6 ways to live with fear

Blessed are those who can see their fear pass the ones who protect their dreams and outlast,

Who bare with the chill in their spine, who take control rather than run away or whine.

Who act despite of the cold sweat on their brow, who believe that life is only right here and right now,

Blessed are those who don’t forsake their dreams when the going gets tough, when you conquer fear you never give up cause you catch your weak minds bluff.

Fear is an unavoidable by-product of the process of living. Fear strangely is an ingredient in the recipe of success. Those who achieve anything in life were fearful once, they managed to live with this fear without letting it control their destinies This was the difference between them and the others who gave in to fear and were molded by it.

Fear divides your identity into two parts, the ordinary and the extra ordinary. Everyone acquires certain fears as they grow up, the more logical they become the more they seem to find out what all to avoid. Thereby subconsciously conditioning themselves to avoid making mistakes, to the extent of being afraid of making them,

What this leads to is an ordinary lifeless life, with little fulfillment and a lot of excuses. The earlier you discover and face your fear, the more likely you are of overcoming it. But when you let it grow this fear feeds off on your ambitions and makes you settle for stable instead of success.

As time passes you start avoiding things you fear, not knowing that these are the very things you actually want. Fear paralyses your mind and punctures your spirit, relegating you to accept what life gives you rather than realizing your true purpose.

Here are 6 ways that have helped me live with fear, acknowledge it but let dictate my life:

  • Participate in life fear Being a mere spectator will make you knowledgeable but what is knowledge without experience. Experience the abundance that comprises are cosmos and  you will empower yourself to face everything spontaneously, rather than just procrastinating and leaving the door open for fear to enter. Rather than straining your brain on devising strategies and plans, take the leap of faith and respond to what life brings your way.
  • Cultivate courage– Fear cant be eradicated, but can be crippled with courage. Courage has to be cultivated by persisting beyond the pain, surviving beyond the strain, surrounding yourself with people who are stronger than you rather than those who only add to your fear.  Once you learn to live with fear you wont let it dictate the course of your life. Make yourself stronger in the face of fear by never giving in to it, with time you would have cultivated enough courage to look forward to your next battle with fear.
  • Don’t beware, be aware– Time and society teach you to be more careful, as a result with age you develop limiting beliefs and phobias. You become less open to change and so cautious that life comes to a stand still.  Sad are those lifeless lives which spend themselves way before their time is done. Learn to be more aware with every breathing moment. Awareness will give you the confidence to act spontaneously. Meditate, silence your brain for certain times daily, let your instincts take over, replenish your will to combat the unrelenting fear which cripples your spontaneity.
  • Believe in the beauty of the cosmos  fearWhen you sit and think about it , you will understand that we inhabit a mere spec of dust in the universal storm, which has the perfect conditions to support life. We are lucky to find ourselves here, and the energy that is responsible for getting us here is powerful enough to guide us through life, teaching us the lessons we need to learn and making us fulfill our purposes. It is when you lose belief in yourself, and the energy which comes from the soul of the universe, that you start taking stupid decisions based on fearful logic.  Believe in the abundant energy around you and let it fill you up with so much belief that you are willing to go beyond accepted norms while chasing your passions. Be guided by the universe not by fear.
  • Never fail to try new things– The most vital tool one can develop to fight fear is the ability to always try something new without thinking too much about the consequences. When you try new activity you see yourself evolve in the particular task. You see how you grow as you adapt to the changes involved in pursuing the particular activity. You see how you get the hang of tasks which appeared unthinkable till not so long ago. This gives you the confidence to face life fearlessly as you are in tune with accommodating for variable change. You don’t need to plan and give life a chance to surprise you.
  • If you can’t find an angel, be one fear Most people look for an external source, a motivator, an angel to help them face,fight and overcome their fears. But why cant you cultivate enough courage to not only help yourselves but others who are looking for angels. People are inspired to chase their dreams when they see other people around them do the same. So remember by fighting your fears you are not only helping yourself but also assisting others who struggle with fear.  Inspiring others is reason enough to keep working at your art despite of repetitive failure, it also helps you keep going further even when you have achieved your objectives.

The ones who speculate, trying to forecast which way life will go never get rid of the fear of the unknown. It is impossible to avoid the situations which life can create, the list of variables is infinitely long for a human to account for. So, rather than further fueling your fear by planning to avoid fear all your life, immerse yourself into things you don’t like doing, this will surely make you grow into the fearless soul you were born to be. Fear never dies, you just need to keep it on a leash.




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