6 ways to be smooth in your own shoes?


At times you are so busy copying others that you fail to recognize your own talents, at others you waste your talents on cheap exhibitionism just like the celebrities you follow.

It is always easier to get influenced by the easy and more comfortable things. Difficulty lies in being inspired by work ethics, dedication and discipline. So what the media provides is a mix bag of trash that influences rather than inspires. We end up fascinated, but with very little more to offer than a mix of all the TV programs we watch or the social media we see.

Being smooth in your shoes implies being comfortable and confident in your own zone, to know what you are good at and then doing your best to further optimize your talents.

Talents are best utilized in one of the three ways:

1. In transforming oneself to a better self.

2. In making this world a better place.

3. In helping someone else realize and fulfill their potential.

But nowadays people who are busy imitating fail to build individual perspectives. This is why they don’t recognize their own talents and hence spend their lives enslaved, longing for shoes which they wont fit in.


People are too busy trying to fit themselves into someone else’s shoes to be comfortable in their own. Yes, it is very hard to overlook the great measures that PR agencies make in promoting the partial talents of their over glamorized clients. But while seeking solace in debating and discussing these inconsequential over hyped fools, we overlook the beauty in ourselves and the environment around us.

Yes we are enamored by the hope and excitement we see in someone else’s shoes. They allure us because we aren’t comfortable with our own. Here are some ways to find the beauty inside of you and to learn how to be smooth in your own shoes:

1. Take time off from virtual lives daily– Shut the TV, the smart phone and the laptop for sometime daily. When you lose touch with the virtual, you find out whats real. When you find out whats real, you realize what you actually feel.

2. Spend time with humans, don’t always talk through typing– The internet offers respite from the mundane-ness of a regular life, but more often than not we end up overdoing it. Our social skills are suffering because nowadays we majorly talk through typing. Hence we aren’t confident enough in our skills to be comfortable in our own shoes.

The only way you talk
The only way you talk

3. Short self imposed exiles, are worth the while– Spend some time away from the madness, learn stillness from the mountains and the flow from a stream, chase the sunset on a bike, savor the mornings first gleam. If you can afford to spend some time alone with nature, you will get more comfortable with yourself. Nature will unfold to you, sides of yourself which you haven’t yet discovered. The farther away you are from the world, the closer you get to yourself.

4. Lost in thought is where you actually find ourselves– It doesn’t take too much or too long to lose yourself in thought. Overcoming intrinsic resistance is the biggest obstacle to the windows of the soul. Meditation involves training yourself to overcoming this resistance. Once you are through, you can custom make your shoe.

5. Seek to inspire not to impress– It is not bad to share experiences. The bouquet of social media apps make it possible to instantly share everything you are doing and feeling. But experiencing new things, just because you want to share it later, takes the fun away from the experience and makes your lives more people centric. This doesn’t allow you to be smooth in your shoe because you are constantly molding your actions in order to impress. You can only inspire when you are comfortable being who you are, and this gets conveyed by what you share socially.

6. Exercise both the mind and body– Be spontaneous and instinctive, practice creativity consciously, if you are patient with yourself, you will get better. Same goes with exercises. When you spend time with yourself, without any obligations to the external world, you learn lessons about inner peace which no book will teach.

Preventing foot sores 


Everyone who has achieved anything significant has been smooth in their shoes. This has helped them expressed themselves fully. Although they have had enumerable inspirations but still their identity was totally unique.

Its impossible to stay away from influences nowadays. The digital invasion has made people think alike. There are divided by interests yet united by their addiction of the medium. A non addict is labelled an outcast. But till the time you don’t use the medium instead of being its slave, you will never learn to be smooth in your shoes. To achieve anything of significance its essential to be unique otherwise you are just safe in your shoes not smooth in it. Once you learn to be smooth in your shoes you inspire others to do the same automatically.

Though we live together as a united race yet we can have our own unique identities like Lions in a pride. Here are a few lines from Five finger death punch to help you stand strong in your own shoes and make a difference.

I will not be forgotten
This is my time to shine
I’ve got the scars to prove it
Only the strong survive
I’m not afraid of dying
Everyone has their time
Life never favored weakness
Welcome to the pride

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