6 ways how nature helps you hack life

An awakened mind learns more from the smallest things in nature, enlightenment then is not a destination but a means of understanding life better. The enlightened one is empowered with a superior receptivity, an understanding which sets him apart from common perception.

Most of us have similar patterns of living, yet some of us notice things that others don’t. This is a result of an inner awakening which doesn’t alter the surroundings but finds newer meanings from similar things.

Nature for me is the best teacher. If you find time to observe it, you learn many lessons that books and institutes don’t teach. The unlimited scope of knowledge at your disposal is easily ignored because of fast paced lives and the struggle for survival. But the ones who rid themselves from this daily rat race will acknowledge the scope of therapeutic natural secrets and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Here are six ways how nature helps you hack life :

1. The exuberance of birds and bees instills joy into reality- The chirpy birds and buzzing bees can only be heard in the backdrop of horns, shouts and noise these days. Usually they are perceived as disturbances on a lazy morning, but when one comes to think of it, they not only provide a relief from mechanical noise but also indicate the excitement present in these little souls and how they celebrate each moment of their limited lives.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives– You don’t need too much to be excited, you can be happy with whatever is around you.


2.  The stillness of plants and trees renders calmness to your sense of being- At time life demands you to run and at others you just need to be still. The latter part has almost become impossible due to the enumerable distractions of the modern world. Plants and trees carry on with their daily responsibilities, of sustaining life, without expecting much in return.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives-When you feel restless , craving attention, excitement, doing whatever it is that you do, just observe the simplicity with which a tree operates all its daily responsibilities. Its selfless stillness will help you keep calm and simplify life.


3. The well orchestrated natural systems which supports life, show us the unconditional love which nature provides– Many small things systems align in the most perfect order to make life possible. The night and day cycle, the water cycle, the weather, wind system, solar system, all contribute towards making this life possible for humans who don’t have to do anything to deserve this gift. Its natures unconditional love which makes life possible and you being
a part of nature should strive to radiate as much unconditional love as possible.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives- You don’t always need a reason or motive to do something good to someone, just like nature doesn’t need a reason to make this life possible for you. Go one make a day, make someone happy beyond measure without expecting anything in return.

4. There is a new day after every calamity, there is no permanent pathos, makes you realize that there is always clarity after the chaos- Nature has a way of bouncing back from calamities, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and asteroids, have always obstructed life but never terminated it. Most calamities are man made but nature does its best to help humans recover from these and for itself and the human race to progress.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives– In life you will come across many problems, you will suffer from the consequences of someone else’s mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you give up. Beyond the chaos in your life, will live clarity, don’t give up on yourself just like nature gives up on you.

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5. The abundant joys at offer regardless of the pollution humans cause, teaches us a thing about love and accepting people with all their flaws- Yes you play a pivotal role in polluting the world(collective responsibility as a race) . Air, water, wind and though pollution all stem from us humans. But irrespective of all our attempts to sabotage natural life, we wake to a bright sun every new day.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives- When nature offers you all its gifts without partiality why do you judge and fail to accept people as they are. Love unconditionally, spread the magic which is inside your soul.


6. The mesmeric aesthetic  surprises we get when we least expect inspires us to do good to others without regret– Nature never seizes to amaze you with its magnificence. When you least expect it, nature uncovers one of its enumerable aesthetic surprises like a sunset when you are travelling, a gentle breeze when you are sweating, unexpected rain when its hot. nature has the knack of perfectly placing one of its beautiful surprises in front of you when you need some cheering up, or need to be inspired.

Lessons you can incorporate in your own lives-Be a source for such magnificence for others. Shine and illuminate the lives around you, surprise people with your goodness, make the sad ones smile, the angry laugh, add to the happiness of the lives around you without wanting a medal for it .

Although these things are pretty obvious but the rat race doesn’t allow us to take our attention to notice and act on the subliminal lessons of nature.

Hope you can unearth some of your own life lessons that nature brings to you in varied ways. If you are keen on listening nature will speak to you, so try to listen carefully. If you are keen on seeing nature will show you ways of improving your lives, so see carefully. Charge yours senses and you will discover enumerable lessons around you, which will help you lead a fruitful life.

If you can harness your energies and re-calibrate your view, you will be able to notice that nature has embedded within it many hidden clues, You can either spend your life ignoring these like a fool or awaken yourself and utilize these to create a better you. 

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