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Dinkrit is derived from the sanskrit word Dinkar which in another name for the sun. Dinkrit means day maker, through this website I aspire to do justice to my name by trying to put a smile on your face by touching on essential daily issues regarding fitness and wellness which are easily ignored.

My inspirational aspirations urge me to make people smile, if not for too long then just for a while. With fitness and wellness of mind, body and soul as primary objectives I set forward to seek and convey some mantras to obtain clarity in this chaotic world.

I like connecting. Connecting with people and connecting randoms things by finding relations in variability. The universal pool has infinite connectable dots waiting for someone to trace the line between them. This is my attempt at unearthing and connecting some of these dots and presenting them to you with a tinge of absurdity.

I believe that every mote of this universal complex has a message engraved on it. Something that can help our race sustain and a message which will help us progress in oneness with the universe. The ones who are successful in deciphering these subliminal messages that the universe places in front of them attain superior life forms. Lets acquire this existential Zen together. Wishing the best of fitness and wellness for all.

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