Breathing yourself to bliss

We often take for granted what is most essential. The daily struggle makes you ignore so many minor things which work automatically to support your life. None more important than breathing.

Your negligence of vital aspects of living is emphasized by how you never notice yourself breathing.  You never realize the importance of breathing till you are gasping for breathe. If only you could pay heed to this easily ignored process, you would be blessed with eternal bliss.

The little things matter

The most prominent feature of an ungrateful life is exhibited by a person’s inability to be mindful of their breathing. When you can ignore this necessary activity and leave it on auto pilot, imagine how many other things vital aspects of life you fail to realize and appreciate.

If you make a list of the most essential and natural processes in life, breathing tops the list. You have been breathing since you were here and will breathe till the end of time. But deluded with the pace of life you never acknowledge how the magical process works.

You never allow yourselves to focus on how you inhale, feel the gentle air touch the inner side of your nose nd travel through the back of your throat towards your lungs. How it helps oxygenate blood which nourishes your body in split seconds and how you exhale the unwanted part of it through the same channel.

Imagine if you could slow life down from its frantic pace, even for a few seconds, and witness yourself breathing. Wouldn’t it be a much needed break from the daily struggles of life to give the due importance to this essential facet of life. The underlying benefits of watching yourself breathe include isolating yourself from man made worries and stresses and viewing the world in its most natural form.

Smoking is nothing but glamorized breathing


For some strange reason I have always been jealous of people who smoke. They manage to do the most stressful things and shake of the burdens in their mind by just a couple of drags. After understanding the concept of breathing I could explain to myself how the stupid art of lighting a piece of paper filled with tobacco and sucking on it and releasing smoke extinguishes stress.

Smoking is nothing but glamorized breathing. What a smoker does is nothing but focus on his breathe for the few mins he smokes for. The theatricality of smoke adds to the experience of inhaling and exhaling.  Paying attention to this most natural process, even by harming the lungs, alters the smokers perception by making him realize how he should celebrate the little things rather than give in to man made stresses. For a while the smoker feels completely free, actually he takes an indirect root to breathing.


Breathe yourself to Bliss

Breathing not only puts things into perspective but gives you time to rejuvenate and refresh. All of us are living in a world full of speed. Thoughts race at a relentless pace. Every microsecond your mind is dumped with a million bytes of information, from all your senses. Add to this the digital apocalypse and like it or not the dose of data increases. All these little bytes are thought initiators in the super computer called your brain. Your brain picks information and goes on an endless journey of analyzing and connecting it. The process is endless.

But witnessing yourself breathe helps you pause this process for a while.  When you sit still and focus on your breathe a billion things will come to your mind initially. But with a little bit of patience you will learn how to let go of the conditioned habit of over thinking. Most meditation techniques and psychotherapies along with religious healing processes are directly or indirectly related to being mindful of ones breathing process.

Learn how to witness your breathe and you will empower yourself with a clarity which will make you stand out from the chaos.

Have a good day.


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