6 ways to explore and harness the magic inside


On your quest to rule the world , you often feel discouraged, demotivated and dispirited. Life has an uncanny way of whipping you into submission. You might start your journey in the pinkest of mental and physical health,but in due course you are fooled by life’s randomness, bemused by its unpredictability and jolted by the chaos. There comes a time where you want to give up, where everything seems to work against you and all your energy seems drained. This is when you start questioning your own intentions, doubting your talents, losing confidence and consider giving up.In such a situation, you most often chose the easy path and give up to the resistance. Letting go of your dreams once and for all.

The same resisting force seems to be at work in your daily lives. This force hoodwinks you by making you procrastinate for endless hours, giving you excuses, and by making you focus too much on the problem to actually find the solution. Your inability to act when required delays the inevitable, till the little problem swells up into something out of control. Only when you manage to fight off the procrastinating lazy mind by discovering the abundance of energy hidden inside you , can you beat this resistance.

But only few manage to find that extra inch of inspiration, degree of desire, gram of grit, micron of motivation which propels them through life’s misery and pushes them to the land of champions. This elusive magic helps you go through life’s tribulations, assists you in taking the big plunge towards success, lends you with the grit and tenacity to fulfill your desires, and provides you with a winners mentality. Still only a few make the effort of actually tapping into this super energy. You are so consumed without that you fail to see the powers within. Here are six ways of exploring and harnessing the abundance of energy inside each one of you:

1. Excusenvelope– The biggest stumbling block in discovering the magic inside is your ability to come up with excuses for almost anything which takes you out of your comfort zone. Your mind reasons you out of hard work by giving excuses which are both logical and justifiable. This, almost spontaneous, instinct of coming up with excuses for any task requiring an additional effort prevents you from noticing any other ways of coping with the problem. This ailment has been conditioned into your persona from before you can remember. You have to consciously make the effort of coming out of the envelope of excuses before making your mind to look for a solution.

Excuses are like gatekeepers at the doors to the within, preventing you from entering until you fight them off to discover the magic inside.

2. Complainuisance– With every complain, you give rise to a nuisance which empowers the problem and also obstructs clarity of thought by taking your focus from finding the solution to the problem. Complaining not only magnifies your problems but empowers the people who you complain to with the ability to serve as constant reminders of your shortcomings. . You might manage to overcome your own demons in time, but these human nuisances will never let you become free from them.

Till the time you are not completely free from the outside you will never be able to tap the energy on the inside.


3. Control the fodder to your brain– If you don’t control your mind, someone or something else surely will. The reigns of your mind should be in your own hands. You should be in control of what to feed it so that your mind spends time on the necessary and not the ridiculous. The digital explosion has made it almost impossible to filter content which is thrown on your face everyday. The internet and television influence your brain to be in a perpetual relaxed state so that it can be imprinted by subliminal advertisements. If you are not aware of your thoughts you will never manage to transcend to the super state within.

Feed your brain with well monitored fodder, as the quality of your thoughts defines how deep you can dig in your search for the goldmine of magic which lies within.

4. Friends, rodents, inspirations–  The quality of your life is defined by the 6 people you spend most time with. Choosing who you interact with is very essential. Always be around people who would talk more about solutions than problems, achievements than disasters, growth than failure. You are wasting your lives if you are around people who only indulge in gossip, don’t add anything positive to a discussion, are more worried than happy, are more demoralizing than empowering, spend more time in killing boredom than chasing dreams.

As it is inevitable to live in solitude and you are most definitely persuaded by your surroundings, the people you interact with determine the quality of your thoughts and the vibe you project. Thus it is beneficial to surround yourselves with inspirations who motivate you  than rodents who feed off you.  At most times your environment stimulates you to unravel the magic within.

5. Fearlessness, puncture the eye of the storm– Half of your battles are lost because you dint fight them. Fear prevents you from undertaking any physiological action and also blinds you from discovering the Magic which lies inside you. Fear grips your mind and soul and alters yours actions and perceptions. You live with the fear of death all your life and ultimately die. When death is certain then why spend your time fearing it. It will come when it has to but you should indulge in living rather than fearing till it does.

A commander once said, the opposition loses half of its soldiers to fear, we only have to take care of the rest. Fear paralyses you in the moment of truth, it makes basic tasks appear herculean. If you give in to fear you will neither discover nor believe in the magic inside of you. Fearlessness opens your inner eyes to the inner magic, it lends you with the self belief to fight all life battles to the best of your best ability, with a garnish of determination and passion.

6. Keep your senses open– Social and parental pressures seem to incapacitate your senses. You are conditioned to think within the purview of what your parents and society allow. Parents generally want stability, a quest for stability in a chaotic world is a difficult proposition. What parental expectation actually does is lower your aspirations, thereby limiting your scope of purpose. The consequence of this is that you never seem to open your senses to their full potential. If you manage to overcome these unavoidable obstacles you will most certainly find the magic within by activating all your senses the their maximum.

You just have to find the dormant inner child inside you and bring it back to life. You were much wiser before society fooled you into believing its lies.


By making “avoiding conflicts” the basis of your lives you attract more of them. by understanding the significance of expanding your paradigm and being in alignment with the universe, you allow yourself to explore the magic inside, which are waiting to be discovered so as to make you achieve what you are really worth.


Have a Good Day





ere your magic really lies is deep down inside.

Stand guard at the door of your mind.



Be strong, You never know who you are inspiring.

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