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Hybrid Humans – Adapting to a Digital Lifestyle

As man’s interaction with technology gets more intimate we come to the understanding that a new species of Homo Sapiens has come to being.  They look like us, they talk like us, they speak like us, they are among us but they think differently. As the transitional generation of humans passes on the torch to the fully hybrid ones, I forsee even more amalgamation with technology.

The ones trying to avoid this digital revolution (check out Darwins  theory) are fighting a lost cause, the scale of interaction has long surpassed a state of withdrawal. Reading through this article  you will find out why you will be a fool to think about avoiding technology and why learning to manage it is a better aim.

All we can do now is to adapt to a digital lifestyle by inculcating good digital habits in ourselves and the people around us so that we,as humans, remain the masters of our work rather than losing out completely to technology..

Digital Diffusion – The New Networks

digital lifestyle
Computer circuit board in the form of the human brain Credits Huffingtonpost

As an Urban Yogi it is easy for me to believe that there is a network of energy which connects all of us.  The causal energy governing all lives is also referred to as spirit, and is mentioned directly and indirectly in almost all religious texts.

This intangible energy helps us connect with other humans and align with some without even saying a word, based on the energy they emit..  This is why we seem to form an automatic  alignment with some strangers who are in the vibrational frequency  while we get bad vibe from others.

In the modern world such energy has been represented faintly by electrical energy and now is being represented by the digital network which affords you a digital lifestlyle.

The modern way of life is a diffusion between meditative and  cybernated worlds. Although meditation is a far wider concept which helps you connect to your innermost self but try moving your head around this.

When you shut your eyes you can be anyone or anywhere you want, modern technology helps you almost to do that through virtual reality, you have more scope of memory through the digital network and google.

Imagine the Possibilities of a Holistic Digital Lifestyle

As mentioned by  the modern world visionary Elon Musk in a podcast with Joe Rogan  the biggest problem now with  the digital interface is the slow input times. We either have to type or speak to access the information which is a very slow process when we compare it with how quickly our brain works.

The solution is a neural link in your brain, a device which will help you access the network through your thoughts.

digital lifestyle
Picture Credits CIPD

Imagine the possibilities of a holistic digital lifestyle  where you just have to think about the topics you are interested in and being able to access terrabytes of data, as text,video and audio about it through your mind.

Imagine  ordering your Uber  with no need of taking out your phone, imagine communicating a message without needing to type, imagine watching a video by shutting your eyes, imagine self ordered groceries through Amazon by automated analysis of biological needs.   Imagine no need for books but still learning lessons, imagine saving your specific hybrid self in a hard drive and uploading the same on a different body, no death.

As new networks develop all these fantasies seem possible. Imagine, thinking about the modern digital lifestyle 15 years back, it was a fantasy which is now a reality.

ARTificial Intelligence

Picture Credits 1insurer
Picture Credits 1insurer

It is inevitable that we are bound to come up with a version of machines capable of thinking for itself.  It will mostly be a hybrid human, if you notice around you this hybridization has been initiated. All of you are part machines, in different proportions.

Over the last 15 years there has been more evolution than the previous 500 years. The rate of evolution is getting quicker and it will gather further pace with artificial intelligence.

My take on it is, we need to understand this digital diffusion is unavoidable now, but lets not lose our human-ness in front of technology. There are amazing possibilities which beckon yet lets not lose the specific traits which outline our species.

Lets try not to let our ARTisitic side die in a scientific world.  Lets meet the intelligent machines with the fullness  of our humanness. with traits such as Love, Compassion, Empathy, Humility and Gratitude. So that we end up defining our digital lifestyle.

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