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Be Basic – Water Secrets for Losing Weight and Gaining Health

70 % of our planet is water, 70% of your body is water and more than 70% of your bodies ailments, disease or symptoms like obesity,  are because of  water. I believe, through this article,  at least 70% of you will realize that your journey of losing weight and gaining health basically starts with improving the quality of the water that you consume.

You don’t need to spend thousands on gyms, super foods and supplements, indulge in quick fixes and over exhaustive programs once you lose your health. Rather it is beneficial to work on the basics before entering complexities. Working on the basics will not only help in preventing diseases and losing weight but also put you on a natural road to recover the health that you have lost.

So the basic secret to losing weight and gaining health is to consume basic water.

Here is what Basic Water Means 

Before man populated and polluted the world, water was different than how it is today. It had natural detoxifying and cleansing properties along with superior hydration due to its basic nature( remember basic(alkaline) and acid litmus tests from chemistry class).

With time the water all around the planet gained an acidic nature. The few places to retain some of this pure superior quality water made it holy, places like the Upper Himalayas in India, Lourdes in France, Japan and Saudi Arabia. The purity of this water is due to both its metaphysical and physical properties, which make it best for losing weight and gaining health in the modern day.

The Science Behind It

So what makes this primitive water or holy water superior and how did human activities change its nature?

The primitive water had an active Hydrogen and high alkalinity (Basic Nature) (higher pH level)along with high anti-oxidants and micro-clustering effect on the water molecules.  It was better than modern day water in the following ways:

More Alkalinity

It was full of minerals which made it basic(not acidic) in nature, which is in alignment with the basic nature of your body pH standing at 7.30 to 7.45.  Check the chart below for more knowledge on pH. 
phscaleAntioxidant nature

Along with this it was an antioxidant, imagine the water you drink being better than the best green tea. To read more about antioxidants and their nature check out this article “The importance of antioxidants”

Better Hydration

Thirdly it had a micro clustering effect on water molecule, where 5-6 water molecules formed a cluster than 12-15 in the water today. This tinier clustering lead to better cellular hydration.

Lose Weight

In a world of junk food and pollutants your body and the water around you is in the hazardous acidic pH range. Humans have lead to this change in the nature of water which had several health benefits in its actual form.

The Health Benefits

Here are some ways in which this primitive holy water which would help you in losing weight and gaining health:

  1. Better Hydration because smaller water clusters so you can have a better workout and consequently more weight loss
  2. Anti Ageing as it is triples antioxidant strength of lime and  removesremoves free radicals
  3. Reduces heart pressure and Lowers cholesterol
  4. Detoxification- More filtration of acidic toxins through kidneys and anti oxidants promote blood Cleansing
  5. It balances body pH, raising urine pH by 1 level can decrease obesity, high blood pressure and risk of kidney stones
  6. Acidic body pH takes away Ca from bones to balance pH so the water safeguards your bones
  7. Alkaline water leads to better colon health and improves digestion.
  8. Sports performance improves as a result of better hydration and anti oxidizing effects of water.

Bringing It Back

The ionized alkali elixir which was in abundance a long time ago is now a rare commodity. Lucky for those born in Japan and the upper Himalayas, where it still occurs in abundance but for the rest of us, we need to find alternatives to help us in losing weight and gaining health.

The effectiveness of basic water depends on long term usage, so the one off trek to the mountains or vacation to the land of the rising sun wont help you in losing weight or gaining health.

The solution to this is by recreating this water through technology. Aquatatva has a remarkable product which can bring this elixir from the upper Himalaya or the land of the rising sun straight to your taps. Their seamless machine will not only bring back the primitive ionic alkaline water but also make it accessible at prices cheaper than your water refills.  Along with this it will produce by products which are used by top niche skin care companies.


Also check out their application which spreads awareness about the benefits of ionized alkaline water. Its available for both Apple and Android devices.

Do mail me if you found this article helpful and I will give you a tip on how you can make partially alkaline water with some easily available items at home which will help you in losing weight and gaining health.



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