If you believe…..


If you believe, you are the fragrant flower in full bloom,

You are capable of lighting up the sky like the full moon.

If you believe, you tame lions to play violins,
You turn terrorists against violence.

If you believe, your voice echo across eternity,
You manage to find your way through the deep pools of uncertainty.

If you believe, you are the incombustible shooting star,
You conquer galaxies while they wonder who you are.

If you believe, you control time,
You are the perfect symphony, the poetic rhyme.

If you believe, you capture hearts, minds and souls.
You discover untold secrets that this cosmos withholds.

If you believe, you don’t give hate a chance,
You become responsible for the tunes on which they dance.

If you believe, your enthusiasm overflows,
The universe appreciates, you see the feeling grow.

If you believe, you unravel the magic of the moment,
You are blessed with boundless energy, so mesmerizing, so potent.

If you believe, you are bestowed with the healing touch,
Guiding the helpless and the lame, you are the magnificent crutch.

If you believe, you are the blinding light,
Illuminating endlessly, you dispel fear and fright.

If you believe, you become the guiding flame,
Emblaze hearts and empower brains.

If you believe, the detractors wont matter,
The sparks emitted by you, will make them scatter.

If you believe, you turn the tides in your favor,
Every passing moment adds to life’s succulent flavor.

If you believe, they will listen.
So believe in yourself and make someone else’s life glisten.

If you believe, you can inspire more than a few,

So believe in yourself because I believe in you.


Do you believe in yourself? If you do, you not only influence your own life, but also inspire others, who are lost, confused and not willing to accept it.

Believe in yourself if you aren’t content with your life, you will propel yourself to the zenith of satisfaction.Even if you are, do it just to be the guiding light for someone else. You will be surprised to see how many people you can inspire.

Have a Great Day.

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  1. It’s always good to read your thoughts and ideas another cheerful and influential phrase that you promote all the time. Keep raising your ideas

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