Cartoon cartoons – 6 characters who have shaped our thought

While you were being reprimanded for wasting your young years watching cartoons, you actually learned more important lessons than what the books could ever teach you.

Contrary to cramming irrelevant poems and byzantine formulas, cartoons were something you accepted wholeheartedly. The more natural acceptance(free will) resulted in cartoons making a greater impression on your sub conscious.

The sub conscious absorbs much more than the conscious mind. It is like a database of knowledge which accumulates over the ages, this fuels your intuition and molds your true personalities.

You are most open to ideas when young, your logic doesn’t get in your way of learning new things and acquiring new traits. With age you shield yourself, hence you learn fewer things. Hence it is ideal to fill the database of your sub conscious while resistance hasn’t polluted it.

The brilliant people who created cartoons knew this while creating characters. These characters, who we all came to adore, not only entertained you but kept you coming back for more. They taught you many subliminal life skills, which you weren’t able to comprehend then, but might understand now:

1. Scooby Doo– The friendly dog taught us the importance of silence in friendship. All you need to do is listen attentively and you make good friends. Most of you listen with the intention to speak and put your own point forward, this impairs proper understanding.

You are better off staying absolutely quiet, the speaker knows the answer to his own situation, and all he needs at most times is to empty out the problems from his system to make space for the solution.


2. Dexter– The little geek taught us how to focus in adverse situations. Dexter was able to find solutions while constantly being bullied by his effervescent sister(distraction). He helped us understand the importance of creativity and impressed upon us the idea of approaching education with a practical mindset.


3. Popeye– He helped us understand the importance of eating healthy and not backing down to challenges. Although he was out sized by Bluto, yet he had the heart of standing for what he believed in against the bad guy. He gave us the strength and belief to face challenges and stand up for the what we think is correct. The spinach loving sailor never missed a chance to help strangers and was was always on the lookout for the entire community.


4. Jerry– Its not about the size of the rat in the fight, its about the size of fight in the rat. Jerry’s struggle for survival pitted him against the cunning cat, Tom. He showed us how simplicity outwits all schemes and how the universe favors the ones with a clear and big heart. The series also indicated that an honest enemy is more valuable than a dishonest friend.


5. Courage– The cowardly dog was triggered into action every time his family were in need. He might have been an ordinary dog but extraordinary events sparked the extraordinary in him. He showed us how we can galvanize ourselves beyond the obvious to face obstacles. Rather than being afraid and running away you should run towards your problems.


6.  Bugs bunny– Other than helping you understand the importance of humor, bugs also told you to be like a mirror. To avoid conflict as much as you can but to repay fire with fire when the need arises. The carrot chewing bunny never initiated a situation but he indicated that its better to fight back than to struggle. His matchless free spirit and spontaneity are exemplary and somethings that everyone should follow.


But this was way back in the nineties, before the cartoons became super aggressive, super mechanical and super commercial. I was lucky to witness the most amazing cartoons while growing up. These free spirits not only offer respite in torrid times but also nurture free thinking.

Have a Good Day.


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  1. AMAZING … but TOM and JERRY taught us what a true friend is like .. no matter ho much u tease each other or how much trouble u get other into… still TOM and JERRY never left each other and they understood the pain of parting from a true friend .. no matter how much complicated or worst the situation are a true friend is always there for rescue .. ..

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