6 ways to rally back

Life is one of those treasures you cant be too selfish with. You are born with an abundance of talents and time. These gifts are given to you by destiny, without putting any effort for them, so its most suitable that you spend them selflessly. If you intend to safeguard your share of resources till the end of time, you will still die in destitution. Choose to share your gifts with the world and you will find others who are willing to do the same with you.


Yes you will lose, you will feel dispirited and cheated. This will fill your mind with doubts and alter your perception of life and sharing. But if you let such situations take control of your mind you are more inclined to live a self centered life which will steal you from the mystic joy of benefiting others life. So, it becomes really important to rally back when the chips are down, to muster your mental troupes when you are being invaded with negativism so as to maintain the spirit of contribution.

Taking the blows and fighting back

Life might baffle you when you  least expect it, you might be at the top of your game at the pinnacle of peace but randomness will catch you off guard. The psychological implications of being pushed off the perch are very damaging. It feeds of your desire to succeed and relegates you to the pits of depression. This significantly affects your will to contribute as well.



Maintaining ones sanity in times of distress and learning to rally back from defeats is more important now than ever. It is not the ones who punch the hardest, but the ones who can get punched hardest and still keep fighting who ultimately win the fight.

Our generation is a successful one, but success comes from taking risks and risks wont work in your favor all the time. At times the rub of the green wont go your way and your habit of success will be dented. You can choose to accept defeat and retreat, living an introverted lifestyle, or rally back every time you fail. Here are 6 things which will help you rally back:

1. Stop living as a consequence– Most people don’t look beyond the failure. They are so consumed by a loss that they spend their lives as a consequence. The first thing you have to do when you intend to rally back is to mute the noises telling you to rue your ill fate and missed opportunities.  With every passing moment you miss a chance to finally turn it around.

2. Don’t over glamorize a loss/failure–  Instincts might command you to have your plate full of sympathy when you lose or fail but instead of wasting time over glamorizing your loss you should utilize it trying to get yourself out of the whole. Yes it hurts to fall but don’t over dramatize this hurt as if the world has ended, seeking sympathy would impair your ability to rally back.

3. Don’t run with a broken ankle– Some of you want to get out of trouble too fast. You might sprain get your ankle sprained but you would want to immediately get back to sprinting and consequently injure yourself further . Your defeated mind craves immediate vindication this ends up with you inflicting further damage on yourself. Failure hinders with your capacity to think normally, you cant expect yourself to make important decisions under this trauma. You are better off recuperating your thought process using mental crutches before the next assault.


4. Steady steps instead of strides– To claw yourself out of the ditch of sorrow, you need steady steps rather than strides. Accept your mistakes, analyse your errors and enhance your skill set before you rally back. A stabilized strategy scores over a haphazard attack. Accommodate more variables than you previously did so that you don’t repeat mistakes. Approach every step with respect but without fear.

5. Rebound with unstoppable enthusiasm– Once you rid yourself from the hangover of the fall, its time to channelize all your energies and unleash all your energy in the pursuit of recapturing the lost glory. Strike your dreams with a force so powerful that the end products of such a blast, echo across eternity as tales and legends.


6. You can fulfill your dreams but never fulfill your potential– At times when you lose you might think of it as a signal that you have accomplished enough. Never be fooled by this as you can fulfill your own dreams but there are a lot of other dreams you can help fulfill. Your potential is infinite, when you think you have surpassed your own dreams think about how you can contribute to the lives of others.

Your spirit is not meant to be caged and deprived of fulfilling its true potential. You might not win all the wars but if you are willing to rally back every time you fall you might just win this battle of life.

Have a good day!




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