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6 ways of losing weight mentally

weight loss

Losing weight has become the “going to the mall” , “eating a pizza” , “guzzling the cola” of the 21st century, everybody wants to do it. It took a lot of hard work for our race to get to this point, making losing fat a worldwide trend. Almost everybody is looking for shortcuts to shed off those extra kilos once they have eaten their way to bellyland. And almost everyone is looking for the quickest and least discomforting way of getting back the body they had before a mix of tempting food and laziness obstructed their mirrors.

Just some regular moderation would have helped you avoid your current state of depressive desperation.By ignoring the necessary for a long enough period of time, you not only make yourself susceptible to long term damage, but also indulge in short term remedies, which are all the more dangerous. A balanced lifestyle and preventive healthcare methodologies would have saved you from all the personal trainers, weight control diets, fat loss supplementation and other fitness activities requiring you to sacrifice your daily routines.

The short cut myth

weight loss

But now you are desperately looking for that secret mantra or enchanted elixir which will make you lose weight faster. A way to lose weight with minimal possible effort in the shortest of time frame. Remember, that it took you years and years of unhealthy practices to reach your present state of being, hence it is not possible to get back to being healthy in a very short period of time. Although you might be able to lose a few pounds following strict diets and bone jarring workout routines, you wont be able to sustain the effort for too long, failing which, you will plunge deeper into ill health.

Recounting past mistakes might overload you with misery but hindsight educates you on your mistakes.It is important to understand that good health is not a matter of a few months of rigorous training or a week long diet, it is a discipline, which should be practiced daily in all aspects of life. If you are too lazy to do basic exercises and too carefree to refrain from excessive indulgences, then you open the door to fat, ill health and chronic diseases. With this being said, the easiest way to lose weight is by not letting yourself gain it in the first place. Try to balance your diet and do some sort of a workout daily, without expecting any gifts for it.

weight loss

The mental weight loss

Now for the ones who find themselves helplessly fat and in need of sudden transformation, it is to be understood that fat loss actually begins with the brain. The body might help you achieve your goals, but the energy to relentlessly pursue your dream of looking and feeling better comes from within. Here are 6 ways which would help you mold your thought process and achieve all your weight loss goals:

1. Overcome petty temptations– The desire to over eat just to please your tongue, or smoke death to suffocate your lungs. Seeking to drown reality with needless food and intoxicating drinks, all these petty temptations prevent you from acting till you reach the brink.  It is easy to shed responsibility but most difficult to be responsible. If you manage to control giving in to your petty desires you go a long way towards shedding weight and all your troubles too.

2. Destroy laziness– Laziness is the tallest mountain between you and what you want to do. It is vital to recognize it as it hides behind a million excuses, things which appear to suddenly become more important than your attempts at losing weight. Laziness should be drenched in an ice bucket as soon as it makes its presence felt. You should recognize that the biggest enemy of your weight loss regime lies between your own to ears, but you can make this enemy your biggest ally if you learn to control it.

3. Optimize effort– Punching a wall doesn’t make you Mike Tyson, singing in your bathroom doesn’t make you Frank Sinatara and playing Temple Run wont make you Usain bolt. If you want to achieve anything you have to optimize your efforts, same is the case with weight loss. Don’t be too dependent on someone else to help you at all times, seek advise not dependency. You know yourself the best so it should be you who should be making your weight loss programs and diet charts by collecting genuine advises, researching the internet and making gurus rather than hiring personal trainers.

4. Nurture Optimism– You should believe that whatever you are doing, as insignificant as it might appear, is helping you in a way. The muscle mind complex is such that if you don’t believe in your efforts, you don’t see any results, get disheartened and then quit completely. Read about and watch other people making their dreams come true, this will help you inspire yourself and others by creating an environment of optimism.

weight loss

5. Sustaining effort– Any purpose if pursued by the will of accomplishing a certian objective becomes purposeless when the objective is achieved. Similarly if you manage to lose all the weight you wanted, you will most certainly put it all and more back on, if you don’t continue your efforts. Hence, the will to compete against oneself should be sustained till the end of time.

6. Desire, Dedication and determination– You need to build a pit-less reserve of desire to be willing to do anything to achieve your goal, dedication to overcome petty temptations and determination to keep going even when you don’t feel things are working.

If you dig deep down, you will find all the energy and enthusiasm you need to transform yourself into a better form. Yet you should understand, that all the things preventing you from doing this lie inside you too. You got to learn to suppress these feelings in order to give room to something more positive to take their place.

weight loss

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