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10 steps to make your own diet plan

A customized diet plan along with specific training and proper rest forms the basis of all health regimes. People usually get caught up with a number of fancy things on offer in the market which assure them super fast results, but in reality, weight loss or any healthy endeavor is a gradual process requiring sustained effort.

A modern day diet plan

A modern world diet plan is too mechanized, too complex and involves too many sacrifices.  I always stay away from generalized diet plans. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. A lot of sacrifices are involved making them impossible to sustain.
  2. People lose interest because of lack of choices.
  3. Its impossible to recondition an individual so suddenly and get them off what they have been eating since they were born.
  4. As soon as you go off the diet plan you come back to your original form.

When I recommend someone what to eat it is in accordance with the following points:

  1. Their lifestyle, which includes preferences of cuisine and taste and their day to day activity.
  2. Their goal, everyone has different ones, some want to lose weight others to gain lean muscle.
  3. Their responsiveness to change. Some people are flexible and can accept and sustain major changes  while for others the transformation takes place in a step by step manner, where we make one change at a time.

How to design your own diet plan

Here are 10 to guide you to design your diet plan:

  • The basic fundamental behind all diet plans is the arrangement of macro nutrients. (Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins).
  • If someone wishes to lose weight he has to eat less and work(train)more, if someones wishes to gain healthy weight (in form of muscle) they have to eat more and work(train)more.
  • Divide your meals into smaller parts which is spread throughout the day. How much you eat in a single sitting should decrease as the day progresses. (The  chart will give you an idea)

diet plan

The composition of your meal should vary as per the time of the day. Composition of Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins in your meal cant be the same throughout the day. Refer to the pie charts for planMornings should comprise of meals which have a higher carb ratio. Being the first meal of the day your body has spent more time in starvation and has the rest of the day to digest and utilize this meal. 
diet plan

Your afternoon meals should have a ration wherein proteins replace some of the carbohydrate ratio. With a considerable higher portion of proteins and significantly lower amount of carbs.

diet plan

In the evenings your carbohydrate intake should be replaced by more fat intake. Therefore the ration of carbohydrates dwarfs to under 10%.

  • Try to find out food items rich in the specific nutrient from what is cooked at your house and arrange them according the points provided, before moving on to the specific check list of food items which are mentioned below.
  • What you eat is as important as when you eat(click here to see the checklist of healthy carbs, proteins and fats).
  • The days that you train more than usual(heavy muscle groups like legs) you are expected to eat more carbohydrates than the days you train lesser.
  • Water is an integral part of every diet plan.
  • Every 7-10 days try to include one meal which you enjoy the most.
  • Avoid simple sugars (even in form of fruits) after the sun sets. (Personally try to avoid white poison(sugar and salt) as much as you can.)
  • Green vegetables are to be considered calorie less and can be freely consumed throughout the day.

Use these ideas to adjust whatever you eat a little bit at first. Once you stick to the changes for a week or two, try to make more changes. As you start seeing results and feeling healthier you will automatically make more changes.  Don’t make it too hard for yourself that you quit altogether, hit the right balance and progress slowly.

Just remember all good diet plans have to keep evolving. Otherwise you get bored with them and quit. If you ever want personalized help in designing your diet plan drop in a mail at

Making a diet plan is not as difficult as the world makes it to be. So start today.

Have a good day.


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