings long back and the few who visited only came to check if they were not up to something that will lead to major energy  damage to the cosmos.

While Bumblebee was using the ant hill to try and send signals to his Earth family through ants. He had been waiting to climb the levels of the spirit world but was waiting for some earthly rites to be performed. Through the ants he was trying to make his earthly relatives less lazy, so that they could move a bit and think on the lines of working on the farm he passed away at.  A fresh harvest of rice was all  that he needed to redeem himself.

(They didn’t use words to communicate , so at times the explanations in English would be long, it’s difficult to put intra -dimensional language in words. )

What both realized was that both of them connected to the cosmic spirit that binds all dimensional life forms on the cosmos, even human.s.

Just like any cosmic gossip goes the alien and the spirit talked about the person who couldn’t be humanly present, Humans.

Humans, who were significant contributors to Cosmic Energy but weren’t aware of the same. Humans who had sedated their conscious capacities over time, humans who through this conversation can learn some aspects of life and start living again.


Alien and SPIRIT  discuss modern Earth

Casper; They weren’t like this all throughout their little history.  Who would have thought that Human intelligence and wisdom will be inversely related.  Their knowledge enhancement has severely damaged their inner wisdom and awareness.

BB: Trust me bro, i know. It’s been 6 years of Earth time now,  I have been trying to make these dumb Earthlings to move, even these ants are smarter. They are maximizing their potential, and making the most of their little bodies. The  ANT chief is so tired that he said his army of ants will till the fields for me, and steal and sow the seeds. Though it will take a longer time, but it is still better than getting the dumb humans to realize basic stuff.

Casper: Why cant you  do something more dramatic to get their attention? I understand you have limits, but bro, ants?

BB: You out of everyone should know the cosmic principles of activity have been made stricter.. These humans with their intelligence, are so good make at making a big deal out of nothing. They have diluted their conscious capacities so they cant absorb our good intentions secondly they are so full of fear and hate, that even the slightest impression they get of  a spaceship or spirit activity, they overreact with fear and further lower the energy of the cosmos.

Casper: True,  I have experienced the same. One of my uncles, who was working on a mission to discover energy realized beings on Earth to communicate with, accidentally pressed the wrong button,  the spaceship became visible and he was captured by some Human Cameras. He faced so many issues with the seniors as the Earth saw a drastic spike in low energy due to worry, fear and obviously the fools in the government lying to spread dogma.

BB: But why would your uncle look for energy realized beings? Do they even exist now? back in the day what has taken me years to do would have happened in moments.

Casper:  Well actually we hope against hope, just because like you we know we are all part of this cosmos, Aliens, Spirits, Humans.  The energy of the Comsos, is a unification of all our energies., though these people have made themselves stupid by falling prey to fear, desire , anger and hate,, they still have the capacity to be brilliant.

BB:  Well yes our fates are interconnected.  The  materialistic world that these people, and even I when I was alive, have created might not be conducive to elevated energy and Love but I have also observed sparks of brilliance at times.  Would you like to have  some Tchi TEA for better energy now? The Earthly monsoons are sure a spectacle to raise my spirits?

Casper: Why not. The monsoons make alien feel un-worldly too.

To be continued……



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