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6 ways to demagnetize your smartphone


It took me 27 minutes to actually start writing this article from the time I had made my mind to write it. How I spent the 27 minutes is the exact reason why I am writing the article. I, like most of you, posses the most magnetic device in this universe, a smartphone. A device which keeps you perpetually tantalized, diverting your attention from what is essential to what is comforting. Its high time that you demagnetize your smart phones and start governing your own thoughts and actions.

The smartphones are your entry into the virtual world. A world which offers distractions, distant comforts and an endless extravaganza of events and information which serves as an easy and pleasurable escape from the pressures of the real world. Your desire of being significant and your inquisitiveness to be the first to know, combine in a deadly manner to keep you glued on your smartphones forever because something interesting is always happening.

Although I myself struggle at times to cope with the hypnotic pull of the smart phone, but I discovered some tricks which might help you in diminishing if not eliminating this enchantment.

  1. Realizing your haplessness– Realization is the first step towards improvement. People fail to recognize their addiction till its too late. You can do this through a simple experiment. Switch off your phone over the weekend, your mood at the end of the day will make you realize your haplessness. You can only detach yourself from the magnetic flux once you are consciously aware of it.
  2. Dispelling the fear of the dark– Everyone fears the dark when you are alone but this fear fades when you are with someone. Life is similar. The journey seems joyful if you have company. Yet, you should understand that your fear of being alone shouldn’t compel you to make desperate digital decisions. Understand that all your fears are nothing more than mind tricks. Dont base significant decisions with an ever lasting effect on such mind tricks.
  3. Its too late to renounce– The digital world has closely entwined personal and professional life. The same phone you use to crack big deals and make presentations can be used to idle away time endlessly, the same phone which is responsible for your progress can lead you to wasting away your life, the same phones which connect you to family and friends also connect you to the entire world. As a result initiating a complete digital detox becomes a precarious objective, not one for the weak at heart and will. Completely renouncing your phone is not conducive in the long run,what you need to do is rid yourself of the dependence on these devices, so that you can get to decide when you use them rather than the other way round.                                                                                                                              smartphone
  4. Initiating the customized digital detox-  Asses your priorities without a comfort-ability bias. This will help you create a digital detox plan where you are both connected with the absolutely essential parts of your life and at the same time testing yourself to resist the temptations of the digital disco. You have to prioritize connectivity with family and work, and attempt to absolutely ignore everything else.
  5. Refrain from answering the night calls– The urge to know more and feel connected is at its peak before a person goes to sleep. The brain seems to resent your attempts of resting it by becoming over active. As a result most people involve themselves in aimless social media knowledge gathering or useless conversations just before sleeping. The lure is too enticing and before you know it, you welcome the rising sun before sleeping. Your smartphone is at its most majestic magnetic at night, don’t answer these nightcalls, switch it off and rest your brain.
  6. Revisit yester years to resurrect realer hobbies– Yes the web of virtual hobbies is severe obstacle in your attempts of gaining control over your smartphones. A smart choice now is to go back to your younger years and bring back realer hobbies like a sport, stamp collection, star gazing or maybe actually meeting friends and relatives.

The modern meditation


Gone are the times when people were independent enough to spend hours controlling and conditions their thoughts. The modern methods of meditations involve resisting the magnetic pull of the mobile for as long as you can. You might think you are ahead of the pack in your battle with this addiction but try this modern method of mediation to find out for yourself. Ridding yourself of the pull of the magnetic mobile is not as easy at appears, try to meditate in the modern way and you might empower yourself to indulge in the more traditional ways.

Men made machine as a companion but finds himself enslaved by it. It doesn’t make sense to slay your companion but you can learn to live with it. At the end of the day, its the frailties in your character and not the magnetism of the machine which pulls you towards it.

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2 thoughts on “6 ways to demagnetize your smartphone”

  1. my mobile phone has a magnetic field sensor, e.g. used as a compass. seemingly there are some ferromagnetic parts in it, too and somehow i must have held a magnet too close to it, so now these parts are magnetized, making it impossible to use the compass. now i have searched whether someone knew a way to demagnetize the phone. by that i found your article. here, you are essentially using the term “to demagnetize a phone” for “to stop looking at that damn thing every time it beeps”.
    long story short, i love you, you made my day.

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