A struggling mentality- From TGIF to TGIO


Some of you take life as a series of struggles. By allowing things to slide and letting life happen to yourself, you find yourselves in places you don’t want to be in, doing things you don’t like doing with the people you don’t like spending your time with. As a result you are in a never ending struggle, seeking the earliest opportunity to temporarily escape reality, only to timidly return to it later. You live by the TGIF(thank god its Friday) philosophy and base all your work in the anticipation of the relief at the end of the week.

If you are among those who have this struggling mentality, you wont have any aspirations or the courage to pursue them, you are merely exchanging your invaluable time for money and fulfilling someone else’s dreams in the process.

If you base your work on anything other than fulfilling your own dreams, you will never attain optimal efficiency or absolute satisfaction. You will struggle through life thanking God for Fridays and at the end Thank god its over (TGIO).

Here is how you get stuck in your own web. You enslave yourselves in a job because you don’t have a dream or the confidence to pursue it, then you seek temporary rewards for the self imposed slavery by weekend indulgences.  These weekend indulgences are addictive and detrimental to your long term well being. Yet they appear as necessary rewards for the weekly displeasure you put your self through. As a result these along with the fear of punishment become the motivation behind your weekly struggle.


But how can you do justice or commit fully to any task you undertake when your motivation lies in the break/temporary reward and fear of punishment, and not the task?

The power of chasing your dreams 

The very few who pursue passions don’t wait that eagerly for the weekend. They find their reward in the work that they do because they love doing it. When you pursue your passions you seem to lose sense of time and place because you are chasing your dream. Working towards realizing your big vision becomes your favorite past time, your source of joy, your favorite indulgence.

You find this almost magical flow to fuel your relentless pursuit. Breaks become hindrances rather than relief and your focus shifts from temporary rewards to the ultimate prize, because this dream is your dream.


Work becomes more pleasurable than play, when your heart is attached to it. This is very difficult to do when you are working on someone else’s dreams. Your brain directs most of your energies when you work for someone else, hence you are craving the weekend relief more than focusing on your job. But when it comes to acting on your own dreams, everyday is a weekday and a weekend too. You know that your degree of success lies in your own hands, hence you allocate the proportionate time towards it.

There is no boss to abuse you, no colleague to shift responsibility to, no one else to blame, you are the architect, the mason, the painter, the interior designer, the gardener, the cook of the palace of your dreams.All these responsibilities activate a part of you which is usually dormant. They empower your senses and fuel you with endless desire. You can notice this spirit, this desire in the eyes of the people who are chasing their dreams. While others celebrate freedom from their mundane jobs living the TGIF way, these people wait for something worthy of the celebration.

The never ending struggle

Life will keep being an endless struggle if you keep motivating yourself with the approaching relief. You will never be able to focus entirely on the battle at hand if you are inspired by the weekend. You will not amount to anything significant if Friday is what you wait for all week through.

If you are unhappy with a part of your life you have the power to change it. The more you delay it, the less likely you are of changing. The longer you struggle with this part, the more likely you are of turning you into a big ball of complains. This will not only lead to terminal stress but also sabotage your intellectual brilliance and paralyze your perceptive capabilities.

So act smart and act now, either start loving what you do or find a job where you are motivated just by the work you are assigned or start a venture which interests you. The difference between work and pleasure boils down to how passionate you are about what you are doing. It is better to take your time in selecting something you love doing rather than impulsively entering a chain of complains, which will last you a lifetime.

Remember, you were not born to struggle, you were born to dream and make those dreams come true. You choose to struggle because you don’t think your dreams are worth following.


If you keep living the TGIF way, life will always be a burden, and at the end you will say TGIO.



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