If you cant see Santa,be Santa

If giving back to the universe has to be professed, then our cosmos is bound to crumble,

Be someones Santa this Christmas, discover the joy in giving, and while doing so be humble.


For some its about the brightest and hugest Christmas tree sprinkled with shimmer and surrounded with splendid shiny gifts. For some it is about pastries and pies, chimneys and wine, family and care. For some it is about Santa coming to town with his bag full of goodies and good feelings. Yet there remains a major chunk of people for whom it is yet another day in the struggle for survival. Some of these are cold and hungry deprived of food and shelter, others cold and hungry with all the food and shelter in the world.

As you grow up you stop seeing the Santa around you, but if you understand life closely, life gives you this opportunity of being the Santa around you. You might not have a bag full of expensive gifts but you still have much to give. Affection for the ones unloved, a patient ear for the ones disgruntled, a smile for the tired stranger going back home, a pat on the back for the ones who feel unappreciated.


The gratification in giving

You grow up wanting, at times demanding. When you are grown up the gifts you want might change but the need to be gifted remains. This creates a void, a requirement for Santas for grown ups too. One who doesn’t only carry gifts but love and affection as well.

But the conditioning while growing up makes you expect things instead of contributing to the society for the gift of your beautiful life.

As the joy of receiving material pleasures are ephemeral, satisfaction leads to the death of this desire. Things you run after become ordinary when you get them, you never needed these things, they were just wants waiting to be extinguished by possession.

Whereas the pleasure of giving never ends. You are never satisfied because you always have someone to give to, someone to help. Hence the joy of giving is infinitely gratifying. If you nourish someone else’s soul by giving them what they want, you experience an overwhelming euphoria in response. This feeling is way stronger than any pleasure you may feel by possessing any material object.

Be the Santa


The only way of rejoicing the spirit of mankind is by giving selflessly. A genuine smile scores over a calculated gift. You might be reluctant because no one else thought about you selflessly, but that shouldn’t stop you from being the initiator of endless cycle of selfless gifting.

Yes, the karmic cycle might work in a super complex manner for you to decrypt but it works pretty well. You don’t directly reap the rewards from where you put all your effort, your rewards come from different directions and forms.

Moreover if you focus on what you get in return you will never be able to enjoy the gratifying feeling of selfless giving. It takes a big heart to be a Santa to someone who is not related to you, someone you don’t even know. I mean why in the world would someone make the effort and that to for a stranger, but then we are all citizens of the same cosmic complex. All of us are connected by the same global conscious and this is the least you can do for your gift of life.


The gloom that our world finds itself in, its impossible for one Santa to satiate all of its needs. the world requires multiple Santas. So activate the Santa within you and give whatever you can to the ones around you, and make this world a better place. When you give someone a reason to smile, you activate their Santa too, and they carry the chain forward till it comes back to you.

Merry Christmas, put a smile on a strangers face today and see how someone does the same to you.






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