The power of necessity



Necessity can make you slay beasts, and mount peaks, it empowers the weak, making them dig deep. If you can make it necessary you can have the world at your at your feet.

Necessity has the unique ability of putting the impossible to test, of making geniuses out of fools, and lions out of rats. When your life depends on something and you don’t have any alternatives left, you seem expand your capabilities by tapping into some unseen energy. This unique energy not only rescues you in difficult situations but is also the source of many discoveries, inventions, stories of success and survival.

Most acts of greatness were only accomplished because they became a necessity. Imagine the night before an important exam. Your mind goes beyond itself to understand otherwise Byzantine formulas, you can endure the books you hate through the entire day and night and learn endless pages which would have been impossible to do without the pressure. Your desperation pulls you through the line and most often than not you enter your examination halls prepared. Necessity makes your brain function beyond the normal, persist beyond the obvious and introduces you to a superior from of yourself.

Make things necessary and they become possible



You might be down and out, and the distance might be great, but if it is a necessity you will definitely take the leap of faith.

Sitting by the Ganges the other day I saw groups of children, as young as 4 jumping into the mighty river and gliding across it without any fear. On a more elaborate examination, I saw that they were collecting coins from the river bed., coins offered to this holy river by the millions of devotees who visit it. It was surprising to see them swim with no senior person around. These kids don’t even know what a swimming instructor is, necessity is their instructor.

When I had a word with a few them I found out that they are thrown into the river at a very young age so that they can start fending for their families. The first few times they start drowning and it becomes difficult to breathe. As breathing becomes a necessity survival instincts take over, the mind and body start performing beyond their abilities until they adapt to the new environment. If swimming wasn’t a necessity for this kids, they would have never learnt to swim, and that too in the Ganges.

If you are not desperate enough, as desperate as you are for air when you are drowning, you will not achieve anything substantial. Its only when you make whatever that you wish to achieve a necessity, that you find the desperation to make it a reality.

Necessity is the mother of invention and the grandmother of progress



When courage becomes the need of the hour, you are blessed with limitless power.


Necessity stimulates the warrior in you, it unleashes the beast within, unshackles the genius hides in you and instigates superhuman instincts which let you perform at your peak till you get through. All you have to do then is to treat every want as a necessity. Anything you wish can be accomplished, you just need to trigger your own desperation by necessitating it. If you want to live a fulfilled life merely wishing wont help, you need to want it as bad as you want to breathe when you are suffocating.

The subliminal energies that necessity harnesses are non existent to the common man. Only the ones who are willing to be stubborn with their desperation, unconditionally resilient in their pursuits and willing to put everything on the line will manage to trigger this energy. The rest can just sit and Dream on.

Sometimes you don’t need a school, a book, a teacher, a guru to learn a new skill, it just needs to be necessary enough to be learnt. Same goes with every objective you undertake, if you make it a necessity it will be accomplished, and you will progress.


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