6 ways to fuel your drive


 You are like jet planes, going beyond normal plains, reaching the zenith, surpassing your aims, and then moving on, unrestrained.

The difference between success and failure usually boils down to how long one can persist with their drive. The zone where you feel like nothing can beat you, you are at the top of your game, where complex tasks become facile and the improbable turns ordinary.

You strive to sustain this drive for as long as you can, but it is impossible to be in it perpetually. The fuel responsible for such a drive is rooted emotionally and sooner or later the mind comes in the middle to cut the flow.

Here are 6 ways to maximize your drives:

1. Give yourself a strong enough why– As most of the fuel for your drive is emotional, you will need a strong enough reason to pursue your endeavor. The strength of your reason will determine the energy you can tap to fuel your drive. If you don’t have a good enough reason, which caters to the common good, your fuel will soon extinguish.

2. Have pure intentions– The quality of your intentions are closely related to the strength of your purpose. For example, while assisting people to reach their peak capacity of fitness, some people do better than the others. While many are motivated solely by the money they get or some material benefit, the successful ones genuinely intend to make a healthier world.

3. Never let the hunger be satisfied– Satisfaction should be derived from maximizing your drives and not reaching some end point. Satisfaction based on targets, acts as an instant neutralizer to your drive. The moment you feel satisfied, the effectiveness of your fuel decreases. You have to aim at perpetual improvement in all spheres in order to effectively maximize your drive. You can celebrate achievements, they indicate you are on the right path, but they aren’t the destination.

4, Treat complements and criticism alike– Don’t let people sweep you off your feet or slap you. Feedback is inevitable. The fact that you are existing implies that you will be judged. At the same time try not to ignore genuine appreciation and constructive criticism. Everything else is garbage. If you involve yourself with garbage you will not only diminish the effectiveness of your fuel but also end smelling horrible.

5. Reaffirm regularly–  Unlike resistance which works at optimal levels perpetually, your belief wanes at the first opportunity you give it. And when it dips even minutely resistance is their to suck the soul out of your drive. Reaffirming and reminding yourself about the depth of your desires plays a significant role. Although you might be feeling perfect yet reaffirm regularly, an unforeseen might be right round the corner. You might run out of fuel at times, reaffirming will assist you by always having some reserve.

6. Take failure in your stride-The only way you will have an inexhaustible self replenishing supply of fuel for your drive is if you learn to take failure in your stride. If you take failure too seriously, your drives will only last till the first road block. Keep going even if you found yourself beaten and broken down, if you don’t give up you will never be defeated.

Even if you try harder than the hardest it is impossible to sustain peak levels of performance permanently. What is more important is to recognize when your spirits dwindle and put them back in alignment.

Hope you keep your spirits high and get high with the spirits this weekend. Just use the right fuels. Have a Great Day.

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