Celebrating 6 years of Iron Killing

Minds full of violence, you can hear the subliminal sirens, In our pursuit for blissful silence, Its time to kill those irons.

Soviet PUD (16kg)

The 6 years of freedom

My relationship with fitness and the peripherals involved is 6 years to the day. It was 6 years back that I first entered a gym. Though I was always a sports enthusiast, but it was on this day 6 years back that I started ironing out my life. Humble beginnings supplemented by a reckless attitude dint make it an ideal start. But with time it dawned on me that this was an institution, a discipline in itself. Embracing the pain, smiling to the struggles, relentless fortitude, daily self betterment, assisting fellow mates, learning from everyone around, adhering to self discipline at all times, resisting temptation, all real life values, which your relationship with Iron teaches you, Values which can be directly incorporated in real life.

On top of the physiological phenomenon that your relationship with iron molds you into, the underlying psychological virtues are priceless.  Psychological values help people fight over those times when they don’t see massive result and help them in sustaining their efforts. These also render a sense of freedom to the people who make the effort of devoting time to this discipline. Freedom from competition and judgement. As the only person you are competing with is yourself and there is no judge only an exclusively fulfilling feeling at the end of a workout where you have given it all.

So as I celebrate 6 years of freedom from being influenced by what they say, I share some of my beliefs which have helped me sustain as an Iron predator over the last six years.

What they say…

Don’t let feeble minds convince you that your dreams are too big

I am grateful for the abundance that came my way over the last six years. I had the privilege of training with beasts who ooze inspiration and watch transformations of toads to Mutant turtles. I also had an opportunity to learn from the experience of seeing people literally kill iron, they were like individual institutions of knowledge. And then there was the group of doubters. The ones who paid emphasis on schemes, plans and reviews. These mediums of doubt thrived on spreading doubt. Right from the number of reps and sets, to their nutritional plans, to the supplementation, all they did was question. Without realizing the more important, iron pulverizing objectives.

What you believe…

Doubt is like a contagious poison which not only impairs progress but also blinds people to all hope. When in doubt iron it out.

Over a period of time what you believe transforms into what you achieve. If you believe that you aren’t losing weight in-spite of your best efforts, you wont even if you sweat your gloves off. If you believe that your protein isn’t effective, you can have 15 scoops a day and you still wont see the gains. If you think that the food or supplements you consume has detrimental effects, then you will soon have a wall in your kidneys and a fat pillow in your heart.

If you can manage to believe that whatsoever you do, the food you eat, the exercises you do, the reps and sets, the protein,creatine you consume is pushing you towards a better self, then you will be pushed towards a better self.

At the end it is about using all internal and external resources for Kaizen. I have seen people waste thousands on supplementation and still questioning the results. Their inability to believe deters them from the prime focus of killing iron and blinds them to improvement.

At the same time I have seen content people who eat bananas wholly with the peal. Unable to expend on supplements they make the best of the little they get. But they believe that whatever they are ingesting will do them good, hence they get better results(or rather notice the results from a better perceptions) and benefit in the long run.

Living inside out

Its not about how huge you are or how much weight you lost. Its a lifestyle.

I have seen many evolutionised apes wasting their talents trying to impress people or copy others. Although taking references and getting inspired is justified but copying without question and scoping to be or look like someone else is not.

The ones who work towards a target, specially in the fitness regime, people who base all their efforts to attain a certain body type or impress another person wont last long. They will give up on achieving their aim or when they get enough appraisals. The ones who don’t compete with themselves and challenge their limits on a daily basis will give up sooner than later. Their motives of visiting the gym aren’t genuine and everyone who enters the gym without a genuine purpose, filters out.

Here are some signs which indicate that your motives of working out aren’t genuine. If you find yourself abusing the weights in the gym, expect helpers to clear off weights which you use, not assist people when they need it, preach without practicing, fight for machines/equipment, then you are distancing yourself from the psychological benefits of the gym, the ones that will help you in the long run.

One can only expect genuine results once they start treating the fitness center as an extension of their own body. Otherwise you are just fooling yourself to impress people. And if your life is governed by what others think then sooner or later, someone would come and spoil your mood.

I am grateful for the sense of individuality that this lifestyle has rendered and look forward to killing iron till the iron kills me.





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