Good Vibes

The importance of broadcasting good vibes

All of us emit an energy, an aura, which goes beyond the visual and verbal paradigm. This specific frequency, vibration(or vibe) is unique for every individual.  Often unnoticed, but this is your intangible offering to the universe which supports your existence.

These days most of it is full of dissatisfaction, discontent, disharmony and disappointment. With so many of you adding so much of negativity to the universe, the universe has no other option but to circulate the energy it receives. As a result your burdens, worries, complaints are reflected back to you by 10 times the intensity.

Relevance of a Good vibe

A good vibe is created by the Love in your heart, the happiness in your thoughts and the magic in your soul. It is like a dance of freedom and joy which is too overwhelming for an individual to possess only for himself. It is like a song which must be sung, a fragrance which must be spread, an awakening which must be shared.

As you grow up, under influence, you are conditioned to look for all of these aspects on the outside. That’s why most of you chase the perfect lover, over indulgences in order to get the happy high and leave no stone unturned to find the magic in life.

If only you could turn inwards, love yourself with all your flaws, seek happiness within and find the magic in every moment, you would be able to nurture and spread this good vibe which the world is in desperate need off.

Life is too short for you to spend idling, procrastinating, hating and complaining. The only way to maximize your little time here is by contributing to the betterment of others and spreading happiness all around.

The Fragrant Flowers

good vibes


Be a fragrant flower which adds wonder to the environment, your soul purpose should be to emit an energy which elevates people rather than brings them down.

A plant nurtures itself by utilizing the multitude of natural resources that the universe has bestowed upon it. Theplant enhances itself till the time becomes capable of blossoming and giving  back to the universe which supports it. When it becomes capable the plant not only supports life by producing oxygen but adds to the aesthetic beauty by producing vibrant and fragrant flowers.

Taking a leaf out of the plants book, you should understand that you can only spread your splendor once you are yourself content. Once you have satisfied basic needs through natural resources you can move towards contentment  through some soul searching and meditation.

Many are blinded by the chase for material wealth and think that it will lead to contentment, in reality one cant put a price on love, happiness, a good vibe cannot be bought or sold.

So once you have empowered yourself and found the love, happiness and magic inside you, you will automatically start working towards the betterment of the society, by giving back something invaluable, by being a broadcaster of priceless good vibes.

Activate your radioactive soul

good vibes

Here are some simple ways which will help you broadcast good vibes:

1. Meditate– You cant give what you don’t have, to understand the infinite powers that you possess you have to sit down and soul search. Once you empty your mind and sit receptively, the universe will fill it with boundless love, happiness and magic. You will feel enriched and eager to share your good vibe.

2. Compliment before you criticize– Criticizing is the simplest job ever. Its very easy to find faults. Spend your time in finding goodness instead, and goodness will be all that you will see. Don’t indulge in criticism as the world has many critics, be an admirer and you will keep finding things to admire.

3. Be a room freshener, not a perfume– Don’t try to specify the subjects of your good vibes.  At most times you focus all your attention on individuals instead of spreading your bliss everywhere. This leads to insecurities and discontent.  Be like a room freshener which creates joy for all and not only for the selected few.

 The cosmos needs more optimists 

good vibes

Our societies are in a state of turmoil, everyone likes echoing complains, passing the blame and waiting for someone to come save the day. This universe offers you a chance to become a real life avenger. All you have to do is be optimistic and spread the optimism by making yourself capable of cultivating and emitting good vibes and broadcasting it without expecting any rewards.

Every positive undertaking from your side, initiates a geometric progression of goodness. Your positive vibrations not only help the people around you, but distant people who you haven’t ever met.

When time starts running you out and your body starts to wither,when the light starts to fade and your thoughts become dimmer. The only thing left for your soul to cherish would be the fact that you were a giver.

Have a good day.


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