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4+2 ways to be an incombustible shooting star


Yes we all shine. We are no less than shooting stars.Even the dumbest ones are born with some spark. You might illuminate your own world, if not anyone else’s. You go through days where everything seems magical and you inspire awe. But you cant sustaing this feeling for too long. Soon, your talents burn out. You go back to being your average or even below average selves.

You may take up that new fitness or language course or maybe a new project and make it a part of your lives for a week, a month, an year. But then what happens? Where does the passion go?

Similarly with relationships. You assume a wonderstruck disposition for the initial bit but then it gets a little hectic, doesn’t it?

At work, you might work like a maniac and the sailing would be smoother than an ice cube  for the first few months, till the time you realize that someone else’s plate is more full than yours. The same keyboard which appeared like a piano where you used to create audible magic would appear to be littered with thorns. The reasons for your burns outs are aplenty and you seem to discover them after the initial sparkle.

Burning out

Same goes with colleges, diet plans and pets. Once you satisfy the anticipatory excitement, it mostly burns out. But how do we persist with an endeavor or a relationship in an age where the attention span is shorter than Mr Lannister. Here are 4+2 ways of being the incombustible shooting star, which keeps on going and never burns out:

1. Spend more time choosing to prevent excusing– They tell you to dip your toes before diving in. But you still wont discovers the monsters which hide at the river bed. Either accept the flow of the cosmos( which involves making repetitive mistakes without repenting) or choose the tasks or person you want to pursue carefully.

2. Strive for perpetual self improvement– The problem with setting targets for yourself is that either they are too high and you are disheartened seeing the task ahead or they are too easy and you achieve them and get back to your state of relaxation. If you strive for perpetual self improvement the fire to get better will never extinguish and you will keep going.

3. Motivation should mostly be intrinsic– The most dependable supply of motivation lies within. If we seek it outside we are bound to find ourselves left stranded sooner rather than later. We can only be assured of a constant supply of inspiration if we look within. This way we wont need and good luck charm, a fancy muse or a training partner. Extrinsic supplements can be helpful temporarily but bare in mind that they will leave the day you need them the most.

4. Increase your bare-ability for bullshit– The better adapted you are to nuisances the lesser they will affect you. Usually you waste your time justifying yourself to detractors and silencing the critics, this ceases your momentum till you come to a halt. If you increase your threshold for nuisances you will keep going no matter what happens. Improvising and instincts will help you overcome these momentary mishaps.

5. Build a reserve for when you would find yourself running on low fuel– The bad when everything works against you is unavoidable like Candy crush request. It will find its way into your peaceful progress and threaten to dampen your morale. You need to train yourself to cope with this kind of a day in advance, rather than be found dumbstruck when it happens. As opposed to momentary mishaps, this day will bring to you a barrage of bullshit, only the ones who have build a reserve for themselves, through conscious meditation and mindfulness, will manage to cope and move on.

6. Let there be no distractions– Distractions appear in the form and at the time you least expect. The allurement of distractions overpowers all your self control capabilities. They provide momentary joy to take your eye off the bigger picture. The more you try ignore them the more they hinder your thoughts. Don’t be tricked by these devious distractions. Learn to look at them and leave them alone. They might irritate you for a few moments but wont stop you from your pathway to glory.

shooting star

I heard that a few shooting stars fell on the east American coast while I was writing this piece. Maybe the cosmos wants to serve examples for my articles.

These shooting stars might have lost focus or were distracted from their normal course by some mesmerizing cosmic blast.

Learn from them and don’t burn out Or get distracted. Find your path, prepare your mind and relentlessly pursue your objectives like incombustible shooting stars.

Have a great day!!!!


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