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6 ways to radiate positive energy

Sorrow begets sorrow and joy is the antidote to your daily struggles. When you emit joy, you not only heal your own selves, but also cure others by providing an unexpected pat on their back which they absolutely deserve. When you radiate positive energy you become the reason for someone else’s joy, who in turn conduct this happy feeling forward. This leads to a mass increase of positive thinking leading to peace, prosperity and progression of individuals and the society.

You can say that happiness then is the outcome of altering perception. If you manage to alter your own, you find out how to alter someone else’s. Some people might be too busy looking to actually find this happiness. Others might keep this elation to themselves, but the few who actually understand the significance of sharing this positive energy, spread it as much as possible. They know that the happiness which they share now will sooner or later come back to them from one source or the other. They might be too happy to accept more of it now, but they will most definitely need in the due course of their unpredictable lives.

This makes radiating positive energy a prominent aspect of mindful living. The more we spread the more it comes back. As once you get caught in the endless web of grief, you not only start an infinite loop of sorrow for yourself and repel all the joy that is waiting for you, but also spoil the situation for everyone around you. Here are some ways of radiating this joie de vivre:

1. Find your gratitude, uplift your vibe– It is essential to open your eyes to the miracles around you. You get so many things you don’t deserve yet you are too caught up being sad for the other things you don’t get. The first step towards making yourself the epicenter of elation is to be grateful for the gift of life. Once you find grace, you will transcend yourself to a superior form of being, one where you would illuminate the lives of others while uplifting your own vibe.

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2. Chase your dreams– It gets hard for you to be truly content if you are not chasing your dreams. Your lack of purpose commands you to help others in pursuits you are not interested in. This, over a period of time, leads to a conflict, wherein you become disgruntled at living someone else’s life. If you are yourself full of resentment it gets hard to even appear positive. Whereas when you are chasing your dreams, you take everything that comes your way with a pinch of salt, knowing the bigger purpose of accomplishing your dreams is more important than petty failure. This acts as an inspiration for others, and makes you the shining star they crave to follow,

3. See the best in others and the situation– It is convenient to be cynical, dare to be an optimist. When you filter out the negative aspect of your vision, you see the hope in despair, the spec of light in darkness, the opportunity in misery and the lotus in the filth. When you start noticing and admiring the subtleties in others, you not only put a smile to people’s faces but simultaneously condition yourself to always notice the good in any situation. This empowers you to be positive through any storm that you might encounter, helping yourself and others to withstand all the helplessness time throws your way.

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4.Be hopeful– Being hopeful implies believing that with every passing moment and every situation,good or bad, the sum total of your life experience improves. You either become successful, learn lessons, have gratifying experience or learn to endure sorrow. A truly hopeful person will be able to unravel the mesmeric quality of every little experience life brings your way. Such people are a natural source of optimism for the ones around them, who become helpless and disillusioned when things go slightly against them.

5. Absorb the pessimism– The ones who radiate positive energy aren’t exempted from negative experiences. They simply learn to react positively to every obstacle which comes their way. They are not immune to the web of pessimism, On the contrary they have had an overdose of it at an early age. This makes them adapt to negative changes better. You should learn to live with the pessimism as it is impossible to avoid it. You might be criticized for being too positive by the ones still en route to a better perception of reality, the mere number of these helplessly negative people will make you question your positive mindset, but if you persevere, you will serve yourself and the people around you well.

6. Share the love– First they ignore you, they they poke fun at you, then they fight you and ultimately they start following you. Not many understand the significance of being and sharing positive energy. Such is the current shape of the world that someone willing to help you conditionally is seen with skepticism and resented. But your strength of purpose, making the world a better place, should help you get over these minor obstacles. If you refrain from sharing your bliss, it will go to waste.

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Only the ones with the strength of character to bare being misunderstood, used and abused can indulge in radiating positive energy perpetually. As the rewards for being benevolent are more subliminal than material.  The world, not being used to selflessness might not understand your intentions, would try to use you or abuse for putting up a pretense of happiness, But the immeasurable joy of sharing your existential euphoria with someone else is beyond material gains and worldly treasures. The gifts of sharing this bliss is a very intimate one. It can only be savored by the ones who make it their life purpose to unconditionally add to someone else’s life. Sacrificing selfish pleasures for progression of the human race.

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