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WisDumb – Unlearn and Unleash

The perfection of your childhood gets incinerated by the dragon that is time.  As the mind is robbed by thoughts and  society inspired layers of ego, time chews upon your dreams getting you involved in a phantom game of thrones, which you are destined to lose.

This WisDumb grows on you, setting you up to seek stability and  respect as per social norms,  crippling your natural fragrance in the process. Leaving you like an underdeveloped robot waiting to be replaced.

But not before making you miserable.

This article urges you to unlearn and unleash you authentic self in order to chase the riches even death won’t be able to part you with. Adobe_Post_20190403_122416

The Purse Suit of Happiness

The problem about this rat race is, even if you win, you still remain a rat.  That’s why aimlessly chasing cheese will devoid you from enjoying the is-ness of the moment.  The chase is endless like a pitless hole, greed has a cancerous growth, it will never let you be satisfied. That’s why as you grow old, conscious attempts to unlearn  influences and deconditioning yourself are essential.

The same is preached by all religious and spiritual practices, silencing the mind, inner peace, thoughtlessness and focus, all are ways of silencing the ego inspired mind, so as to rekindle the flame of your inner child.  The one you lost in the process of justifying yourself to everyone around.

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Chasing Consequences

The society forces you to chase consequences, something which is never in your hands. Just like Doctor Strange sees infinite possibilities for the future to pan out, similarly your vision of the future is just a possibility but the present moment is a reality.

As you get so engrossed in envisioning a better tomorrow you most certainly overlook the magic of the moment in hand. Not contributing your full self to this moment is a recipe for an unfulfilled future.


Who is to Blame?

Brands and media play a major role in establishing what you consider happiness, by conditioning you sub consciously. The need to unlearn the brand derived definitions is now more than ever. Otherwise you are bound to become hollow inside while endlessly  chasing outer luxuries

Even parents are to be blamed for this , as their own unfulfilled aspirations are enforced upon their children. Children these days are born with a to do checklist. Its unfair to enforce these without understanding the natural flair of the children.  This is why so many children fail at being a good doctor and engineer, while they could have really changed the world by doing something they really loved.

Thirdly every influencer  or celebrity, who partakes in advertisement to earn money irresponsibly, without having a true connection with what they sell is  to Blame.

Unlearn and Unleash


There are two ways of combating this, one is to prevent the conditioning from childhood or to unlearn and decondition your mind later on in life.

This is for all the adults who have elevated their understandings to gauge their entrapment. It’s time to dissolve your ego, whichever way you want,  unlearn and unleash your true potential.

The maximum you will achieve with  your WisDumb is a mirage of stability and some money, which never guarantees happiness.

But, if you unlearn socially derived habits and welcome back your inner authentic self, you will be able to be paid for something you call play.

You will be able to etch your own niche is history and change the world with the genuine expression of your soul.

If you can just kill fear and silence the society to believe in the beauty of your dreams, you will be supported by all the energies  of this cosmos and the wealth of rewards you will unlock are unimaginable.

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GURU – The Real Alchemist

GOD sent me in the world of both dark and light, it was my GURU who illuminated my soul  from darkness to the light of GOD.

When the GURU( the one who takes from darkness to light), the teacher, and  SHISHYA (disciple) align, the perfect conditions for the flow of Godly energy takes place.

Such is the majesterial aura of this symbiosis, a win win energy exchange, even the lights of a thousand Suns  is dimmed in front of it.

There is no greater, purer, more powerful bond in this cosmos, than the one formed between the guru and his disciple.

A bond formed out of enlightenment and awakening.  Initiated by something as small as the instilling of a new idea in an individual  it leads to the awakening of a  single consciousness followed by the cumulative consciousness of the Cosmos.

My mother and three Maternal aunts are all teachers, now my sister is also a teacher, I have had the privilege of being around all these wonderful energies of giving since birth, which has shaped me into a giver myself. It has also helped me understand that giving is the ultimate pleasure.

The joy of seeing a seed sprout, the one you nurtured in whatever little way you could, is the ultimate pleasure anyone can feel. Recognition of this is not required, the feeling is enough.

Teaching  Leads to More Learning


Teaching is most humbling as when you teach, you constantly get to learn how little you know and that keeps you inquisitive for more.

Teaching is not as simple as conveying what you know , in the way you know it, to others.  A guru is required to master whatever his subject is in such a way that she can communicate the information to a scientist or a Kindergartner in a way both understand.  All human minds function differently, the art of being a teacher involves recognizing these subtleties and then aligning the information to be conveyed in  a way, that it is best absorbed by your student.

This also leads to more learning, as not only the information, but all surrounding  knowledge around it has to be gathered,

While the intelligent ones know,

The Wise know how to convey what they know so that everyone understands

Personal Notes

With my practice of being a health and lifestyle coach, I have made sure to share as much knowledge with others, for this I have ensured that I have a deep understanding and continuous learning of the subject. This enable me to create newer routes to the information based upon the person in front of me.

Teaching Helps pass on lessons beyond books


A Guru puts information in such a way that the student who knows how to read between the lines gathers much more than what the book offers. May it be education, religious or spiritual practice, or any other sort of learning, having a Guru is a gateway to unlock wisdom beyond the words in the book.

Personal Notes

I am sure you all remember your first teacher from playgroup. She couldn’t do much with books, yet she sowed the seeds of curiosity and inquisitiveness in your being.  In my case, it was my mother and  later on in life every time I got a chance to visit her playgroup,  I saw her creating same sort of awe in the eyes of the tiny students.


God sent you on earth as a basic mortal, it is only through the illumination of a GURU that you become GOLD.

Imagine the power a GURU  possesses, when any one of his student is capable of changing the world, imagine the GURUS behind the most iconic world changers in the world, and how there efforts contributed to the luxuries we cherish now.

Imagine if  Steve Jobs didn’t have a kindergarten guru to introduce help him spell APPLE, how different the world would be ?

Imagine if  Mahender Singh Dhoni didn’t have a guru to teach him how to hold a bat, there  would be no helicopter shot.

I am blessed to have all my teachers from school, my masters in the field of work and all my friends who have come to teach me lessons which have led my to develop a hunger for learning more. and consequently passing on the knowledge to others around me.


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Portion Control – Living Life one Byte at a Time

Life has a very natural way of enriching you with experiences.

Usually all of life’s experiences have a deeper underlying meaning waiting for  your awareness to be evolved enough to notice them.  But due to the vast stream of data, and lack of portion control on your part,  you overlook most of these simple cues.

This is why spending QUALITY time with oneself and nature is so essential,. It  assists you in evolving the part of your lives which is least visible but most valuable, your awareness.

One such beautifully enriching enriching experience I was obliged with was,

my not so little labrador, Bounty, was blessed with a litter of 5 pups 2 months back, tending to them was most engaging and enlightening. A turn of events which helped me understand many facets about life, none more significant than living life one byte at a time.

Portion Control – The art of  restraint

54517550_316478245679601_6764153799880736768_nJust like simply being mindful of the bite of food you ingest makes you healthier if you can only restrain yourself from being available to  all the endless bytes of information the universe throws your way,  you will be more present, alive, happy, healthy, grateful, fulfilled, helpful and make everyone around you awe just the way when they first see a little puppy with love in it’s eyes.

This Art of Restraint was useless till the last generation when there were no smart devices and internet so the bytes of information were significantly lesser,  when lifestyle were mobile and jobs not stagnant, the food and meal size and timings were a natural portion control.

But now life is different and we need to adapt or perish.


In a world where Terrabytes of information is available to your consciousness every second,  you usually bite off more than you can chew. This takes away much of the value from the task or taste at hand and also leads to digestive disorders of brain and body.

The bite that you feed your body is not much different than the byte that you feed your brain. You can’t live without both but have to control the portions in both cases for your physical and mental well being.

Both Bites fuel you but an overload leads to disease.

Portion Control in FOOD, FUN FAMILY

If you over engage in any byte of life it loses its excitability.

That’s the reason why,

 When you overeat your favorite food it starts becoming bland just like your relationship after a few years from when you get married to your girlfriend.

The 14th piece of cake has less chances of giving you the same tastegasm as the first one but is more likely to make you puke your heart out.

Technology is a boon making life easier  but over-engaging  with your smart phone is detrimental to your mental health, as the mega bytes of  unavoidable information, makes you dissolve your cognitive abilities and  makes you a programmed bot.

The famous Indian saying “HOUSE’S CHICKEN IS LIKE PULSE” stands true for all of you and me. The more time you spend with family or with anyone, you tend to take them for granted.

People in bigger cities, where the quantity of humans and thereby experiential  BYTES are more, value the people and their surroundings lesser as compared to village or rural dwellers, leading to better quality and values of small city dwellers.

Portion Control Life

The desire for more makes you overeat just like it makes you overindulge in information all around you. If you have ever been around wiser minds,  you will only figure out the only folly in humans is overthinking. Unlike the canines, who exemplify living for the moment, tributes to Eckhart Tolle, humans live for every moment other than the present moment.

The past and the future are both infinite, you can dwell on the misgivings and misfortunes of the past endlessly and still fail at completely describing their follies, similarly you can worry about the infinite possibilities the future will shape up in like Doctor Strange and still be wrong.

Instead of all this facade, just be awake to life as it unfolds itself One Byte at a Time, and you will discover true divinity in yourself.


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Inner Peace : Intangible Vs Tangible

Have you ever noticed how some things that come free are priceless and somethings which cost a lot of money are valueless? If you haven’t then you are surely blinded by what appears, limited by the tangible dimension of reality and starved off inner peace.

Man has become so fascinated by visible mediocrity that he has forgotten the charm of Invisible Mesmrism. Beauty is only skin deep and that is what this generation believes in. Their tangible wants outnumber their intangible traits. Thus taking them on an endless race away from inner peace.

The Intangible Vs The Tangible

Allowing oneself to be shaped by the tangible elements of the world,

  1. Being influenced by  appearance and objectification of beauty
  2. Idol worship and monetization of God
  3. Greed and endless race for Material Possession
  4. Physical makeup than mental makeup

is a curse which takes the shine out of life sooner than later.  This not only compels you to live  your life an an endless rat race but also comes in between your spiritual awakening, the only thing capable of saving you from the curse of tangible influence.

The  4 points above detract you from the more soul nourishing intangible aspects of reality ,

  1.   The nectar of your and any other soul is much much more than what is visible to eyes
  2. God is inside you, working for your own inner peace is the best form of devotion. The currency for making offerings is Good Karma.
  3. There is more pleasure in  giving than getting, be greedy to ohelp more people
  4. If you have inner peace, it shines through, giving you a natural makeup better than any face mask you where to hide your inner ugliness.

The intangible imbalance usually leads to a lot of dysfunction in in the way of their lifestyle which often shows tangible consequences in the form of bad health stress and eventually disharmony and lack of inner peace.

East Vs West

The other day one of my friends  had the audacity, all my inner circle friends are audacious to represent their thoughts  transparently,  of stating, ” Nowadays, A westerner is better in the Eastern way of life, than the easterner himself”

Again we have been caught up with the tangible aspects of our own great spiritual past. Most ancient writings, sermons and books are lost in translation.  Rendering people to be soulless God Fearing confident less material collectors (sorry, not sorry for the harsh words) and this is what they pass over to the next generation.

You never experience western culture first hand, what you see isi the over glamorized digital or movie based version, which you try to ape. The thing with spying someone partially is that, it adds to the confusion in your own identity rather than getting you a newer thought process.

So straight from bizarre fashion trends, getting caught up by advertising schemes to trying to be pseudo independent(with the comforts of the parents in the back of the head), the easterners want to be the westerners they see on TV.

So to experience real western life, you will need to spend some years there,  even your vacations spent in comfort and cozy environments aren’t enough.  Then make the decision to copy them or not.

The modern Indian prefers being a fake imitation of the partial western life observed by his narrow vision to act temporarily rich. The Modern westerner, on the contrary, seeps himself into the Indian environment, and is making most of our spiritual wealth to make himself eternally priceless with inner peace

You might see a perfectly happy person posting the best selfies and quotations on social media. But this shows only half of the truth. The portrayal of happiness which is so much in Vogue these days is not actual happiness. This again throws light on the tangibly whole and intangibly hollow state of affairs.

Intangible traits, which are often overlooked, carry the keys to a better lifestyle, and inner peace do not ignore them. What appears to the eye is blinding.

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Modern Communication : Sending Whatsapp messages to Landlines

Have you ever tried  sending a whatsapp message on  a landline number? What happens? Something similar to what happens when you try communicating with someone on a different level of vibration(frequency) than you.

You give it your best shot, be more eloquent than Big B, but at the end your piece of advise or information never seeps through the mind of the receiver.

When the frequency(alignment, vibration) is not aligned, communication becomes irrelevant and ineffective. This is the reason why some people can communicate without even sharing a word, while others yell at the top of their voices without communicating at all.

So in order to foster any form of a substantial relationship, one has to understand to first align the energy  with another person, before communicating effectively. This will not only help you in relationships but also make you more efficient at your work, specially when it comes to leadership, sales and inspiring others.

Art Learnt from Practice 14258351_10154381238776760_4131211427674726812_o

Over the last few years I was privileged to work inthe commercial capital in one of the most difficult phases of the most difficult industries as the head of business development and sales. Selling(sailing) against the wind is really difficult yet I managed to bring up sales and bring down expenses in ways the company never saw before.

In my time with this company I was involved in structuring andfinalizing  7 figure deals on a daily basis. The product was a specific niche and so were the clients.  I was pretty clueless at the onset  but you learn when your life depends on it.

What I realized was that by spending more time in building an energy alignment with my clients,  I fostered better connections and relationships, which automatically elevated the number of sales.

As by building this alignment, I ended up communicating in the frequency which my client was most receptive and responsive to. That’t how I could elucidate myself better and even the client could get a more efficient download of the information I provided.

Being a mind,body and soul coach this came to me naturally as I was genuinely interested in creating this bond, rather than just making the sale.  I also experienced that the clients aligned  more with authenticity than with elaborate representations of the product.

In my time as a health and lifestyle coach, I always focus on developing good bonds with my clients, even if it comes at some sacrifice on the professional front.  I make sure I am totally transparent with my clients as that what I expect out of them, so as to design effective long term strategies, which are best suited only for them.

Again by spending more energy in getting to know elaborate details about my clients, I am able to adapt myself to their vibrational frequency and make better connections and communication.

It is not Magic, it is Physics

This concept is another science backed spiritual phenomenon.  Just like it is impossible to send  whatsapp messages on Landlines, though you can make calls through your phone to them, you can always communicate some messages when you are not in alignment with the other person, but for holistic energy and information interchange you need a similar frequency.

The laws of physics are at play which suggest that there are different frequencies of vibrations, some of these planes are invisible to the eye, and if the speaker aims at establishing a similar range of vibrations as the receiver, the result are magical.

Notice every successful person, every book you like reading or song you listen to. It connects with you on a plane which is subjective to you.  Creating a frequency which more people can align with is the trait of a leader. For that you have to spend more time understanding the ways of the world and its residents.


The best way of developing this skill is by being in alignment with the universe and flowing in the present moment without worries of the past and stresses of the future. Once you have reconnected your chord with the soul of the universe you will notice how easy it always was to make better connections ad communicate effectively.  Otherwise you will just be sending whatsapp messages on a landline.


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